Into The Real: Folk On The Rebound

Into the Real is an emerging folk-rock giant. Their diverse line-up delivers outstanding live performances that do not lack any element of a memorable show. Their singer Juliana has a unique voice which conveys the message of every song with unmistakable purity and sincerity.

Being an all original folk band, Into the Real does not settle for one particular sound or niche, merging various directions of their material into a well-organised and strategically planned live set. You could keep listening to them perform and lose yourself in a cross-continental journey.

There is no mistake that Into the Real’s every performance is a result of quality song-writing and tireless rehearsals: The band works together as a collective, allowing each other enough space both in the frequency spectrum on stage and within their song arrangements. This is definitely something worth praising, as we see so many new bands fail because of poor stage presence.

If you are looking for a truly unforgettable experience, I highly recommend attending one ofInto the Real’s upcoming shows. No matter what background you come from or what your music preferences may be, Into the Real is one of those bands that make you want to buy their album as soon as the last chord of their last song fades out.



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