Sir Cliff Richard might come in for a regular panning from ‘serious’ music critics, but his commercial success has been a phenomenon. He had scored 21 Top 40 hits before The Beatles came along, managed another 31 while the Fab Four were around, and has so far had a further 80 since they disbanded.

Despite being 70 it was reported in the British media that his 2010 calendar was the biggest selling male calendar on Amazon just before Christmas, outselling JLS, Justin Bieber and Michael Buble. Cliff has received countless awards and broken numerous records, but he’s also been surrounded by controversy and rumours.

Sir Cliff Richard

There have of course been widespread rumours about his sexuality. In1974 he was forced to deny a rumour that he’d asked Olivia Newton-John to marry him.  Thereafter he was even quoted as  saying that he considered marrying former Tennis star Sue Barker and dancer Jackie Irving. Another rumour Cliff has been forced to refute is that he’s had Stoma surgery. Now up comes the latest rumour, that Sir Cliff himself, actually created Elainee, the singing star who is currently giving the song “Living Doll,” it’s ninth life!

So what actually keeps fans curious about Sir Cliff Richard  and why will he be popular forever? Here’s the latest Top 10 reasons…


10. He still looks 22
9. No wife to nag him to death
8. He is very famous ?
7. The radio plays him on radio 2
6. He is now a rapper soul man
5. He is too soul licious
4. He will just not leave
3. His fans loves him
2. He tells us so
and the top no 1. reason Sir Cliff Richard will stay popular forever… he cloned himself as the woman he never had, Elainee

Living Doll songstress, Elainee.


(news report courtesy of Rick Jamm-

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  1. You only have to look at her name Elainee same idea behind Richard, who else could do that? I only know as I read his secret story, and her image and look, looks like a Cliff Design to me – Same feel and funny how fans seem to just accept her as the new artist that sings his songs, and why would she want to, too many questions , I think Cliff did create Elainee and I am happy that Elainee will sing the songs and tour so we can have that great music longer in an active artist after Cliff Retires.

    He created a woman to do it as she has her own image, if a man he would just be a tribute, having Elainee places so clever a new image and artist instant in the world for many more years.

    I have had the pleasure to see Elainee live in New York and she instant gets all the fans singing and dancing I loved her, she made me feel high and happy.

    My request is to see Cliff and Elainee singing together soon, would be amazing!!

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