Matt Heart – “Back to the Start” ft. Jhuryll Phoenix – It’s hard to argue with classic authenticity

Making a return to spotlight after battling with ill-health, accomplished musician, singer, and composer, Matt Heart once gain teams up with his talented son Jhuryll Phoenix on the emotional and heartfelt love song, “Back to the Start”. The BMA award winning singer-songwriter, who has been in the industry for 30 years, wrote this song for his wife Lori Heart, in a moment when he feared for his life, and wanted to leave a true testimony of his feelings for her. Few artists have evolved so gracefully as veteran singer-songwriter Matt Heart. Emerging as a formidable crooner, he’s never traded in


Talented Singer-Songwriter Travis J. Gandy Releases a Powerful Love Song Titled “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” featuring Rapper King Monk. One of America’s most impressive singers ‘Travis J. Gandy ’ (who happens to be an artist and songwriter with a deft penchant way of creating hit singles) has decided to gift the world with his new epic record “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. The single will be available for download on Spotify, Apple Music, GooglePlay, iTunes and all music streaming platforms from January 31st 2020. Breaking into the EDM/Pop world with his traditionally soulful voice, this new release features the unique and

Trey Connor to Release Single “The Way You Move”

Voice Season 10 Casting Finalist Cues Up 4th Single Release Trey Connor will launch a digital release of his new single “The Way You Move” on February 7, 2020. Telling the story of a relationship between two people who are probably better off without each other despite their physical attraction, The Way You Move is the 4th, and last single, set for release prior to the 9-song self-produced album (Horizons). Looking past this single, Connor is also focused on promoting the upcoming album as well as touring opportunities for his recently assembled ATX based band (live performances set to begin

Check out “No Sometimes Yes,” a brand new EP by Luca Draccar

An exciting combination of great melodies and good production aesthetics. Producer and artist Luca Draccar has recently announced the release of a brand new EP titled “No Sometimes Yes.” He really outdid himself with this one, because this EP is yet another important milestone for the artist, who managed to channel his skills and creativity in a very distinctive way. The EP combines memorable hooks with lush soundscapes, going for a distinctive aesthetic, which sets the bar higher. What makes “No Sometimes Yes” noteworthy is the fact that this amazing production is layered to perfection. The audience is most certainly

Mind Over Matter – “Human” is near perfect in execution and direction

Three years ago, and after 100 concerts and international attention, Peter Scherfig (guitarist) and Armin Kavousi (lead singer) parted ways with the project SuitsBLVD to create what now is Mind Over Matter. Three years in the studio, collaborating with new producers and talented musicians – both in Denmark and in England – has resulted in their cinematic nu-rock / metal album entitled “Human”.  The band is planning a sonic revolution: “The purpose of the music is to spread a message of collective consciousness and ‘Mind over Matter’ to the next generation. The message is to deal with old norms and

D Williams – “California” – precision-driven songwriting, and a sort of deceptive minimalism!

LD Williams is one of those authentic modern day troubadours. The London based artist writes all his own Indie Pop & Soul songs, and records them at home on an iPhone. Influenced by music from the 60’s through to the 90’s with a Britpop flavor, the singer-songwriter is fresh on the block and building his catalog.  Williams’ music doesn’t possess the immediacy that one would expect from the usual pop fodder. Take his double-sided single “California”, which consists of the songs, “California” & “I’ll Promise You This”. The bedroom production is understated; the core guitar riffs, a fluttery, jangly thing;

Lady Bain relies on solid song-craft and musical arranging that allows her voice room to breathe

Let’s start by saying that Lady Bain is a true songstress with deep expression and a vocal range that is out of this world. She is unlikely ever to be pigeonholed with the seemingly never-ending mother-lode of cloned pop R&B singers, but has instead carved a veritable niche in slick, adult, soul grooves. Adult, not in the sense of being rude about sex, but adult in the sense of sounding worldly wise and experienced about relationships, hardships and love. Lady Bain relies on solid song-craft and musical arranging that allows her voice, never overstated, room to breathe. Her confidence is

Emerald Suspension is set to release the EP “Eruptions” on the 4th of March 2020

The band Emerald Suspension recently debated about the best guitar solo in the world. That discussion ignited a plan to create a single to be titled ‘Eruption’. Inspired by the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo of the same name, there is no mistaking the two. In the meantime, other tracks came together, with and without guitars. So now the release is ‘Eruptions’, an EP with six nifty tracks. ‘Eruptions’ features an unconventional mix of guitar, percussion, vocals, samples, noise, effects, and DIY instruments. The unique works range from noise to alt-rock to an orchestral ballad (of sorts). ‘Eruptions’ with different

Star Trek Picard Martial Arts Dance Video Starring Ben Ryan Metzger

Believeland musical artist Ben Ryan Metzger has released his new martial arts dance music video for Star Trek Picard. Ben wrote, composed, and performed all the vocals on this incredibly inspirational pop rock opera track inspired by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, master engineered by 13 time Grammy Winner Mike Makowski, and produced by Space Jam Slam phenom Chris Adams. With deeply powerful vocals and soaring high falsettos Ben showcases his amazing voice reminiscent of Elvis Presley and Andrea Bocelli engaging into maximum warp with an Axel Rose flare. Often compared to Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee, Ben strives to

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother”- a fresh new synthesis!

L.A. based rock band Love Ghost, are back with a brand new single entitled “Dead Brother” (release date January 24th). The accompanying music video (which was shot by Rob Zombie’s camera operator Hassan Abdul-Wahid, and directed by acclaimed horror actor Jeff Daniel Phillips) has already won Best Music Video awards at 3 international film festivals. Dark. Theatrical. Ambitious. These are the words that immediately come to mind when describing Love Ghost’s newest release, and they’re the words that make it so unique in their discography. “Dead Brother” takes the quintet’s tried-and-true sound and offers a more complex and DARKER take

Kieran And The Iguanas: “I Feel Love,” Blazing A New Trail Of Audible Ambrosia

What’s in a name? The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and music. The question is; does a name influence the personality, temperament and sound of a band? And what would you expect Kieran And The Iguanas to sound like anyway?

Born in Bournemouth from the sound of a saxophone, tambourine, a guitar, and some bongos, Kieran And The Iguanas have been refining their style and playing a number of successful gigs in venues around London including: Wilmingrton Arms, The Half Moon and the Finsbury.

The band have been in the studio to record a number of eclectic, melancholy sounding tracks, from “To Deteriorate” and “I Have No Legs” to “Cold Shoulder” and “Jesus Christ,” among others. Whether delivering pensive tirades, gospel hymns, classic covers, torch songs or upbeat pop dittos, Keiran and The Iguanas absolve themselves with irony, midst their seemingly twisted mix, of tortured acoustic sounds.

Strangely however, it is their most recent release, the cover of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” that distinguishes them from the commercial and mainstream-seeking, rat-pack of self-proclaimed indie bands. Kieran And The Iguanas treatment of the song, composed by Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellote and Donna Summer herself, is what I’d call ‘a total reversal process’. Considering that the 1977 release came at a time when most disco recordings were backed by acoustic orchestras. Giorgio Moroder’s innovative production of “I Feel Love,” was recorded with entirely synthesized backing tracks.

According to David Bowie, at the time when the song was released, Brian Eno came running into the studios where they were recording and said; “I have heard the sound of the future.” He put on “I Feel Love,” by Donna Summer, exclaiming; “This is it, look no further. This single is going to change the sound of club music for the next fifteen years.” Well it actually did and was influential in the development of dance and techno music.

“I Feel Love,” has been covered on numerous occasions by none other than, Bronski Beat, Kylie Minogue, The New Deal, Curved, Madonna and even the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on their 2004 “Live In Hyde Park” album.

Now The Iguanas have grabbed that very same song and revolutionized it’s sound, by taking it into the opposite direction, or rather, back to where it came from. The acoustic era! Genius, pretentious or just downright silly? You decide. One man’s refuse is another man’s gold.

The one thing that comes to my mind, is that while others are desperately struggling to sell-out their sound, to the highest bidder, Kieran And The Iguanas refuse to compromise, while blazing a new trail of audible ambrosia. That alone deserves respect.

Listening to the other tracks by Kieran And The Iguanas, I get the impression that the band tackle fierce questions in a very personal way. Themes that would probably elicit  unthoughtful power ballads or incoherent pop slop from other artists, instead pullout some great pieces of music from these guys. Their songs are balanced but yearning, often clever and understated, yet at the same time overwhelming.

Once you understand Kieran And The Iguanas views on life, the world, people and God, you’ll become wrapped into their sound. Their bizarre world will invade your own, sinking its beautiful but deadly claws into your very consciousness. This, friends, is not music meant to be taken lightly. A little dose of deviating genius takes a lot of getting used to!









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