OFFICIAL VIDEO: Kevin Toqe – “Shadows” was inspired by Psalm 91

Filmed and performed at 25th Street Recording (Oakland, CA), this video mixes the original electronic elements from the original “Shadows” radio version with live, acoustic instruments for a more organic feel.  “Shadows” by Kevin Toqe,  was inspired by Psalm 91, the state of being found in a safe place where God does the protecting instead of my own self-protection, and I learn a place of contentment in Him. Then, if right now seems like a “mountain” or a “valley” time of life, the real constant becomes simply the protective, consistent, and overshadowing love of God. Finding this kind of

Michelle Miller Bell Drops The Official Video For The Song “Keeping My Faith In You”

The official video for the song “Keeping My Faith In You”, by Michelle Miller Bell, was was created to encourage those who are disturbed, angry and frustrated because of all the violence in the streets we see daily, and because of the Coronavirus epidemic that has taken so many lives. Be encouraged and keep your faith in God, for He is more than able to sustain you in the midst of all that is going on around you.  If you enjoyed the video, be sure to leave a like, rating and a comment. Also, if you enjoy listening to

Diva Prime – “The Diva in Me” demonstrates emotional intelligence and a focused vision

Diva Prime is a multi-talented artist from Mobile, AL. During April 2020, she celebrated her first year anniversary as a new independent artist in the industry. And she couldn’t celebrate it in more appropriate way than with the release of her impacting 6 track project “The Diva in Me”. Diva is the epitome of urban music stands for, as she blends rap, pop and R&B over skittering hip-hop beats. She is insanely talented, and pulls from all different sounds in this project to make it beautiful and uniquely her own. Her lyrics are insane, like she could simply be an

Damian Sage – “The Hardest Goodbye” – probably one of his best songs ever

How can anyone not like Damian Sage? He delivers, plain and simple. Each and every time. He is an extremely talented artist, versatile and engaging. From Blues to Rock, to Indie and Alternative sounds, he never misses a beat. A native of New York, Damian Sage is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. On July 27th, he is releasing his new single – “The Hardest Goodbye” – through Dark Spark Music, a label headed by former Guns N Roses manager, and Grammy Award winner, Vicky Hamilton. An artist of integrity and guts, Damian has never sold out

QUEENMAKER – “Under the Kiss” affirms the band’s grip on 80’s rock music

Featuring Jennie Väänänen on vocals and Rob Nasty handling all instruments, QUEENMAKER are a new band from Sweden who are bringing back the glam rock sound of the 80’s with their two-song release “Under the Kiss” on the A-side, and “Hold on to Love” on the flipside. The 80s was the decade in which modern rock and metal was born. Sure, the titans of the 70’s drew up the rules, but virtually every mutated representation that exists today can virtually trace its origins back to the seismic years of the eighties. QUEENMAKER though, don’t bring us the mutated version, they

Quinten Tyvon Drops Groovy, Uplifting, & Powerful Electronic/Pop Single ‘All For You’

Quinten Tyvon releases his latest mesmerizing and powerful electronic/pop single ‘All For You.’ The track contains uplifting chords, a groovy beat, and a powerful vocal performance by Quinten Tyvon. The single starts with the atmospheric chord progression and a driving bass line that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the track. The song then proceeds to introduce electronic elements that give the track it’s pop and atmospheric feel. Gluing all of the elements together is Quinten Tyvon’s grand, clean, and infectious vocal. Undoubtedly, ‘All For You’ can take anyone into a musical escapade as it contains every feel-good

Robert Eberle, Versa the Band & Don Da Menace – “Enough”

 The Black Lives Matter movement is a hard-hitting subject that undeniably deserves a voice through song and protests. 15-year-old Robert Eberle joined forces with fellow musicians Versa the Band & Don Da Menace to create the powerful anthem “Enough” to express their feelings and frustration about police brutality and the mistreatment of people of color. Fans of political hip-hop who are looking to hear a new voice speak out for current events will enjoy this track, featured on most streaming networks with an exclusive video on YouTube. The dynamic blend of emotions and original talent makes “Enough” a track

“Dream On” is the debut single from the new German-based band The Velvet Rocks

“Dream On” is the debut single from the new band The Velvet Rocks, based in Munich, Germany. American/Russian singer Dmitry Iogman, Gustavo Castillo Estrada from Mexico and the German/Italian singer Sandro Schmalzl will take you on an unheard of and unexpected ride, combining the genre of rock with classical music. The beauty of their operatic voices unite with rock music and a Queen-like guitar solo in this all-time favorite hit rock song from 1982, originally performed by Nazareth. The Velvet Rocks are produced by the musical genius Christian Lohr. Sandro, Gustavo and Dmitry studied together and started The Velvet Rocks

Rare Phantom – “Blistering Luv” – Melding pop, hip-hop and modern R&B into one frothy whole

Rare Phantom is a multi-genre artist from Boston with a particular affection for R&B/Hip-hop. His image and persona draws people’s attention and makes them curious to see what he stands for. However, his message, is to show that one cannot be defined by image alone, and that we need to look a whole lot deeper to understand or judge people. Individuality and self-expression, are keywords in Rare Phantom’s vocabulary, and are values he strives to communicate and pass on to his audience. Currently he is pushing his single, “Blistering Luv” produced by CURTI$Y. Rare Phantom’s blend of straight-talking, blunt content

Melua – debut single and music video – “Waves”

Tapio Fagerström (Bass), Ville Saarinen (Guitar), Olli Rautio (Guitar), Petri Koskela (Drums), and Jussi Rautio (Synths), make up the alternative rock band Melua, who have just released the song “Waves”, and the supporting music video by @simppafi. If you’ve been waiting for a time to check out this band, wait no more: this song is the perfect entry point. The song utilizes the band’s penchant for lush instrumentation to full effect, creating a mood and atmosphere that builds into a goosebump-raising climax. Melua strikes a great balance between the song’s poignant moments and the more soaring sections. Furthermore, they write

Polite Fiction: “Portrait” Spunky Guitar And dance Rhythms!

Travis has been creating original and cover music for over 6 years, and previously had two self-produced acoustic albums to his name as well, but his latest EP was his first foray into professional producing. The sound achieved with his techniques, given that he recorded over 90% of the album from his bedroom, is nothing short of astounding. The intricate rhythm work involved in the bass guitar and drums, in particular, are very impressive.

Travis plans to follow up the “Portrait” EP with an LP that he says will be more, “based in synth and electronic undertones, rather than mostly on guitar.” While he states he’s definitely not abandoning the guitar, he wants to keep focused on up-beat, dance-infused tunes and put out his new full-length album in late 2014.

I’ve been listening to this Ep on repeat over and over again for a few days. “Portrait,” bumps its funky, fun way along from beginning to end. The guitar lines grind and growl, especially in “Arrow” and “Carry On (We’ll be Here When You Get Back)” There’s also a hint of early-80s electro on some of the tunes, which adds a hypnotic flavor. “Come A Little Closer” features a mean back-beat, instead of the usual dance-4/4 beat, and the production on the song is also fantastic.

The drums and basslines, are cracking on every song, and Travis’ vocals flow through the arrangements with amazing ease. Coming in at just under a trim 20 minutes, Polite Fiction has unleashed a lean 5 song Ep where each track is perfect and immaculately produced. From the straight up drum sequences of the opening song, to the heavy and funky string riffs out of “Quiet, Quiet” this comes across as a studied album, striking a balance between old school funky disco rhythms, alternative-rock guitar hooks, and modern-day dance electronica.

“Portrait” has a touch of class, it’s so refreshing, and has that modern feel with the subtle tang of those delicious 80’s guitar licks, the cool, crystal-clear, full-ranging vocals with smooth basslines and drum beats to match. I would say that this Ep is ‘different’ which is exactly what music today needs, the whole Ep is basically a positive message, demonstrating how effectively today, music is made on laptops in bedrooms, and not in over-expensive professional studios.

Whilst there is the risk that music produced this way may appear to lack the heart and soul of real live collaboration in a studio ambient. Polite Fiction has put enough soul into “Portrait” to thoroughly compensate. Every track feels so heartfelt; you can almost hear the effort that went into producing them.

All in all this is an astounding album which can be enjoyed by all music fans alike. The Ep has a strong emotive quality; it has such charm, and a quirky fun, music loving vibe that you will not be able to sit still when playing this. Moreover it’s uplifting, it’s moving, it’s joyful and somehow life affirming, this album will really chill you out, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Regardless of your musical tastes, give “Portrait” a try. Just be prepared to be hypnotized by Polite Fiction and Travis’ performances and arrangements on this Ep.

***Everything you hear on “Portrait” was written, performed, and recorded right here in Travis’ bedroom by himself, with a few small exceptions here and there, while Mixing was done by Blake Eiseman of BinkSound –  and Mastering by Colin Leonard of SING Mastering – 



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