Day & Nite Music is proud to announce the release of Shadow: Acoustic Version from noted musician Dennis Young. The album, initially issued in 2006, showed longtime fans another side of Young—namely, his prodigious talents as a singer/songwriter. This “stripped down” edition brings Young’s talents even further to the forefront, for an intimate experience between musician and listener.

“One cold night last winter, I stumbled upon a version of [the album’s title track] ‘Shadow’ recorded only with my acoustic guitar and vocals,” Young recalls.  “I was so taken by the dark emotional quality of the song that I thought it would be a great idea to re-release the entire recording like this.”

Dennis Young first came to the music world’s attention as a member of the seminal minimalist-funk band Liquid Liquid. Their club smash “Cavern,” propelled by Young’s percussion, became the basis of Grandmaster Flash’s rap classic “White Lines (Don’t Do It).” Liquid Liquid’s three early-’80s EPs became the stuff of legend, reissued in 1997 by the Beastie Boys’ label Grand Royal label, and again by Domino Records in 2008.

When not recording his own music, Dennis has added his musical skills to a wide range of collaborations, both live and in the studio. (An electric-guitar duet album with fellow music vet Ray Bally was recently issued.) He has also received much praise for his eclectic artwork, featured in gallery shows, album covers (such as Domino Records’ 2012 remix compilation Motion Sickness), and even a picture book for children, Go Figure.

Shadow: Acoustic Version, with the bonus track “1952,” is available via iTunes, Amazon, and other top retailers. Fans new and old will finally get to hear Dennis Young’s songs in their purest form. For more information, please visit:


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