Yung Wavii: “Come Over Feat. Tai Smoove” – crystalline delivery and professional wordplay

New York based Nocturnal Seven Entertainment has a rich history of working with an array of artists in the R&B, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Freestyle genres. Since the late 90s their work as an established management company has led to partnerships with big names in music including Supreme, a Producer from Wu Tang and Positive K, Grand Puba, Will Traxx, DJ Red Alert among many others. The company is proud to announce its new wave of talent, including thrilling new artist Yung Wavii. Wavii is a charismatic rapper whose lyrics get to the point quickly. He is a rapper that

Bizeeee: “Looking For It” – an out-of-this-world scenario!

What separates #Bizeeee aka #4ez from many of today’s rappers, is his indestructible delivery. Every verse no matter what he is rapping, he relentlessly pound his rhymes into your head mercilessly, with bone crushing stanzas and a ruthless attitude. Every word spoken shows an aggressive mood and seemingly cannot be stopped by anything. With this intensity also comes a very dramatic and cinematic driven production. This intense style is especially shown 4ez’s latest single, “Looking For It”. This song is driven by a rhythmic drumbeat, hissing hi-hats, and harmonized by futuristic and spacey keys. This is a chance for 4ez to step

A Talk With Singer-Songwriter Rob Sky

Rob Sky first appeared on the NYC music scene with his debut single, “Beautiful”, in 2007. His debut album, Right Now, was released in 2010 and followed with a tour in the UK. Rob has performed on stage with MJK, Blu Cantrell, and Monique. In 2017, he released TEN, an anniversary album that included previous unreleased tracks from the recording sessions of his debut album. After an 8 year hiatus, he returned to the studio and began recording again, releasing a few singles before finally completing his latest album, “What’s Left of Me”. Rob is already back in the studio,

Quintin Tarintinto: “No Self Pity” – dense articulation!

Tallahassee, Florida rapper, Quintin Tarintinto has his 2019 fifteen track project, “No Self Pity”, out right now. This is the record many of Tarintinto’s contemporaries would love to make, but they don’t have a sufficient enough state of consciousness to draw inspiration from, or truly focus the menagerie of their minds upon. It’s the most topically cohesive, palatable and headily conscious Tarintinto ever been for an entire set of songs. His universal vision makes it all work together in perfect, coalescing, high-tech harmony. A less knowledgeable Quintin Tarintinto might have asked compelling questions and never get to present the answers projected

3Mind Blight: “Make This Right” – transcribes emotions into music perfectly

Let’s begin with the fact that 3Mind Blight doesn’t make music for the fans or the label. In the era of rappers who are doing it for the gram, 3Mind Blight is all about the art of self-expression: he isn’t rich, he isn’t cocky, and he respects those who came before him. His style is not rap focusing on bling or hedonism, instead he observes and tries to teach us everyday lessons about ourselves, but his focus is also knowing he is better now than he once was and only plans to get better, something that should be recognized as

Flo: “Mix in a Water” – all of it is crisp and gorgeous!

James Florio aka Flo, is a Toronto, Canada based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. His signature style combines diverse musical elements and genres together to create an immersive listening experience. The rich mixture of delicate sounds, booming basslines and silky, chopped vocals will keep listeners coming back for more. His latest single is “Mix in a Water”. Is there any way to describe the music of Flo other than stylistically shimmering, and rhythmically hypnotic? Not really: write down those words and free-associate as much as possible with eclectic and luscious, and chances are you’ll have written Flo’s press blurb. The Flo

Capo 2G: “Pullup” ft. KirkoBanz – a tidal wave of aural sensation!

Capo 2G is a Hip Hop artist currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, his unique, island fused sound which he defines as AfroHipHop is one of the many factors giving rise to his growing fan base. Capo 2G’s close relationship with A-listers such as Rae Sremmurd gives him the opportunity to learn from the front lines as he prepares himself to step into the spotlight. He begins his first solo tour in Trinidad, Colorado on February 21st. This isn’t exactly a startling revelation, but hip-hop has always been rife with emcees who style themselves as unrepentant

J.R.Clark: “Zenith Spokes” – Capable of balancing and articulating his conceptual goals

J.R.Clark is a hip-hop artist based in Virginia Beach, VA. He started his career behind the mixing board as a studio engineer. In 2014 started releasing his own music and building a following in the underground hip-hop scene. Inspired by artists like Curren$y, Stalley, Big K.R.I.T, J.Cole, Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q, and Chance the Rapper, J.R.Clark’s latest project, an EP titled “Sunset Symphony”. If, after listening this recording, you’re under the impression that J.R.Clark is preparing to take over the world, you’re neither alone nor unjustified. For decades hip-hop has seen myriads of artists fleetingly captivate the attention of listeners

Natalie Jean: “What Would You Do For Love?” – a show-stopping exhibition

Admittedly I have been waiting years now for Natalie Jean to surpass her previous levels of excellence; she had arrived quietly with not much fanfare, and she steadily declared her arrival with a number of albums, singles and collaborative efforts. Needless to say I was impressed. Yet, while I immediately acclaimed and understood that Ms. Jean was indeed extremely talented, she had, as far as I was personally (and secretly) concerned, yet to produce anything indicating she was even close to showcasing what I suspected to be her fully unrealized potential—that is of course until I listened to “What Would

Jevil Project: “Shade” – Positive artistic aggression!

The Jevil Project is a France-based instrumental metal act, who does not perform live, but prefers to create music meant to be listened to. Jevil Project is proficient at marrying sludge metal riffery with dirtier post-rock guitar melodies. Trudging, down-tuned riffs drive each song, while subtle melodic movements develop on top. This pattern works to fantastic effect on the 4 track EP – “Shade”. There are tons of incredibly inspiring moments on this album. There are also plenty of riffs that will make your head bang uncontrollably. Moreover there seems to be sense of adventure on the recording, and with

Radhaa Nilia Productions screens ‘Freight Train’ at OneFilAm Film Festival as part of a Fundraiser for Philippine Typhoon Victims

Radhaa Nilia Productions is proud to present short film ‘Frieght Train’ as one of the films screening to raise money for the victims of the recent Typhoon Haiya in the Philippines. The OneFilAm Film Festival which will be held on November 16, 2013, Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027 at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Freight Train is a short dramatic thriller Directed by Zen Freese of ZF Creative and produced by Radhaa Nilia Productions staring Raymond Bagatsing who is one of the Philippines most acclaimed actors. Raymond will be in attendance to help with the food drive and to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his longstanding career throughout Asian and the Philippines.  Fans will have a chance to meet their favorite Filipino Celebrity and take pictures though are encouraged to show their support of the victims by bringing canned foods, blankets, and clothing which will be collected by GMA Network who will be filming the event.

“The Festival will showcase the Filipino American values, culture and tradition as most ideally found in the best of current independent films produced, directed or starred in by Filipino Americans” says Adrian Larcos the Festival Director.



Mr. Larcos continues “With Filipino Americans now estimated to number almost 4 million in the United States, the OneFilAm Film Festival will finally allow film lovers a unique opportunity to view on the big screen at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre movies which have won acclaim and have been lauded as fine examples of the Filipino American spirit and identity.’

The day will be filled with festivities, including a special performance by Filipino American Singer Songwriter Ayvee Verzonilla will be performing live.

Actress & Director Radhaa Nilia will be co-hosting the event with Miss Universe 2012.  In addition, Radhaa Nilia will be selling copies her Film ‘Hope Cafe’ which proceeds will be donated to the cause or purchase a copy of ‘Hope Cafe’ directly at

“I am honored to be a part of this film festival and fundraising event through my films. It is beautiful to bring community together at such a crucial time and strengthen the moral which is much needed right now.’ says Miss Nilia.



Moreover, the whole public park will be filled with booths representing the best of the Filipino American community of Los Angeles. Enjoy and experience featured FilAm food and cuisine, various art and photo exhibits, a myriad of entertainment numbers by upcoming talents and popular products and services to be presented by the premiere community organizations, non-profit foundations and business entities.

Ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 9am. Raymond Bagatsing’s much anticipated ‘Freight Train’ screens at 3:30pm followed by Award Ceremonies at 6pm.

Please come and join the OneFilAm Film Festival and be a part of the celebration of Filipino American culture and heritage as showcased on film. For inquiries please email us at or call 818-584-6588. Like the OneFilAm

Facebook page and go to our website:



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