“OXYGEN” – New music video and song with a strong message by Rikke Normann

“OXYGEN” – Box fresh music video and song with a strong message by Rikke Normann –  “Take my hand I’ll help you to your feet again, give you oxygen to breathe” With her brand new single “OXYGEN” Rikke Normann wants to give hope to the hopeless and shed light on a very important and personal topic; mental health awareness and suicide prevention. “The most important song I’ve ever written is finally out! I’m so glad to share OXYGEN with you!” Rikke declares to her followers on release day. Today the official video to this stunning little pop gem and important message

Sofia Evangelina: “This Is Your Song” – a powerful force, full of life and personality

More so than many of her peers, 16 year old Sofia Evangelina can really let it rip. With a crystal timbre, she seems destined to howl away on hits for years to come. It’s tempting to root for Sofia – she possesses one of the better pure voices of the current teen-pop crop. But as any well-navigated industry professional will tell you, talent is only half the story; you need many more ingredients to make an impact. Sofia is at her most powerful when she is at her most raw; in fact, she feels most in control when she’s truly

Kaytlyn Cate: “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like” – captivates with perceptive sensitivity and devastating simplicity

Kaytlyn Cate, the singer-songwriter who hails from the Cascade Mountain range of the Pacific Northwest, was called “the alt-rock genre’s best kept secret”, by Pitchfork, on hearing her first single. Since then she has been reinventing herself, and is currently hard at work on her forthcoming EP, “The Blue Hour”, with producer David Samuel. At the same time Kaytlyn is also busy in the West Coast club scene and booking shows for the 2019 season, as her brand new single gains traction. A confident, empowering woman in music always makes for a great listen, and the captivating first impression of

J.Vargas The Investment: “Im So NY (I’m So New York)” ft. L-BLESS is hard to resist

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, NY, J.Vargas The Investment is a cross-genre music producer, songwriter, recording artist and entrepreneur. The Investment has been building up his catalog with single and album releases for some time now, and has gained traction with the song, “Im So NY (I’m So New York)” ft. L-BLESS – a recording artist based out of NYC.  If you’re an artist living in the city that never sleeps, chances are you’ve written about its endless dynamics in some manner. Musicians have attempted to elucidate what makes the city’s allure so transcendental – its expansiveness, its majesty, its

Blake G’s Double Crossover. “Caminar Sin Ti” and “Number One”, Invading The Airwaves

On November 9th, Blake G’s first English single was released. The catchy “Number One”, produced by Big D, channels the good ol’ 50s Rock n’ Roll style, infused with electronic sounds that makes it even more so unique.  The signature 50’s beat, completely modernized, with a great sounding, contagious bass, and today’s sound, compliments Blake G’s vocals on a memorable, superb pop tune that gets easily stuck in your earlobes for good. Blake G, the young up and coming sensation, found his calling in music. He caught the attention of the legendary producer Emilio Estefan Jr, who has been pivotal

A Pastor Releases New Song “Peddlers of Fear”

A Pastor Releases New Song “Peddlers of Fear” – Song written by a pastor and grandfather of three, who he calls “grandpa’s girls”  As he was recently watching them for an afternoon. When he got home he turned on the news. He was struck by the contrast between their joy, live in the moment, innocence and the fear-mongering in our current culture reflected in the news. In time, of course, the pastor knew his grand-daughters would grow and change. But he’s worried how their development might be effected if such a cultural climate of fear persisted. Other questions began to


New York, NY – A Plea For Peace, Sanity And Gun Control. In Response To The Recent Pittsburgh Synagogue And California Mass Shootings. America is plagued by hatred and wanton, senseless gun violence. Yesterday it was 12 college age people who were gunned down in California. Just two weeks ago it was a mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh which took 11 lives. And many more such tragedies have occurred over the years.  Something has to be done. Robert Miller, leader of the band Project Grand Slam, decided to do something. He has written and released today

Ross is a Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance, and EDM music producer inspired by old-school beats of previous eras

Born in Detroit and raised in Miami, Ross is known for his hard work, humble attitude, and passionate dedication and commitment to his music. His career to date has spanned over twenty years and includes producing local television shows, co-owning the Prestigious Tempo Entertainment Studios, scoring for films, and collaborating with and producing artists from various genres. As a producer, writer, and sometimes singer on his own tracks, which also include featured artists, Ross’ songs are labeled as ROSS Presents. An artist who creates and performs behind the scenes, Ross’ physical identity remains a mystery. Ross’ recently-released track “Look at

Mike Dekleva: “Psychedelia” immediately grabs your attention

Instrumental rock guitarist Mike Dekleva has released his second four song EP, “Psychedelia”,on Friday, November 9, 2018. This is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed and award-winning 2015 debut instrumental EP, “Synergy.” Recorded at Paragon Recording Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, and in Dekleva’s home recording studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Psychedelia” was co-produced by Dekleva and Nashville session guitarist Robbie Calvo, and features performances by Dekleva (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars), Robbie Calvo (rhythm guitars), Jason Webb (piano and keyboards), Amanda McCoy (bass guitar) and Grady Saxman (drums and percussion). “Psychedelia” was mixed by Casey Barker at Paragon Recording Studios,

Kaytlyn Cate – The New Single – “Making My Heart Feel Like”

Singer/songwriter Kaytlyn Cate hails from the picturesque Cascade Mountain range of the Pacific Northwest. Upon the release of her first single, Pitchfork called Kaytlyn “the alt-rock genre’s best kept secret”. Writing about the deepest emotional issues that belie youth and innocence, Kaytlyn’s lyrical work addresses the themes of love, hope, fear, hurt, heartache, and haunting insecurity. In addition to writing songs for other artists, Kaytlyn has been hard at work on her forthcoming EP, ‘The Blue Hour’, with producer David Samuel. Kaytlyn has been reinventing herself as an artist since her first debut. She felt Darkside was not representing who she

Radhaa Nilia Productions screens ‘Freight Train’ at OneFilAm Film Festival as part of a Fundraiser for Philippine Typhoon Victims

Radhaa Nilia Productions is proud to present short film ‘Frieght Train’ as one of the films screening to raise money for the victims of the recent Typhoon Haiya in the Philippines. The OneFilAm Film Festival which will be held on November 16, 2013, Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027 at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Freight Train is a short dramatic thriller Directed by Zen Freese of ZF Creative and produced by Radhaa Nilia Productions staring Raymond Bagatsing who is one of the Philippines most acclaimed actors. Raymond will be in attendance to help with the food drive and to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his longstanding career throughout Asian and the Philippines.  Fans will have a chance to meet their favorite Filipino Celebrity and take pictures though are encouraged to show their support of the victims by bringing canned foods, blankets, and clothing which will be collected by GMA Network who will be filming the event.

“The Festival will showcase the Filipino American values, culture and tradition as most ideally found in the best of current independent films produced, directed or starred in by Filipino Americans” says Adrian Larcos the Festival Director.



Mr. Larcos continues “With Filipino Americans now estimated to number almost 4 million in the United States, the OneFilAm Film Festival will finally allow film lovers a unique opportunity to view on the big screen at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre movies which have won acclaim and have been lauded as fine examples of the Filipino American spirit and identity.’

The day will be filled with festivities, including a special performance by Filipino American Singer Songwriter Ayvee Verzonilla will be performing live.

Actress & Director Radhaa Nilia will be co-hosting the event with Miss Universe 2012.  In addition, Radhaa Nilia will be selling copies her Film ‘Hope Cafe’ which proceeds will be donated to the cause or purchase a copy of ‘Hope Cafe’ directly at www.radhaaniliaproductions.com

“I am honored to be a part of this film festival and fundraising event through my films. It is beautiful to bring community together at such a crucial time and strengthen the moral which is much needed right now.’ says Miss Nilia.



Moreover, the whole public park will be filled with booths representing the best of the Filipino American community of Los Angeles. Enjoy and experience featured FilAm food and cuisine, various art and photo exhibits, a myriad of entertainment numbers by upcoming talents and popular products and services to be presented by the premiere community organizations, non-profit foundations and business entities.

Ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 9am. Raymond Bagatsing’s much anticipated ‘Freight Train’ screens at 3:30pm followed by Award Ceremonies at 6pm.

Please come and join the OneFilAm Film Festival and be a part of the celebration of Filipino American culture and heritage as showcased on film. For inquiries please email us at onefilam@yahoo.com or call 818-584-6588. Like the OneFilAm

Facebook page and go to our website: http://onefilam.com/



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