Project Grand Slam, the acclaimed band led by celebrated bassist/composer Robert Miller, has re-released their single “Get Out!”, Miller’s anti-Trump political protest song. Like many Americans, Miller has been profoundly upset by so much that the president has said and done. In response, he wrote “Get Out!”, which does not mention Trump by name but nevertheless contains a clear message. Says Miller, “I wrote the song last fall in response to all the insanity of this Administration, which I thought at the time couldn’t get any worse. But with the ongoing impeachment inquiry the song is even more relevant today”,

Trey Connor to Release Single “Heavy To Hold”

Voice Season 10 Casting Finalist Cues Up Another Single Release AUSTIN, TX—Trey Connor will launch a digital release of his new single “Heavy to Hold” on January 3, 2020; a song telling the story of two people who have grown apart, while still having strong feelings for each other. Working hard on the production of this song, Connor wanted the vocals to fill the large emotional space created by the lyrics and musical arrangement, and from this, came the idea of a duet. Connor said that the importance of vocals depends on different aspects of a song, the lyrics, arrangement,

Butta B-Rocka Releases Uplifting & Emotional Single ‘Promise Land’

On Tuesday November, 26th– Butta B-Rocka returns with an uplifting, groovy, and powerful folk/world music single ‘Promise Land’. The melancholic single features a modern, melodic beat, powerful instrumentation, and an angelic vocal performance by Butta B-Rocka. From the beginning, you are able to hear the African influence in the music. Moreover, the single spotlights the artist’s vocal abilities and her angelic tone. Undoubtedly, the single has the ability to grasp any audience as it contains a unique style and sound that gives the track a feel-good identity. The powerful message and instrumentation of the single will take the listener into

BWH Music Group Releases ‘On Peace Street, Vol. One,’ by Various Artists’

BWH Music Group’s ‘On Peace Street, Vol. One,’ by Various Artists, contains a collection of 19 original songs in various genres by today’s best independent artists and songwriters. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, the artist’s songs will ultimately remind you of the importance of peace, fairness, love and unity. Filled with meaningful lyrics and exceptional music, this playlist is an example of how music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society. “I Wish I Was Wrong” – The Reverent “I Wish I Was Wrong” highlights environmental and ecological disasters as well humanities impact on the world

Rico Homicide – “Nothing to Lose” – a fire-and-brimstone approach

Born in Springfield (MA), Rico Homicide started out as DJ Homicide at age 12. His hunger for succeeding in the music business allowed him to work with big name stars and also become a DJ/Host on during the 2000’s with owner Yukked Up. Besides being on illradio, Homicide’s music was played from Hot 97 in New York to Hot 93.7 in Connecticut. Currently Rico has dropped his latest single, entitled “Nothing to Lose”. This song shows how the artist has matured over the years and how he is moving towards becoming a huge voice in underground hip-hop. The track doesn’t

“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” by Italian DJ/Producer Doc Ketamer

“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” is a track off the 2019 EP “Ketamer” by Italian DJ/Producer Doc Ketamer. Today’s EDM scene is at the height of its commercial success. Everybody wants to be a DJ or Producer now, and pop music, more or less, equals Electronic music. On his latest single, Doc Ketamer, who has been in the game for two decades gives us his authentic European flavored electro-jam blend. The track is victorious and uplifting, as the music pumps into your bloodstream. Doc Ketamer brings us back to what we all loved about electro. He seems to have given us

Monjyoti – “Neighbor Syndrome” is meticulously structured

Monjyoti Bhattacharyya known by his stage name, Monjyoti, released his second official single “Neighbor Syndrome”, taken from his upcoming album, “Hypnosis”, recorded in collaboration with music producer Papu Gogoi. I don’t even need to hear the rest of the album. This single is simply a dexterous, dynamic and sublime smorgasbord of instrumentation and lyrical canny, on a level I’ve not heard in a long time. Music can’t always be this good because we would have nothing by which to benchmark its ingenuity. There are sections that are nice mellow journeys to somewhere else and there are downright monstrous sections that

Pat Rossi – “Let you Go” – embellished with impressive vocal and instrumental décor

Pat Rossi is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and producer. He is also the founder and front-man of the popular Canadian Rock band The Falling. Rossi, whose acclaimed songwriting skills led him to perform with Bon Jovi after winning the XM/Serious Satellite Radio Songwriting Competition, has now set his sights on being a solo artist. The artist who has worked with, and performed alongside names such as, 3 Doors Down, Gilby Clark of Guns N Roses, Jonas and The Massive Attraction, among others, brings to the table his latest single, “Let you Go”, via the RedJam Records indie label. The

lIne – “I wanna kill you in the shower” will certainly garner critical acclaim

Kristoffer Hilmarsson, the artist behind -lIne-, has been in several band line-ups before the forming this project. Hilmarsson has also performed at almost every open stage in his home country, Sweden, as a solo artist. In May 2019 he decided to move his career to the next level by creating -lIne-, and has released 3 singles since then, including “I wanna kill you in the shower”. From the opening jangling jazz guitar intro of his first single “Where You Are”, to the last reverberant notes of his latest release, “Lovely”, you’re subjected to an incredible journey that seamlessly straddles a

Omar Bowing – “Paradox” – is simply breathtaking in its composition and emotive power

Atmospheric, ethereal, moody, dark, progressive … these are all words that come to mind listening to the opening bars of “Paradox” – the latest track from Omar Bowing, featuring singer Tyson Yen. The music is as one would expect from this consummate composer and Guitarviol player – engulfing and entrancing. Using a whole host of rock driven instrumentation, it should not be surprising that the soundscape is lush, expansive and blasting. “The idea of the song,” explains Bowing, “is about the recognition of the power of a Paradox to challenge or even destroy a concept, idea, belief, etc., that is

Frame: “Follow The Leader?” Rolls from Front to Back

Brian Wolff “Frame “ aka “Big Frame” will be dropping his album, “Follow The Leader?” around about May 31st. I saw a video not too long ago with rapper Big Frame performing “Put It In Your Asshole”, a hilarious over the top video filled with sexual innuendo and sexy ladies. I figured if so many sexy ladies were in the video that this dude must have some kind of skills! Well listening to the preview copy of “Follow The Leader?” I was completely blown away. And to top it all off he just happens to be white; which really doesn’t matter, because if you’ve got lyrical skills you’ve got lyrical skills period, end of story.

Musically, it’s hard to put Frame in a box and say he’s just hip-hop. His music has a whole lot of elements, which come from a diverse pick of genres, which most artists try to pull off but can’t do. Overall Frame is two-parts Eminem and one-part LMFAO. His flows are wicked, perverse and tongue in cheek, while the beats are bouncy and catchy, and the only box he wants to fit into, is between somebody’s thighs.

Of the twelve tracks I heard from the album, I can’t really say I have one favorite, because this album truly rolls from front to back. Plus Frame rides the hell out of the beats. I haven’t heard a white artist ride the beat like this, since Eminem himself.

Frame is underground enough that it is good and not mainstream, yet mainstream enough that he doesn’t suck at what he does. First off, you’ll need to get over the barrage of p*ssy, c*ck and f*ck words to get to the root of Frame’s rhymes. This alone is a challenging task as the dude fires off down and dirty verses, at the pace of a dime a dozen.

“Follow The Leader?” is a relentless album that will shock and impress you at the same time. This is not for anyone who does not like sexually explicit lyrics. However just keep in mind that most of Frame’s songs are utterly tongue-in-cheek and are rhymed in jest rather than seeking to be outright or seriously offensive. Except on the chosen occasion when he goes in deep and stays intense enough to rattle your nervous system to its extremes.

Frame can be a brilliant and witty lyricist, or he can come across as a mean and tormented soul. The guy definitely has talent. Add that to the fact that the songs have great hooks and choruses, with more than just a dash of creative sampling to match. I specifically dug the Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 sample, on the track “Molly”.

But the standout tracks with great sampling abound on this album, like: “Boom Boom”, “Change If I Could”, “Drunken Sailor”, “Chasing Dragons”, “Sweet Dreams” and the list just goes on. You’ll be hard pressed not to recognize some classic hooks here.

Even though Frame might sound offensive on some issues, you’ll probably find that you agree with most of the things he’s saying on these tracks. If you are an open-minded hip hop fan I really recommend you get this album. The lyrics may be just a little extreme for some, but “Follow The Leader?” is still a very good album indeed!

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