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Melvin Thomas Young stage name (Tommy 2 Fly) is a rapper, songwriter, producer, based in South Carolina, United State. Tommy 2 Fly is the owner and creator of the 2 Fly Podcast, has rights to his own publishing, his own record label called Rapyd Fire Entertainment LLC, and has currently signed a distribution deal with Bentley Records. He grew up listening to R&B & Hip-Hop music and started nurturing a love for writing lyrics. Eventually his passion for music led him to get a Music Business Degree from Full Sail University, Florida. Aside from recording and performing music, Tommy 2

MOSTLY EMPTY Release the Official Video for “After Life”

MOSTLY EMPTY is a musical act from Pittsburgh, PA, created by Nicaraguan-American musician Mariano Torrez in 2018. The name came at a time where the artist felt he had not much left to give and was willing to put it all out there to express himself freely. Deeply personal experiences have allowed the artist to voice personal feelings through these songs. His songs evoke feelings experienced over multiple stages of his life, ranging from deep anger, doubt, regret, and hopefulness.  MOSTLY EMPTY’s latest track, and video clip, “After Life”, tells a story of confronting the bad in life and


Embodying a genre-inclusive approach, Elephant Heart emits an inimitable and irresistible frequency tuned in to electro, world music, and pop, creating music that delivers a bright sound with their melodic choruses, multicultural influences, musical builds and heartfelt lyrics. Their new song and accompanying video, “Love is the Weapon,” is out now via their independent imprint, Chumba Music via BMG. See the video for “Love is the Weapon” premiering now: Stream it:  Elephant Heart is a musical collective started by married couple Jason and Victoria Evigan. The two express their music and its message through various collaborations, a

Defalva – “Energy – On the Voyage Through Life” is certainly a ground shifting album

Per Defalva, simply known as Defalva started up as an artist in Sweden with several exhibitions. Per later turned towards music to expand his artist expressions. During the last 20 years he has released several records of original music. Most of them featuring the collaboration of producer Andreas Hedberg. In 2019 he released the 10 song concept album, entitled “Energy” – the sixth album in the series “On the Voyage Through Life”. “The theme is about the good or bad that fills people with energy,” explains Defalva. “This time the sound style is influenced by synth, electronic dance music, techno

Japanese Singer Yukiya Endo Releases “Deep Blue” Song & Video!

“Deep Blue” the song and video by Yukiya Endo, is the love story between a being from the sea and a girl met at the aquarium. He however later discovers that she had eyes not for him but for the world extending behind the glass, and ends heartbroken, his first love being also his last love.  About Yukiya Endo: Born: August 1 / Origin: Philippines / Blood type: unknown Height: 180㎝ / Weight: 73㎏ / Shoe size: 28 (Japan) Hobbies: novels, games / Special skills: BreakDance, improvisation freestyle In September 2014, Yukiya Endo performed at Mesellba Grand Prix, where


Guitar shredding instrumentalist Seismic Anamoly has released his newest CD “Krank Tha Mutha Up”. The CD contains 8 original tracks giving those not yet acquainted with Seismo a thorough dose of smokin’ hot, funked-up ear kandy. The CD has been proudly published at CD Baby. Containing Rock and Metal Guitar Instrumentals, the release is composed of standout guitar tunes that rock/metal/funk music lovers around the world are sure to appreciate. Seismic Anamoly was launched in 2002 by Michael S., who resides in Anchorage, AK, USA. Seismo has been composing and playing since 2000, and his work is done primarily utilizing

YOVANNI – ‘Stay Away’ has a powerhouse vocal, with vivid and moving lyrics

‘Stay Away’ by YOVANNI is an incredible track from beginning to end. The melody and lyrics will get you singing along, and stick in your head. It’s going to be one of those songs that will have real staying power on playlists. It is a slow-building alternative rock track that explodes into a soaring chorus which really showcases the singer’s distinctive and powerful voice. YOVANNI is also an award-winning and versatile performer having recorded various EDM bangers. The artist who moved from Cuba to Miami as a child has had formal singing lessons, and performed as backing singer to many


ERIC SILVERMAN RELEASES NEW SONG AND VIDEO FOR “AS MY COUNTRY DRIFTED AWAY (I GOT STONED)” FROM HIS DEBUT SOLO EP ROOKIE OUT ON FEBURARY 28 “People talk, they should scream” – Eric Silverman exclaims on the song and video for as “As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned)” from his sharply infectious debut solo EP Rookie out on February 28. See the video here-  When Silverman and Grammy-nominated producer Damien Lewis went into the studio they were looking to explore a feeling and sound for a later project but emerged a week later with a record that

Chords Of Eve – “Dear Engineer” exposes the listener to sounds that intrigue

Chords Of Eve is an American music project, created in 2019 and consisting of multi-instrumentalist Atlas Cage, featuring various female vocalists and the debut of vocalist Casey Ardmore. The band defines their music as pop, electronica, alternative and trip hop, and have described their sound as “futuristic psych pop”. “We want those who listen to our music to feel connected, even in times where they could feel the most isolated,” says the project leader. “We want people to feel as if someone understands them, that they have been seen.” Chords Of Eve’s resonating bass sinks repeatedly to thumping depths on

John Vento and The Nied’s Hotel Band certify exactly who they are!

A 2019 Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist John Vento is a successful Pittsburgh businessman and passionate singer-songwriter. He is also part of The Nied’s Hotel Band, originated in 2003 and voted Pittsburgh’s “Best Bar Band” in the 2016. The band gets its name as a tribute to Jim Nied, proprietor of the landmark Pittsburgh tavern “Nied’s Hotel”. What we enjoy here is the band’s latest album that’s well-crafted and structured to represent the feeling of real Americana driven rock n’ roll. Every song on here is great from first to last, in an even twelve count. I think The Nied’s Hotel

NRT-Records delivers a reissue the King Size masterpiece – “Around And Around”

King Size’s masterpiece Around And Around is a landmark release in the history of melodic rock

In 2014 the Austrian rock band King Size celebrated its 25 year jubilee. Main songwriter and guitarist Tom Proll (a.k.a. “Major Tom”) and his bandmates played over 800 concerts worldwide and had released a lot of music up to now. A few songs made it into the charts and a few of these even went to the top! The ballad “Don’t Say Goodbye” (#1) and the rock songs “Show Me The Way” (#2), “Machinery” (#1) and “Change Your Mind” (#1) were the most successful releases by King Size.

Furthermore the live opener “Face To Face” and of course “Second Skin” (Song Expo Award 2001 Winner, Category “Rock song of the year”) are regarded as classics today! King Size also went on tour with bands like Saga, Sweet, Uriah Heep or Thin Lizzy as well as sharing stages around the globe with bands likes Oasis, Toto, Whitesnake, Wasp, Quiet, Riot, Steve Lukather Band, Blind Petition, Mannfred Mann’s Earthband, Bluespumpm, Slade, Gotthard, Supertramp’s Carl Verheyen, Manowar, Overkill, Great White and many more on festivals. Naturally they also had many headliner gigs in Europe, Asia and in the US.

In early 2014 they released the best of album  “Dangerous Girls & Beauty Queens” which consists of two CDs with 35 songs from 25 years of the band‘s history! 2014 brought changes too, as Major Tom decided to collaborate with the German label NRT-Records, which means that  fans can expect to get a big load of re-releases celebrating the 25 year jubilee with unreleased bonus tracks and remixes! And to kick things off, NRT-Records has launched a re-release of King Size’s 15-track album, Around And Around, which was originally released in 2000.

The Line Up on this album included Major TOM PROLL – Guitars & Vocals, ISABELLA ROZIC – Vocals, WIFF ENZENHOFER – Keyboards & Vocals, MARIO PUNCEC – Bass Guitar, Vocals, KLAUS NIEDERHUBER – Lead Vocals and MICHI BECK – Drums & Percussions. The album was PRODUCED by Tom Proll and CO-PRODUCED by Wiff Enzenhofer & Werner Edlauer.

King Size’s masterpiece Around And Around is a landmark release not just for the band but as part of the history of melodic rock. Though a classic hard rock band, this album also blends a marriage of British progressive rock and blues flavored traditional American pop rock. It is an essential for classic/vintage rock fans and highly recommended for 80’s melodic rock fans too.

king-size-400It doesn’t get much better than this. Consistency, great musicianship, and even good pop sensibilities – mixed just right! This album features phenomenal playing, thrilling arrangements, deep and meaningful lyrics, soaring vocals, heavy guitars, gorgeous synth-induced symphonic melodies, and topnotch production.

Some albums really pleasantly surprise you. Sometimes you get drawn in by the familiar-sounding song or two, only to be completely blown away by the rest of the disc. This happened to me with Around And Around. I wanted it mainly for the track “A Song Is Born”. I couldn’t believe it when I started to like the rest of the album even more than the songs I came for. “Change Your Mind” in particular is a rocking epic of a song that I could listen to all day. The raw power of the lyrics is apparent in the instrumentals as well.

Something great that King Size does in this album is have the vocals and instrumentals so well interwoven thematically that you can’t imagine one without the other, but then they prove you totally wrong with the instrumental “Love? (Reprise)”, which wordlessly paints its pictures with a piano-driven melody.

From the opening track “Around (The Beginning)” to the epic feel of “And Around (The End),” there’s something for everyone. You’ll end up with multiple favorites, and that’s saying something considering the original release goes back 14 years. King Size were at their creative peak when they came out with this offering. If you’re a musician, you’ll appreciate what they’ve done here.

With the help of NRT-Records who knows,  maybe there will be brand new King Size album or even a live reunion in the near future. In the meantime lets discover the reissues  and anything else they can thow at us!

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