Eli Purks: “Good As I’ll Ever Be” – an addictive music composition sung in an uplifting and spunky fashion!

Eli Purks
Eli Purks

Currently residing in San Antonio, Eli Purks was raised under the influence of a supportive family who always encouraged his creative path to a career in music and performance. Music filled the Purks’ household on a daily basis, to the likes of Al Green, Parliament Funkadelic, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.

Eli Purks’ determination and drive to become not just a star, but a super-star began with the onset of witnessing the success of larger-than-life pop stars – Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and Nsync, who all have played a role in his preparation for a career that is already taking off at rapid speed.

Eli Purks
Eli Purks

Eli Purks recently dropped the single and video of “Good As I’ll Ever Be”. The groove that he has throughout the track is unmistakable and quite obvious. The track starts off with a jangly funk-guitar strum sound, followed by an underlying modern electronic beat. The track has the potential for being a monster single that could easily command all radio formats. It is an addictive music composition sung in an uplifting and spunky fashion by Purks.

Purks taps into his soul and pours his heart out in each vocal delivery, though he always sounds cool and in total control. He is a talented musician who is establishing himself as a real artist. With the release of “Good As I’ll Ever Be”, Eli Purks dives face first into the urban and pop stratosphere, in the vein of Bruno Mars’ crossover style, which everybody adores regardless of its genre.

Now that he has recorded the songs, and shown that he knows how to write and perform ear-candy material, it remains to be seen if Purks has the staying power to explode into a fully prosperous pop career. With the release of “Good As I’ll Ever Be”, the future looks promising to say the least!


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