Knowshun: “Dedicated (Remix)” – imaginative rhymes in a mix of street and fantasy!

Knowshun is a lyricist and producer from Chicago, IL. The rap/hip-hop artist’s latest project, a music video for his single “Dedicated (Remix)” was based on a nightmare the artist had the night before the video shoot. The cinematic music video explores dark themes of purgatory, a spirit in limbo and battling against dark forces. Gripping imagery of shadowy figures permeate the video. “Dedicated (Remix)” is featured on the mixtape “Lyrical Fire Episode Two: Liquid Napalm” written and performed by Knowshun, produced by Credit Ninja B. The original track was by MF Doom & MF Grimm. The music video was shot,

Keys And Vices: “Chronic Nostalgia” can rock the socks off of any audience!

Keys And Vices are something of a Trojan horse. Hidden within the confines of a band with a cryptic name and fronted by a deceptively talented lady is a power-trio that can rock the socks off of any audience and probably any band they share a bill with. Stacked with massive riffs and sweet hooks, their “Chronic Nostalgia” is a monumental step in their recording career. With beefy production that highlights the tight dynamic between front-lady Jennifer Valdez (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Lyrics), bassist Kevin McCarty and drummer Kris Ayala, the band’s first full-length offering packs enough punch to dominate modern

Brady Novotny: “Passions Collide” is a skilled expression of his dazzling compositions

During the early to mid-seventies is when the guitar maestros were coming out. John McLaughlin and Al Dimeola, were at the top in my book of guitarists. The mixed both electric and acoustic guitar virtuosity with equal ease. Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Flamenco abounded flavors abounded on their releases showcasing a 360° vision of the guitar as a lead instrument. Brady Novotny who started playing the guitar at the age of 10, is pretty much cut of the same cloth, and on his latest album, “Passions Collide”, he even includes a vocal track featuring his wife, Jennifer. Inspired by Randy

Tohi: “Out The Box” – emotional music you can chill or groove to!

Tohi is a rap artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He started his musical career as the first Persian rapper at the age of 13. He was forced to perform illegally in his native Tehran, where rap has been banned. In order to chase his dreams, Tohi located to Dubai for two years where he was able to create music openly, followed by a move to London. As he continued to build his career Tohi performed at major venues such as Barclaycard Arena Hamburg and The Global Arena Stockholm and HMV Forum London O2 and won awards, including Best

Bearzerk – An executive music team with a proven track record

Music management teams really are the industry’s Swiss Army knife. They can really transform careers. Where there’s a special artist, chances are there’s a special collective behind them, plotting moves behind the scenes. The best of the bunch tend to connect dots swiftly, think outside the box without losing sight of the little things, and, above all else, maintain a degree of close affinity and proximity to the artist and the music business itself. Music management companies exist to protect and nurture the business and creative interests of those they work with. It takes one set of skills to help

Exit 22 Music: “Just As You Are” has cracked the code for the modern music world

Barely a few months after the release of their previous single, Exit 22 Music and Chris Calamera are back with the new record “Just As You Are”. And it seems like the only rule of the New York City-based project is: there are no rules. They are mixing genres and experimenting with different styles and the result is the unique sound of Exit 22. Whenever the Calamera project drops a new release my expectations are extremely high. The song starts off slow and soulfully, and then loads itself with energy. The female vocals, as always, has never sounded so strong.

Michael Peloso and Natalie Jean: “Lost & Found” – absolutely compelling!

Michael Peloso and Natalie Jean have released their latest collaboration single, “Lost & Found”. The two are no strangers to each other, having worked together on the multi-nominated, and award-winning track, “The Letting Go” with Levi Moore. Michael and Natalie also joined forces on Josie Award nominated track “Please Don’t”, as well as the 2017 single “Alive”. Michael Peloso is a New Jersey-based lyricist/songwriter who writes undeniably touching, honest lyrics with a sense of simplicity that are uniquely all his own. Natalie Jean is has achieved recognition across the most diverse of musical genres and quite comfortable performs in English,

Deane Nesbitt Jr. – “Soundtracks in the Sand” – The meticulous sculpting of soundscapes

Although Deane Nesbitt Jr. has composed music for years, he does not read music. His unique background consists of practicing law for 16 years, co-founding an investment management company and writing an illustrated history of a 1912 investment bank. Deane’s music has been aired on more than 300 radio stations across America and Canada. His recent CD, “Music in Search of a Movie”, won the Philby Award in the United States for being one of the top 100 music CDs of 2015 and the Best Dramatic Music of the year. The album ranked on five CMJ charts for New World

ROSABEL: “The Album” – Compositions of the highest quality

ROSABEL the DJ duo consisting of Ralphi Rosario and Abel Aguilera met in 1989 during the Winter Music Conference in Miami. For the better part of 25 years the two have been generating dance hits, and more recently, tag-team DJing for the masses around the globe. They dropped their first creation in 1994, with “La Puta” released via Groovilious, a part of Strictly Rhythm records out of New York. The continued dropping independent releases and filling floors each summer on Tommy Boy Records/NYC, and have since, officially remixed such artists as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry, Cher, Gloria

elconEstharoe – Experimental electronica from a Greek master of the Theremin

Experimental electronica from a Greek master of the Theremin, no loops or presets are used in the creation of the elconEstharoe sonic environment. The album has already picked up a favorable review in the highly regarded Electronic Sound Magazine Theremin Master and Synthesist Lambro Papazois is a Greek sound designer and the man behind elconEstharoe. The Hyper-real Soundscapes of elconEstharoe are at the vanguard of experimental electronica. Through his work with elconEstharoe, Lambro is acutely aware of his acoustic environment and in particular the natural resources around him, utilizing the biophony, anthropophony and the sacred power of sound. From within

Kenson: “Unexpected Come Up” – an inspired package!

Kenson is a Haitian American rapper from Fort Myers Fl. He is a member of Zoe Money Gang ( ZMG ) , a rap label created by DatZoeOfficial? and Chef Zoe. Kenson started rapping at age 10, when his rapper cousin John.B, who himself later gave up on rapping, passed the dream on to Kenson.  Later on Kenson hooked up with producer and beatmaker Hero Beatz, who produced all his beats. Kenson also decided to start his own label, “Trust & Believe Music” late in 2012.

Kenson has recently dropped his 15-track mixtape, “Unexpected Come Up”.  From the start, the mixtape evokes what make mixtapes so successful. A small group of producers help the sound remain cohesive. A handful of guests keep the rhythmic relation of the lyrics against those instrumentals consistently formulated. Kenson, on the other hand, is large and in charge throughout the project. His simple yet nuanced flow and rhymes dominate both his choruses and his verses.

The mixtape cover artwork

The mixtape cover artwork

“Unexpected Come Up” is a mosaic of the sounds resulting in a very concise, inspired package that is sure to keep the neighbors awake for the next few months until Kenson decides to arbitrarily release yet another mixtape or album, which given his track record as of late, is a very real possibility. This features a slew of codeine drenched tracks. Here, we have Kenson working will several producers including DatZoeOfficial, Cheff Zoe, Dah Youngin, Slick Dolo, Alkalineer, MagikC and Hero Beatz, who certainly bring out the best in Kenson as an artist.

There is a whole lot more than inebriated crooning going on, but rather a series of anthems that do more than their job. As far as lyrical depth goes, expect the usual grinding fare – struggling, sex, drugs, money! But given the genre that this record identifies as, any firm of lyrical depth would be superfluous at best.

The mixtape opens with Cake Ft DatZoeOfficial, which sets the pace and tone for what’s coming next. The second track, Struggle Made Me Ft DatZoeOfficial Prod By Hero Beatz, features a gloves-off Kenson spitting venom over a rather nefarious beat. Together with Sorry Momma Ft JSemple x Slick Dolo Prod By Hero Beatz and Get It Ft Wiz Trill Prod By Hero Beatz these songs make-up a triad of the best lyrical songs on this mixtape.

The recording has its fair share of features where you’ll find the likes of DatZoeOfficial, TayF3rd, Dah Youngin, JSemple x Slick Dolo and Wiz Trill showing off their emcee wares. Overall, this mixtape is for you, with its banging beats, hardcore lyrics and varied styles, provided that you enjoy Kenson’s gritty street sound. “Unexpected Come Up” is blunt, honest, and straight to the point! Play it LOUD!


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