Dragg – “Letter To My Love” is the second single from the EP “L.i.T”

“Letter To My Love” is the second single from Dragg’s EP “L.i.T”, and features singer-songwriter Frya who recently wrote & performed the theme track for popular South African Netflix series “Blood And Water,” and is dedicated to whom Dragg describes as “the love of my life.” Dragg uses metaphors, double-entendres and cleverly crafted schemes, whilst Frya adds a powerful, heartfelt delivery guaranteed to keep R&B/Soul lovers captivated. With minimalistic production, an addictive keys chord progression and a sparse mix overall, emphasized by the reverb, “Letter To My Love” enables Dragg and Frya’s vocals to really  take center stage. Lawrence Sean

US-based Contemporary Christian band Pivotal Awakening Drop the Official Video for “Soulblind”

“Soulblind” is the debut song and first-ever music video by Pivotal Awakening, a US-based Contemporary Christian band. The band create encouraging and uplifting songs with engaging sounds and impactful themes. Here they lead the charge with another impressive arsenal of sweet soulful sounds and meaningful lyrics. It’s no surprise that their songs tend to captivate and excite listeners. Without reservation, “SoulBlind” kicks off on a surefooted organic note. The opening chords and drums launch the introduction of the song; the verse and chorus picks up with thoughtful but energetic drums, piano, and guitar. Mindi Odom on vocals leads the song,

Yeison Jimenez & Silvestre Dangond Present ‘Gracias a ti’

Yeison Jimenez & Silvestre Dangond The Greatest Exponents of Two Genres Defining Colombian Culture and Folklore Present ‘Gracias a ti’ Both music stars are joining forces to merge Vallenato with Colombian regional music, in a collaboration without comparison that promises to be an anthem for posterity. Yeison Jiménez, the greatest exponent of popular music in Colombia, and singer and instrumentalist Silvestre Dangond, who is considered one of the principal and greatest representatives of the new wave of the genre Vallenato, have joined forces to present “Gracias a ti”, a musical proposal that fuses Vallenato with regional Colombian music, as well

Playfio – ‘Nameless Man’ will take you on a unforgettable ride through time and space

In celebration of the upcoming release of Arcadian Resonance on 20th August by the alternative rock artist Playfio, they will be showcasing a brand new music video every Friday under the hashtag #ONEaWEEK – 16 videos in total, running  for 3 and half months.  Follow Playfio on Facebook to follow this epic stream of awe inspiring music video releases. Over the past two years since the debut release of ‘Arcadian Rhythm’ in 2018, Playfio has had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented creatives to create some jar dropping good videos. Four of these videos will precede the 20.08.20


MONOTRONIC RELEASES NEW SONG AND VIDEO FOR “KIDS OF SUMMER” VIA THE ORCHARD WITH THREE MORE SINGLES SLATED TO BE RELEASED IN 2020. NEXT SINGLE “BUY YOURSELF A DREAM” OUT IN SEPTEMBER With danceable grooves, glaring riffs and chantable refrain, Monotronoc releases “Kids of Summer,” new song and video out now.  See The video here: https://youtu.be/zRxbcxowLEY  “It’s got an upbeat vibe that feels right for summer, but also speaks to the times, in terms of all the youth energy we are seeing out in the streets, which I think is leading to real change” explains Monotronic’s Ramsey Elkholy. Monotronic

Everything that makes Calvin Priice brilliant, is on full display here!

Set to drop his brand new “Bon Voyage” project, Calvin Priice has already proven with the release of last year’s “Pineapple Sunset” that they he as innovative as he is grounded in classic stylings – a well-oiled machine representative of the musical mastery at the heart of his rhythmic sound. One that remains a powerhouse of full-bodied grooves, dancefloor rhythms, technologically on-point composition, world-class vocal talent, and an expert pen game. Calvin’s versatility across all of his works proves the value of staying power and musical chops. “Bon Voyage” is touted to contain the singles “Amor Galactico”, “Sugar Honey Iced

Ali Doukali – “Smooth” has top tier flows and lyrics!

In the modern hip-hop and trap era, an artist like Ali Doukali is probably severely overlooked in hip-hop, when truthfully he has top tier flows and lyrics that put him above many of his peers. All through his song-list, Ali cements himself among the best, at creating hard-hitting, aggressive and catchy trap while telling vivid stories in the process. This legacy is continued on his latest single, “Smooth” as the listener is dragged down the deep well that is the rapper’s psyche, making for one of the grittiest tracks of the year. Recorded at ID Labs in Pittsburgh “Smooth” is

Bad Bikini – “Free” – puts the producers in league with their heroes

After hanging behind the scenes for the last couple of years and remixing artists like “The Love Theme, Short Wave Craft & “Disco Circus”, Bad Bikini release their Disco infused debut single “Free” on the Smokersblend record label, run by producer Dominic Owen (The Love Theme). There are a combination of sounds on this track but the overall feel is electronic disco. There are also plenty of moments for Bad Bikini to show an almost chill wave undertone – the spectral chords and tuneful flutes flourishing beautifully above the driving rhythm. The female harmonies keep the smoothness bumping, while a

Lakinni has narratives that are glowing red in her heart

Over the years Lakinni’s sound has evolved, grown and blossomed and each new song release, hears her defining her sound further with a mature and brassy delivery. Her concise catalog is a bold collection that hears her combining a winning sound of brash and confident pop-soul along with  vulnerable and croon worthy ballads. Note for note, Lakinni is a engaging storyteller. Her fearless intent is evident right from the start. Her single “Walking The Line” not only imprints the her spellbinding musical charm and ambition but alerts the listener to the damning but empowered thematic stretches present throughout her catalog’s

Guy Freedom English – “Forged by Fire” – the work of a consummate professional

A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Guy Freedom English handles all the playing and production for his music. Starting out with a 4 track he’s upgraded to an 8 track and uses no computer programs of any kind to capture the raw live feel of an actual band. Originally from Detroit, MI and relocated to Brookings, SD, Guy has played countless shows across the mid-west. Since 2017, he has released 4 albums and 7 singles, and has just dropped his fourth album “Forged by Fire”. Guy Freedom English solo project is really one of the best you’ll hear in authentic hard rock

Nick Festari: “This is me​.​.​. Slower and Faster” reaches for a new audience!

Roberto Festari (a.k.a. Nick Festari) started to study piano at 9 years old. When he was 16, he became one of the organists of his parish. It was there that he took his first steps accompanying a talented choir during the liturgical celebrations and performances. In 1987 Nick Festari started to cooperate with Claudio Accatino and Federico Rimonti who began to work with the well-known dance producer Mark Farina. Late on Claudio and Federico started their own label, “HI-NRG ATTACK”, where Festari was involved in writing almost 800 songs in about 20 years, also arranging and often singing these tracks behind many aliases, with his own particular style, achieving great success with Japanese fans and almost everywhere Eurobeat and Italo-Dance music was appreciated.

Nick Festari

Nick Festari

In the summer of 2013 Nick decided to take the plunge into a solo career and left the Eurobeat and Dance scene, as well as HI-NRG ATTACK, which, up until that point, had provided him with satisfaction and professional skills. Nick Festari has now dived into pop-rock music, trying to reach for a totally new audience.

It’s rare for me to like an album the first time I hear it. I’ve always found comfort in familiarity; usually new songs have to “grow” on me. But it was love at first listen for “This is me​.​.​. Slower and Faster”, Nick Festari’s brand new 6-track EP. It’s the kind of music you can listen to with your eyes closed and see the all kinds of imaginary pictures in your head; the kind of music you blast with the car’s windows rolled down; the kind you sing along to with the enthusiasm of a fevered tent-revival disciple. “This is me​.​.​. Slower and Faster”, gives you chills from its first notes, which open with the upbeat You Wanna Make Me Fly (I Know You Belong To A Dream).

The album cover

The album cover

I saw a certain spark of potential when I read Nicks previous credits but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I tuned into “This is me​.​.​. Slower and Faster”, without any high expectations; what a monumental and rewarding surprise it was when I found out how much Nick had refined his sound and matured his songwriting after 30 years!  I think the biggest change is that Nick’s singing has not only improved in skill but also in method. His voice is dynamic and emotional, and anytime there is a screaming element, it is surgically placed and serves the song instead of being there for no apparent reason.

The songs on the album are of an extremely high and consistent quality. Every song is melodic and enjoyable and integral to the EP – there are no “fillers” that beg to be skipped. The songs have a vast, epic quality and even old-school approach to them that makes Nick Festari unusually powerful compared to a lot of other “modern” pop- rock bands.

The studio...

The studio…

Music is subjective; not everyone is going to like everything. But Nick Festari’s is the real deal, just listen to the string orchestration and vocal harmonies on Wings Of An Angel to appreciate the musicality of the artist. The Song I Wrote For You and There Will Be No Prize are not your typical pop-rock songs, but have almost Techno or Eurobeat, electronic mixes built-in, that will put your spirits in a wonderful zone. You’ll love driving through the city late at night, listening to these at full volume!

Musically, I have to talk about Don’t Throw The Dice with it’s beautiful guitars, drums and stupefying vocal harmonies, as well as the piano driven ballad, Don’t Slam The Radio, which is probably my personal favorite on the Ep. Over and above being a great performer, Nick proves himself to be a superbly scrupulous musical arranger on these songs. Beautiful, uplifting chord progressions, luscious harmonies and ear-catching melodies are ever present here.

If you’re already a fan of Nick Festari, then you know that this album is much more ‘wicked’ than anything he has ever done before! If you’ve never heard of Nick or listened to him before, then crawl out from underneath that rock you’ve been living under, and grab “This is me​.​.​. Slower and Faster” now!


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