Cyrus R.O. – “Bones” is still a skillfully crafted song

I think I expected this music to be sterile and methodical. However, to my surprise, Cyrus R.O.’s new single “Bones” from his upcoming debut album “Deconvolution” is blazingly irradiated like bundle of energy that expertly marries the organic and synthetic. Underneath it all, a darker lyrical narrative dealing with “a character struggling with their gender identity, and the fear of social turmoil that comes with that.” Everything just grooves so well together; it’s a blend of sounds that I haven’t heard done this well from any progressive, jazz, or electronic artist in quite some time. It’s a masterful melding of electronic machinery with

Temperature Falls Release The Video For Their Latest Single “1-2-3”

The sound and atmosphere of Temperature Falls is built around somewhat gritty, blended organic-electronic sounding tracks that hearken the listener back to earlier times. Their latest track, ‘1-2-3’, is a seductive track that pulls the listener in with an eerie melody, sultry vocals and an ethereal reverberating atmosphere. Mixed beautifully, this is the perfect example of what to expect from this indie trip-hop/alternative rock duo from Oslo, Norway, made up of vocalist/lyricist Camilla, and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward. ‘1-2-3’ is a gorgeous, melancholic song that is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Temperature Falls is one of those bands that are absolutely necessary

Pop Music Artist DAYVID Releases Music Video for “Same Old Feeling”

This song was released last Fall on his self-titled debut EP. DAYVID explains that “Same Old Feeling” was the last song written for this EP. It reflects on an old love that was like no other. “Same Old Feeling” was co-written by DAYVID and Grammy-Nominated producer Morgan Taylor Reid (Marshmello, Jack & Jack, CHROMEO). “Same Old Feeling” is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music: The production is simple with piano, vocals, and an 8-member gospel choir providing backgrounds. The lyrics and vocal performance make this song meaningful and powerful. All elements support the soaring voice

Arrows – “After Hours” – Inspired by 80’s synthwave and video game sound tracks

“After Hours” the brand new full length album by Arrows, says all it needs to about the brand of retro nostalgia this kind of music evokes. The project’s sonic palette is especially dense with layer upon layer of synth sounds stacked upon one another and wrapped up in a modern production veneer that makes it bang. Every song delivers big in the keyboard hooks department and the moods are consistently melancholy and wistful throughout. “After Hours” is Arrows hitting their stride; this is what it sounds like when a young band is killing it. Inspired by 80’s synthwave and video

PWJazy – “Heroes” – the mind of an alternative creative

LA-based performer, PWJazy, is an unusual artist. His songwriting is soulful and the arrangements are mind blowing. His voice is a breath of fresh air with all of the nonsense that has been going on for years in the music scene. His singing has a distinctive tone that has not been auto tuned or fixed up in any other manner. “Heroes”, his latest single, is a really intriguing, diverse recording. I didn’t like it when I first heard it, but the uniquely experimental alternative rock sound, the bombastic lead guitars, and the dark, mysterious lyrics somehow fuse together to produce

João Tostes – “Live Ukulele Here, There & Everywhere” exhibits dazzling musical dexterity

How often do you get to hear a full length live album of twenty instrumental songs played on the ukulele? And what if those songs were being played by an artist considered to be one of the pioneers of the ukulele in Brazil? Someone who has toured the world, taking his ukulele sound, to the most diverse countries – from Brazil to Canada, Italy and South Korea, among others. Someone who dropped a parallel career as an Information Technology entrepreneur in 2017 to fully dedicate himself to music and the ukulele. The Brazilian musician, composer, arranger and musical educator, in

Donny Richmond Continues #1 Success With “Statue Of A Fool”

Multi-award winning international recording, movie and TV star Donny Richmond is now an inductee of 4 different music Halls of Fame. His recent starring role in the movie, “Saving Faith”, released by media giant Lionsgate Entertainment, earned him a nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film from the International Christian Film Festival. Cameo appearances in the film were made by several of Donny’s fellow artists, including Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Michael W Smith, members of Rascal Flatts and The Gatlin Brothers, Olympic skater Scott Hamilton, and many others. Donny is highly respected among his music peers and fans

Oliver von K releases ambient guitar instrumental – “Ayinka V”

As the new single from 35 Year old male hobby guitarist from Switzerland,  Oliver von K, “Ayinka V” is a recording full of sweet emotionally charged moments, of quiet subtlety, emphatic life affirming melodies and sprinklings of musical flare. Bursting with fresh ideas and rhythmic vigor, this record is a highlight of the instrumental ambient guitar genre itself. If you’re like me and have crippling anxiety and it takes a lot for you to find your zen, this is the track for you. Put on your headphones and let this be the background of your day and you will be

Ambrose – “Without a Word” – brilliantly composed, produced, and imagined

Ambrose is one of those unusual musical composers you rarely come across via the mainstream media. Her work is never trite or clumsy and it always sparkles with personal genius. She never panders to modern trends or seeks to retread classic retro avenues, in search of commercial viability. She simply composes what moves and inspires her emotions. Each track on her stunning album, “Without a Word” will resonate with a different part of you. Ambrose’s works are equally beautiful and unique, as well as being particularly crafty at appealing to even the most elusive facets of your states of being.

Brand new artist Nuumelody spreads a powerful message on her latest hit “BODY”

Brand new artist Nuumelody goes out of the way to spread a powerful and empowering message about embracing yourself in her latest hit “BODY”. Her voice sounds assured and strong. With this song album, she confirms her position as a vocalist to watch in the coming months. Blending a mix of rhythmic groove, smart lyrics and soulful vocals, Nuumelody deftly displays the maturity and self-confidence that she has developed since her recording debut. Having already worked with a variety of accomplished producers, Nuumelody showcases a smooth range of emotion and mood on “BODY”, produced by Defstarz that reveals the heart

goldAP’s style and music is trendsetting as he blazes his own path

Anthony Pinto aka goldAP, is a new and upcoming rap and hiphop artist from Torrance, California. goldAp is currently showcasing 3 tracks on his audio stream produced by Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane – namely “Lost Keys”, “Sleepless” and “Voice (Introduction)”. For freshman tracks these are incredibly outgoing pieces of work. Most dudes want to try and make a huge splash, by dropping a bunch of bangers and songs with quickly slapped together lyrics, but goldAP did the opposite. These tracks are mostly filled with bassy undertones, soulful tunes and chill ambient vibes which really ties into his cool, laidback sound.

The Sleepless cover

The Sleepless cover

I think goldAP is really coming up, and if he keeps pressing on with the same conviction, maybe stepping up his releases with a mixtape  or full album he will soon make some serious headway into the game within 5 years. For starters, I respect him for putting these tracks out without the help of a label or anything. Furthermore, for now I’m glad he cares more about the quality of music rather than the number of releases he has. Even if he does sign with a label eventually I hope he maintains creative control because he’s got a gift for lyricism as well as selecting the beats to go with them. Personally I think goldAP is a great artist to support and I would tell anyone to buy 2 copies of anything he releases; one for them and one to give to a friend, they’ll thank you later!

goldAP brings a different feel to anything that he touches. His music is original and has a classic-style sound to it. The very smooth beats and lyrics is something to sit back and relax to, so just shoot the vodka and close your eyes. And you can do this right from “Lost Keys [prod. Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane]”. The utter coolness of this track this will draw a lot of people in. If you’re looking for a fresh face of rap and to hear something different then take a listen to this.

The Lost Keys cover

The Lost Keys cover

goldAP’s style and music is trendsetting as he blazes his own path, offering a very refreshing and mature sophistication that you can recognize instantly on “Sleepless [Prod. Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane]” but yet it also reveals itself slowly as you become more familiar with the production style and delivery, as can be heard on “Voice (Introduction) [Prod. Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane]”.

The production on these tracks is exemplary, and one of the very reasons goldAP should be able to easily acquire a solid underground following; the other reason of course being his rhymes and flow, which are expansive, nuanced and different. Each track captivates the listener and almost all the beats are pitted perfectly against the lyrics to evoke certain emotions and messages. All in all, for a dude just starting out in the industry, goldAP does what he does, very well indeed!


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