“Missing Person” – The new album by Warren Cuccurullo (Duran Duran, Zappa)

The persisting career of musician, singer, and songwriter Warren Bruce Cuccurullo, has reached incredible and indelible highs. He worked with the late, legendary Frank Zappa in the ’70s, founded Missing Persons in the ’80s, and became a long-term member of new wave legends Duran Duran in ’86, notably contributing to the band’s regained worldwide success on the 1993 chart-busting “Wedding Album”. Not one to rest on his laurels, the talented Brooklyn born guitarist however, has always continued his solo and collaborative work, and has just unleashed his 12 track album “Missing Person”. Described as “a deeply personal and conceptual record”,

Zero The Kidd: “Waves” – a willingness to carve out his own lane

Zero The Kidd is an upcoming artist in Boynton Beach Florida, racking up a total of 10 million plays in his first year of making music, while appearing in magazines and various media sources. He discovered music from a very young age. His dad and uncle were both rappers. Zero The Kidd learned how to play the violin in 2nd grade and the piano in 3rd grade. By proving to have an eclectic ear for tones and textures on his track, “Waves”, he asserts himself as a serious performer who’s taken his recent praise with the utmost seriousness. Zero The

Grand Rezerva: “Nowhere Bound” pumps adrenaline into the unsuspecting listener

The talented Swedish band Grand Rezerva – comprised of Michael C. Svensson – Vocals, Andreas Lundberg – Guitar, Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson – Guitar, Thomas Helgesson – Drums and Zoak – Bass – succinctly deliver bare-knuckled, catchy hard rock that’s captured with crystal clear production. The band wastes little time in making its intentions clear on the latest single, “Nowhere Bound”. Grand Rezerva’s simmering movement around the verses facilitates a sense of building momentum through the bridge that reaches a point of release at the chorus. The band has creatively shoehorned itself into 2019’s contemporary active rock radio ballgame, with a classic

J Tizzle: “The Chill Zone Vol 3” – The taste is smooth and distinguishable!

As living things, we need a steady supply of certain ingredients to survive. In music, the formula is undeniably similar. A song requires both rhythm and pitch. For the musically hungrier amongst us, these ingredients are not enough. We need to add extras, such as mood, atmosphere, emotion and groove. Unfortunately, even with the proper ingredients and extras the results are not always as expected. Stagnancy spreads within the craftsman, as well as a lack of skill or emotion. Luckily one, by the name of J Tizzle (Jeffery Townsend Sr.), avoids these annoying traits. Within his songbook exists all of

Heavy AmericA: “Motor Honey (Peace)” – It’s rock. Pure and simple.

A couple of years ago, the bands to emulate in modern rock were those that flooded the radios with wickedly catchy upbeat power pop tunes. Then came the neo-metal-driven climate, where even the tame end of the spectrum became heavier. On their new single, “Motor Honey (Peace)”, Boston based three piece rock group Heavy AmericA, proves themselves among the best in the alternative rock genre with a track loaded with hooks for mainstream appeal, but with an energy and drive that keeps them from sounding like mere imitators. The new release which has all the potential to climb the rock

Scotty Seed: One of the more original and thoroughly enjoyable alternative listens of the year!

Proud of his Italian heritage and his role in the LGTBQ community as a queer artist, Scotty Seed is a musician based in the East Village of New York City. Obsessed with art, including fashion and music, Scotty, originally a Jersey boy, started taking songwriting and production seriously in his twenties. Influenced by elements of industrial, pop, grunge, PC music, electronic, and screamo music, he counts artists like Crystal Castles, Marilyn Manson, Hole, David Bowie, Madonna, and Depeche Mode among his inspirations. Fighting an ongoing battle with bipolar disorder, making music provides him with an escape from his mental health

Suburbs: “Sound of the Sea” – a rewarding new project

Suburbs is an indie rock band from Scheveningen, Netherland launched in 1995. The band that has its roots in the eighties and nineties achieved national exposure when they won the national contest “De Grote Prijs van Nederland” (The Grand Prize of the Netherlands), the largest and longest-running music competition in the country.  As of the summer of 2013 Suburbs has started a new chapter. Lead singer Arie Spaans and 2 early band members set to work to bring their old sound back. The following year they started dropping singles and video clips leasing to their mini EP “Masters” in 2016.

Martone: “Erogenous Zone” keeps the adrenaline and emotions flowing!

It was 5 years ago that pop superstar, Sam Smith, stepped up to the plate and showed the world that love songs don’t have to be heteronormative to be beloved. Smith came out publicly, stating that he wanted to be clear on what his album was about. “It’s about a guy and that’s what I wanted people to know.” He was also completely aware of how important his success is to the public narrative. Hearing your humanity represented and validated by pop culture is important, and many LGBT supporting musicians have since been stepping up to share their experiences. The

Red Tan: “Don’t You Dare!” – Vocally anchored and soulful!

Red Tan is a young widow and single mom. Living in an unfamiliar environment while suffering depression and anxiety has been a challenge that she was able to put into music on her single “Don’t You Dare!” It’s an inspirational anthem meant to help others overcome their struggles and difficulties, and achieve their goals. In the meantime it has been a healing medicine for the singer-songwriter herself, helping her to become a stronger and better person. Red Tan’s ability to create deep thoughtful music, her timeless voice, and her capacity to be so introspective, makes her extremely relatable to any

Albert J: “Grow” embraces both aural diversity and true inspiration

Albert J (formerly known as f.o.c.u.s.) is an American hip-hop recording artist residing in Tampa Florida. Moving through Maryland, DC, Virginia, NC, California and now Florida, Albert J got to experience a lot of diverse music and inspirations. From bands ranging from Sigur Ros and Coldplay to Linkin Park and Incubus, as well as many Hip-Hop influences from DMX, Kid Cudi, Mos Def and Busta Rhymes, Albert J grew up with a wide palette of sound. His 3 mixtapes “Youth Religion” (Dec 2013) “Remember” (March 2014) and “YR2” (April 2015), garnered serious attention in the Hip-hop scene, finally leading up

The Vanilla Milkshakes: “Tall People Have No Feelings” enlists an underlining layer of honesty

Every time I read the following description on the band’s website “The Vanilla Milkshakes are a grouping of three studly nearly middle aged men who sing and play instruments. Sometimes they do it in tune and a melody is born,” I marvel at how true and honest that statement is. The Vanilla Milkshakes is a band that takes their music in their stride – they have no hype, no pretentiousness, and no rock n’ roll heroics. Even with cascading riffs, powerful vocals, and bouncing choruses, they enlist an underlining layer of honesty which inevitably adds incredible raw depth to their music.

The tracklisting

The tracklisting

A producer should always take bands in a new direction, in terms of sound that is. No one album, should replicate another. The most meticulous engineered album can still fall victim to sameness. Fans identify this easily and see it as a shallow sidestep. It’s the subtle anxiety and confidence in the producer that creates something definitive. More than a producer, The Vanilla Milkshakes have placed their trust in a triad – the album, “Tall People Have No Feelings” was recorded by Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening and K Records). It was mixed by his assistant Pual Krogh and then mastered by Jack Endino. They’re able to force fans to exult at a sound imbalance, or a balance, depending on how you see it.

The Vanilla Milkshakes flirt with this concept all through the recording. Barricading listeners into some of the most emotional and driven songs in the indie punk genre. David McGhee: Vocals, Guitar – Frank Registrato: Drums, Vocals and JanKarl Hayes: Bass, Vocals, step their game up (I was actually convinced they did that on their last album too!), making sure nothing sounds cluttered, stagnant or stale. The genius of their songwriting comes in these “huge” moments: “Deez Boots”, “Good Intentions Will Kill Us”, “Popular”, “Sara Tea”, “We Sound Shitty So Spin Will Like Us” and “You’re The Starbucks Of People”. The overall pacing of their songs is flawless. They control the tempo, offering no needed reprieves before plunging back into the fray!

The Vanilla Milkshakes

The Vanilla Milkshakes

Lyrically, there is an overall story (I haven’t worked it out yet, but I’m sure there is one, as there is no way you can have a title like Tall People Have No Feelings without an overall story – or can you?). Each song is a tributary leading to the overall narrative (I think). For us, the audience, it’s incredibly satisfying to perceive these themes and create individual meaning (once we’ve worked them out!). And that’s the genius of this band. They say everything…and they say nothing…all in the same breath!

David McGhee starts with the most basic idea, and then cascades into a myriad of stories with deception, misery, pessimism, doubt, and even a sick sense of optimism resulting in an inevitable explosion of pungent cultural observations.

“Tall People Have No Feelings” functions like circuitry of our hearts. Repeating riffs, musical cues and wayward melodies amplify the album’s reverberations. The songs builds to a massive isolated moment, when all instruments drop down half a decibel, to emphasize “The Pessimist”, just before “We Sound Shitty… kicks in like a melodic powerhouse with one of the most demanding choruses I’ve heard in recent memory.

The tempos, the basslines, the pulsating drums, the sheering vocals and climactic rhythms carry this album from start to finish. For those of you who make it through the entire album, without a coffee break ( for the good of your ears), I commend you. The album is almost too raw to be true. At no time can you be passive listening to it. The Vanilla Milkshakes is the definitive alternative, punk, indie, rock and garage sound experience. Since this recording, the band has added Jeff Brink on Bass guitar, to switch to a 4-piece band…but that’s a whole new story!

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