MAZE – “From Start To Perfection” – a grand symphony of alternative and melodic rock abrasion!

Gary, Paul, Jack, Lee and Sam make up the 5 piece band from London UK, called MAZE. The band started out as a recording project, but the response and reaction they received induced them to start gigging and they have since been offered plenty of gigs for 2020. In the meantime they have released their 4 track EP, entitled “From Start To Perfection”. The recording is a rich quilt of guitar-driven sounds and rock influences. What’s thrilling about the production is not only are the clear punchy sonics, where each instrument is captured at its most resonant – but there’s

Plastic Barricades – “One for the Road” -showcases technical and creative maturity

Plastic Barricades are one of the smartest bands in alternative indie rock right now. The band which has it very first beginnings in 2007 have produced enough worthwhile material in the ensuing years to deserve escaping the shadow of the underground culture. They’ve released outstanding music in terms of resonant songwriting and daring variability, and their formula has remained strongly characteristic and enjoyable. The band, which has been undergone various member changes through the years, is now stably based in North-West London. Plastic Barricades currently are, Dan Kert on guitars, keyboards and vocals, and Paul Love on drums. The band,

RAHM – “Something Different” – Ardent and lush sounding

The single “Something Different” by singer-songwriter RAHM, was produced by Yarden Ashkenazi and Dor Roeh, and features the female vocalist Shany Oshri. A software engineer, RAHM wrote the song for his wife, Anat Brown who also appears on the cover artwork, which was done by Victoria Manashirov (Photography) and Itzhak Holyland (Graphics). This is one of those songs that has some sort of spark, a creative stamp that when you listen to it, you can tell something wonderful just happened in your presence. Yes, it’s like an experience unto its own. RAHM has a lovely lilting voice, a light instrumental

Brendanfrielmusic knows how to hypnotize and bond the listener

Even if you usually loath introspective singer-songwriters who play acoustic guitar and sing depressing songs, Brendanfrielmusic’s music will penetrate your shield and make you relate to this songwriter from Glasgow, who will draw a great amount of empathy from unknown parts of your psyche. Brendanfrielmusic is the perfect brand of tortured soul, flaunting an elegant, yet afflicted poetic trait. His stripped-down melodramatic song-writing and guitar playing are in line with his moody narratives. He is a perfect emblem of the counter-culture hidden in the underground music scene. The guitarist and vocalist usually works in a lo-fi setting, using the bare

Kathy Ingraham – “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do” – sultry tones and piquant timbres!

Kathy Ingraham is an experienced vocalist who has sung on TV and radio commercials for organizations such as McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi, and many more. Kathy launched her artistic career in 2014 and has since completed several solo projects and singles, working with an impressive roster of artists and composers, including Grammy-winning composer Henri Krieger, Luther Vandross, Meatloaf, Marc Cohn, Michael Bolton, Richie Havens, Michael Kamen, and several more. Her latest single “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do”, is an original jazz track that features the legendary Pete Levin on piano. Kathy Ingraham is clearly surrounded by outstanding musicians here, as witnessed in the

CYGNOTIC – “Cygns” – a multi-layered monument of decadent pleasure

Markus Lindwurm is CYGNOTIC, the electronic synthtrance-project hailing from Munich, Germany. Lindwurm started out in the days of the C64 8Bit music experience grabiing influences from legends such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. CYGNOTIC’s latest 2019 album, “Cygns”, arrives almost a decade after the previous “Through The Gates Of Nocturnal Sleep” release. The music of CYGNOTIC is a balance between structure and brilliance, together with seamless instrumentation and visceral cinematic exploration. Mixing disparate elements without one sound or style holding rank over others is something many artists strive for, but they often come up short. CYGNOTIC pulls it off

Miles Grindey – “Make Up Your Mind” – peaks of quality, depth and beauty

The track “Make Up Your Mind” is not only a display of Miles Grindey’s artistic skills as a musician and songwriter but it also gives the opportunity to some of the band members, in particular Ian Michael Bruh on vocals, Wayne Viar on drums, Enrico Galetta on bass and Bill Hart on keys, to shine with a level of musicianship of incredible standards. Bruh has an exceptional presence to his vocals that’s more than big enough to compete with the rock solid band behind him, and listening to it here will totally heal your spirit. Miles smokes on the guitar,

Inches From Sin – “Lying To Us” ft. Natalie Jean proves there is still a seam of eco-conscious music being made

The multi-genre group, Inches From Sin, recently released their single called “Lying To Us”, featuring the award winning songstress Natalie Jean. The group is made up of musician, composer, and producer, Robert Brewer, who brings along his baggage of experience which includes sharing the stage with Edgar Winter, Steppenwolf, April Wine and Dan Aykroyd of Blues Brothers fame. With a degree in Opera from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, Robert has spent more than four decades in the music business. Composer and musician, Karen Holloway Brewer is a multi-instrumentalist. Starting with the flute, piano and then Bassoon, Karen now showcases

Natalie Jean – “Love Your Own Power” will lift you up!

Natalie Jean (Kensington, MD) has been nominated over 90 times for her music and has won many awards. Most recently, she won the Singer/Songwriter Gold Medal in the 2019 Global Music Awards, as well as “Versatile Artist of The Year” in the 2019 Josie Music Awards. An avid lyricist, Mike Greenly is a former Fortune 500 Mktg/Comm VP whose services now help execs and teams be more successful. He’s the author of Virginia’s new state anthem, has had 10 hit songs on the Billboard Dance Club charts, and has written award-winning choral songs. Together Natalie Jean and Mike Greenly, bring

St. Geo drops his powerful 7 track project “STEAM”

St. Geo drops his powerful 7 track project “STEAM”. The album is described as detailing the artist’s personal struggle with power, drive, and relationships. He delves into themes of societal isolation and the desire for connectivity. This is an artistically fired up album, which can be recognized as dark, complex and highly conceptual. It shows St. Geo’s ability to sing and be known as more than just a rapper. “STEAM” will set St. Geo status in stone as a creative artist, as he further showcases his versatility and solidifies his position in the game. The fact that the majority of

Anne Marie Bush: “UnZipped RnB” – Her voice is phenomenal and the variety of music is excellent

The new EP “UnZipped RnB” by Anne Marie Bush –the Danish singer-songwriter whose influences range from RnB, Motown, Soul, Pop, Jazz and Club – will drop on November 12th.  During her seven years in the US, Anne Marie attracted a lot of attention from international top producers, songwriters, record labels and other industry professionals, while collaborating with talents such as Narada Michael Walden, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Caruso, Bruce Gaitsch and Robert Palmer, just to mention a few. Several of Anne Marie’s songs are also featured worldwide on TV and Film.

“I am ready to take my solo career to the next level by launching my new EP “UnZipped RnB”, says Anne Marie Bush, “On the current EP I am mixing the soulful pop ballads with groovy RnB, and basically returning to my Soul-Jazz musical roots. I have been writing, recording and producing the songs from the EP for quite a while in various studios, with different producers, including my own studio in Copenhagen, DK. Some of the songs have been re-produced up to 3-4 times.”

You can always tell when an artist throws out a record just to say they exist or have something new out. “UnZipped RnB” is definitely not that type of EP. From start to finish it flows wonderfully, and you can tell that a lot of time and effort went into producing a first class record. It’s been on repeat in my player for ten days, and I love all of the songs. Anne Marie Bush can definitely hold her own when it comes to singing and songwriting. Her voice is phenomenal, its range is amazing, and the variety of music is excellent.

Anne-Marie-Bush-350Lyrically speaking Anne Marie keeps it somewhat straightforward and heartfelt, but her delivery is what blew me away. Everything you love about soulful urban R&B music is plastered all over “UnZipped RnB”. Anne Marie’s lovely honey soulful voice is highlighted to the maximum on this record. Each song is a delight to listen to and will glisten the depths of your soul. One of the best songs on the album is “U Belong To Me”. The soulful sound is intermingled with a gonzo urban beat topped off with Anne Marie’s glossy voice. Another highlight to the record is “I Won’t Run Away”, a pop ballad accompanied by plenty smooth organic sounds and powerful strings, while Anne Marie belts out a soulful love melody that captivates the listener’s heart. “Wings To Fly” is another elegantly structured track that highlights Anne Marie’s strong vocals and so delicately balances itself between soft and loud rhythms. But just choosing one or two songs here and there is rather reductive, considering there is not one bad song in the bunch. On the contrary I only hear highlights. As I did on the acoustic-guitar driven “I Wanna Be”, or the Top40-styled ballad “Fly”.

Anne Marie Bush reminds me of a blend between Mariah Carey, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), and Celine Dion. She has the vocal range of one, as well as the diverse pop sensibilities and the absolute power of the other two. No matter where you are in your life, when it comes to love, you will enjoy this EP. In my opinion almost every song could be a single here. If you are looking for a really soulful recording that you can play all the way through “UnZipped RnB” for you. Not only did Anne Marie Bush capture the art of real R&B music that comes completely from the soul, but you can feel the passion and soul that she puts into the lyrics as she sings. This is a very cohesive, high-caliber project which will undoubtedly move Anne Marie Bush career to the next level!


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