Freder Seric drops the Video for the motivational summer track – “Ocean”

Are you tired of the winter? Hear some fresh motivational summer vibes by Freder Seric now! In the song “Ocean” you will hear about the aspirations of having a dream life. And no matter how much you achieve, you always want to achieve more. Freder Seric is a 32 year old male German rapper with over 20 years’ experience in song writing. “Ocean” is his first Studio Single and the Studio Album “Chase Your Dreams” will come out soon on all streaming platforms. Freder Seric currently works as a very successful software developer after he finished his Master’s degree in


With high profile performances and DJ appearances across Europe and North America, New York City’s Temu has established himself as a one of a kind force of nature, carrying the torch of funk for future generations. His latest album ‘Relic Of The Mothership’ is a masterclass filled with mind altering grooves, mesmerizing talkbox melodies, and of course Temu’s show stopping voice. Opening with ‘Scavangas,’ Temu’s ability to reinvent genres in his own image is on display right away. He and collaborator Blacc El erase walls between hip hop and soul, weaving thought provoking social observations together with dance rhythms that

Lewis Monbarn delivers exquisite delights with his debut album titled “Omen”

Lewis Monbarn’s musical fervor paints a canvas of sound with the exquisite delights of his debut album titled Omen. As Monbarn’s grooves gift good luck of sleek nostalgia across the genre of house and techno, his audience gets to enjoy this creative process. Based out of Amsterdam, Monbarn’s started creating electronic music at twelve years of age and has established an amazing legacy. Every track that he has released has charted. He has worked with Nervous Records, Datagroove, and his own new label Massaïa. Omen is a soul-wrenched offering comprised of ten tracks. The album has an outstanding organic vibe

The Goldilocks Enigma – “Free Will Isn’t Free” – carved out of hope and revelation

The Goldilocks Enigma is made up of an experienced husband and wife singer/songwriting team whose first and foremost mission is to worship Jesus Christ, God, Elohim, El Shaddai, Jehovah Jirah in the midst of present day America. They claim to not seek fame or fortune, and are trying to steer clear of the vanity that can be found in music. “We hope our music will land in the ears of those that find themselves in a position to allow it to prick their heart and point them to Christ,” says the duo. The Goldilocks Enigma are currently working on the

Jim Wyly – “Wildman Of The Thicket” – both infectiously laid back, yet energetically ominous

After having spent 40 years honing his craft in the Austin are, born and bred Texas musician and singer, Jim Wyly has been labelled a “Texas Songwriter”, though his creative talents take him far outside that box. For years a member of several bands including Movin Target and The Lunar Rollers, Wyly has finally decided to take the solo route, at the tender age of seventy something. His first work – the album “The Artisan” – is already up on the shelves. On his latest voyage the tempered craftsman has filled his baggage with the soul, country, folk and rock

Dubgee – “Truth” is a prime example of how much of a dedicated artist he is

Doug Tree better known as Dubgee is a rapper, producer, beat maker, and label owner, from Vancouver, Canada. As an old school hip hop head, I’m so thankful that I stumbled on to his latest album “Truth”. Dubgee is a genuine artist and a true musician. Whether the media pays attention or not, at this point there are enough people who can hear the truth – we are witnessing one of the more versatile artists in the genre. Dubgee’s inner confessional memoir style is reminiscent of Eminem. A style that creates descriptively terrifying wordplay, but refrains in his subtle and

Juan Sánchez – “Rebirth” – everything is cohesive and emotionally riveting

Composer Juan Sánchez, started taking piano lessons at the conservatoire at only 14 years old. During the 80’s and 90’s he played keyboards with different bands, before going on to study music and technology in London. In 1999, he started to make instrumental ambient electronic music, and since then he has been creating music for multimedia and sound libraries for music producers. But Juan dreamed of becoming a professional pianist, all he lacked was the confidence to pursue his dream. However, soon he discovered artists such as Max Richter and Ludovico Einaudi, as well as a handful of neo classical

Plastic Barricades -“Optimist” is all about seeing the way forward, through what may seem like a hopeless situation

Based between London and Paris, Plastic Barricades are Dan Kert on guitars and vocals and Paul Love on drums. They have released “Optimist”, the second single from the upcoming LP “Self-Theories”. “The song is accompanied by a truly DIY music video, featuring 8 houses, 8 cars, plenty of glassware, some benches and trees, a crowd of exactly 300 cast members and around 20 buckets of water,” explains the duo. And if you find that slightly out of the ordinary, wait until you see the video clip created by PB art-director Elina Pasok. “Australia is on fire, the Amazon is burning,

Tommy 2 Fly – “I Walk Carolina” – The supreme confidence of quality music

Melvin Thomas Young stage name (Tommy 2 Fly) is a rapper, songwriter, producer, based in South Carolina, United State. Tommy 2 Fly is the owner and creator of the 2 Fly Podcast, has rights to his own publishing, his own record label called Rapyd Fire Entertainment LLC, and has currently signed a distribution deal with Bentley Records. He grew up listening to R&B & Hip-Hop music and started nurturing a love for writing lyrics. Eventually his passion for music led him to get a Music Business Degree from Full Sail University, Florida. Aside from recording and performing music, Tommy 2

MOSTLY EMPTY Release the Official Video for “After Life”

MOSTLY EMPTY is a musical act from Pittsburgh, PA, created by Nicaraguan-American musician Mariano Torrez in 2018. The name came at a time where the artist felt he had not much left to give and was willing to put it all out there to express himself freely. Deeply personal experiences have allowed the artist to voice personal feelings through these songs. His songs evoke feelings experienced over multiple stages of his life, ranging from deep anger, doubt, regret, and hopefulness.  MOSTLY EMPTY’s latest track, and video clip, “After Life”, tells a story of confronting the bad in life and

Anne Marie Bush: “UnZipped RnB” – Her voice is phenomenal and the variety of music is excellent

The new EP “UnZipped RnB” by Anne Marie Bush –the Danish singer-songwriter whose influences range from RnB, Motown, Soul, Pop, Jazz and Club – will drop on November 12th.  During her seven years in the US, Anne Marie attracted a lot of attention from international top producers, songwriters, record labels and other industry professionals, while collaborating with talents such as Narada Michael Walden, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Caruso, Bruce Gaitsch and Robert Palmer, just to mention a few. Several of Anne Marie’s songs are also featured worldwide on TV and Film.

“I am ready to take my solo career to the next level by launching my new EP “UnZipped RnB”, says Anne Marie Bush, “On the current EP I am mixing the soulful pop ballads with groovy RnB, and basically returning to my Soul-Jazz musical roots. I have been writing, recording and producing the songs from the EP for quite a while in various studios, with different producers, including my own studio in Copenhagen, DK. Some of the songs have been re-produced up to 3-4 times.”

You can always tell when an artist throws out a record just to say they exist or have something new out. “UnZipped RnB” is definitely not that type of EP. From start to finish it flows wonderfully, and you can tell that a lot of time and effort went into producing a first class record. It’s been on repeat in my player for ten days, and I love all of the songs. Anne Marie Bush can definitely hold her own when it comes to singing and songwriting. Her voice is phenomenal, its range is amazing, and the variety of music is excellent.

Anne-Marie-Bush-350Lyrically speaking Anne Marie keeps it somewhat straightforward and heartfelt, but her delivery is what blew me away. Everything you love about soulful urban R&B music is plastered all over “UnZipped RnB”. Anne Marie’s lovely honey soulful voice is highlighted to the maximum on this record. Each song is a delight to listen to and will glisten the depths of your soul. One of the best songs on the album is “U Belong To Me”. The soulful sound is intermingled with a gonzo urban beat topped off with Anne Marie’s glossy voice. Another highlight to the record is “I Won’t Run Away”, a pop ballad accompanied by plenty smooth organic sounds and powerful strings, while Anne Marie belts out a soulful love melody that captivates the listener’s heart. “Wings To Fly” is another elegantly structured track that highlights Anne Marie’s strong vocals and so delicately balances itself between soft and loud rhythms. But just choosing one or two songs here and there is rather reductive, considering there is not one bad song in the bunch. On the contrary I only hear highlights. As I did on the acoustic-guitar driven “I Wanna Be”, or the Top40-styled ballad “Fly”.

Anne Marie Bush reminds me of a blend between Mariah Carey, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), and Celine Dion. She has the vocal range of one, as well as the diverse pop sensibilities and the absolute power of the other two. No matter where you are in your life, when it comes to love, you will enjoy this EP. In my opinion almost every song could be a single here. If you are looking for a really soulful recording that you can play all the way through “UnZipped RnB” for you. Not only did Anne Marie Bush capture the art of real R&B music that comes completely from the soul, but you can feel the passion and soul that she puts into the lyrics as she sings. This is a very cohesive, high-caliber project which will undoubtedly move Anne Marie Bush career to the next level!


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