SKOWT A Brand New Platform Connecting Unsigned Musicians To The Industry

SKOWT is a brilliant new venture that helps give recognition to unsigned musicians around the world. SKOWT helps connect unsigned artists with the biggest target markets most relevant to their needs – streaming music fans, event/media companies and A&R/Licensing Managers. The platform is highly interactive with artists from a wide range of genres represented. The platform is free to register on and provides for a much better and faster introduction of new music to fans – while at the same time creating a chart which quickly gives insight into the most listened to tracks, helping A&R/Licensing Managers as well as

Bitter Lake: “Frozen Landscapes” has both atmosphere as well as pummeling force

Ambient and Symphonic metal often run into walls of mundane sameness that conflict with intended results. No matter what could go wrong with these types music, one-man Scottish project, Bitter Lake, of does not fall victim to it. The composer reliably challenges the genres’ categorical parts to create something unique and as equally beautiful as it is noisy. And noisy it is, as Bitter Lake’s blend of the aforementioned genres is abrasive, aggressive and loud on the single “Frozen Landscapes”, which is taken from an upcoming album. The song construction and the use of classic black metal fare work well

Angel: “Hero” – all-embracing artistic approach

Angel is a Los Angeles and Sydney based socially conscious artist who composes what is described as “Statement” Cinematic Soundtracks and Music Short Films/Videos. Trained in acting, singing and dancing, the award-winning artist who has picked up accolades in the UK and Australia, adopted her signature style after attending a Hans Zimmer Masterclass. As a child, her mother introduced her to Hollywood musical and style icons such as Ginger Rogers, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn, who have shaped her work, and probably explains her all-embracing artistic approach. To complete the picture of Angel’s go-ahead attitude it should be noted that

Its Showtime with Billy Stark Stone & Rico Blythe!

Billy Stark Stone w/ Rico Blythe is a new project featuring the aforementioned. Billy Stark Stone was the lead singer/founding member of NYC’s first and original seminal and notorious teen ‘punk’ band, The Blessed. Rico Blythe was the guitarist in a later incarnation of the same that resulted in the release of an EP titled ‘Taboo’ that sold out its initial run. Now Billy and Rico have teamed up to create this exciting new enterprise. Coming hot on the heels of their acclaimed single and video ‘Revolution Rerun’ they have just re-released a re-mastered version of ‘Potters Field’ from the

M3 El Famoso Leon drops “Dead Inside” (Prod. Vessels)

“Dead Inside” (Prod. Vessels) by M3 El Famoso Leon  is a dark, deep, rock, hip hop love song, about a guy that gets a record deal and falls in love with a mysterious girl. A songwriter, rapper, and singer from Bronx NY, music is M3 El Famoso Leon’s life, it’s how he express his most dark, as well as happy, life experiences. This is hip-hop which does away with the soothing regularity of traditional flows and lyrics in favor of a brash, dangerously off-kilter rock attitude. M3 El Famoso Leon’s lively lyricism and the brilliantly grungy and experimental production form

Matt Westin: “Legacy” – the rising country star with a deep baritone

Matt Westin found his fulfillment in the creative outlets of singing and singing after years of searching, and walked away from a promising career in engineering to pursue that passion. Influences by legendary artists, ranging from Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks, to even Frank Sinatra, Matt found his voice. He honed his vocal ability in bars and clubs around Pittsburgh for over a decade, with his at first reluctant family, becoming his biggest supporters. But it was the tragic event of his father passing away due to complications of chemotherapy in his battle with Leukemia, which drove Matt to seriously

North Carolina Jimmy Bones Releases his first major Single worldwide

From River Head, Long Island, NY by way of Elizabeth City NC emerges Jimmy Bones and his long awaited Single, “Goin In” Feat. Ms. B now available on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and Google Music worldwide Jimmy Bones is Goin In, all the way in with this first major Single release. Signed to Indie Label, out of Muncie, Indiana, G.I. Records LLC, a label that is known for breaking artists, from Indie to Major, one hit at a time. Jimmy Bones lives the life that he writes and raps about; his music is his blood. The Hip Hop Rap

Myja display a very specific amount of fearlessness

Los Angeles, CA-based side project Myja featuring Michael Marquart and Jacob Bunton release their debut self-titled album on January 12th, 2018. The record was produced, engineered and mixed by Jason Elgin (Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Collective Soul), at The Barn, Marquart’s studio in Malibu, CA. In today’s world of singles, short attention spans and immediate gratification, it goes against the grain to release a 10 track rock album. But then I guess that Myja are not a band to go along with the crowd. Let’s face it: Being a classic rock band in 2018 requires a very specific

Andrew Gerard: “Run Away With Me” – This album has much to offer listeners

Canadian singer, guitarist and songwriter Andrew Gerard was born in Ottawa, and grew up on Vancouver Island. He is also known as Gerard The Hypnotist from the TV series Mindfreak with Criss Angel. Departing from TV and the world of magic after a car accident he rediscovered music while recovering. Discovered by LA Producer Ran Pink who produced his “Two Birds” recording at Fonogenic Records in LA, Andrew has just released his brand new full-length album “Run Away With Me”. Two songs on the album – the titular track and “Miracles” was produced by Danny Craig, while “Shine” and “Rewind”


The Maschine Wars: Songs of Solomon is a journey more complex and original, yet more accessible than anything Noah Archangel & The Band of the Hawk may have released before it. The fact that it exists at all is testament to the projects perseverance, raw talent, and prophetic direction with which Noah Archangel, King Aka Yeaux Majesty, Ash Ra Aka Houey Freeman Fka Ashtonomics, P.ey3, Grynd Seazon, and Juskwam steer the good ship Band of the Hawk aka BOHUP, to the richest musical waters; plucking out those worth bringing along on their musical voyage and creating records greater than the

Underground Bassist Accurately Transcribes Many of Phish’s Greatest Jams

Underground Bassist Accurately Transcribes Many of Phish’s Greatest Jams to Full Score Sheet Music – And Then Condemns the Band.

We know there are some great musicians out there hiding under a rock no one has heard of. Case on Bass is an example, he creates experimental rock, avant-garde and soundscape music, all of which are underground genres. Also going by the name Casebere, Case on Bass doesn’t help his cause any by not doing any promotion through social media.

In fact the only way you would ever hear about him is to randomly see him perform. Then you’ll either be blown away or threatened by the music – it’s very mysterious music. You’ll also find that he accomplished a feat that to Phish fans is an extraordinary accomplishment, showing die-hard dedication to the band. But to him it was just “something I had to do in order to get to the next level.”

The feat is that Case on Bass hand-wrote to full score sheet music fourteen of Phish’s “Hall of Fame” jams. Like the epic 12-29-94 “Providence Bowie” or the 11-17-97 “Ghost” to name a few. He says he did this over a period of 5 years on weeknights and weekends (he worked fulltime in a non-music related career). Before the doubters start to speak up about the accuracy of the transcriptions, the handwritten sheet music was inputted into computer software and checked for accuracy. However Case on Bass insists the handwritten scores are easier to read and more “authentic” and will only show the handwritten versions of the scores.

Case on Bass states his Phish transcriptions are at least 95% accurate – not counting the edits he made in some of the jams – which leads to a controversial and touchy point. Within the Phish transcriptions Case on Bass made some arbitrary and seemingly minor edits in Phish’s greatest jams – like cutting out 2 seconds here or 5 seconds there. He documents all of this in the notes to each transcription, and then writes a description to justify himself.

Some think that may be a party foul among Phish heads. “How dare you try such a thing!” some Phans may say. But the edits are very minor and do not change the essence of the jams.

You would think that somebody who would do this must be a fanatical fan of Phish. “Not really,” says Case on Bass, “I liked them a lot in high school and then went through a ‘kill daddy’ phase around 2000, not listening to them again for years. When I came back to them, I only listened to their interesting jams, never whole shows, and I would edit out the singing parts on my iPod to get to the jams.”

So does Case on Bass still like Phish now? Yes and No. I interpreted his response as a backhanded compliment: “Nowadays Phish can do whatever and people will still like it. They have a responsibility now to maintain the jam band/Grateful Dead scene. They inherited it because they earned it, but it’s a huge responsibility – not just musically, but economically and socially for tens of thousands of people who are into that scene,” says Case on Bass, “As long as Phish plays their classic songs from 20+ years ago, everyone is happy.”


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