This week brought news about North Carolina artist “Coppahead” working on more music, including his latest single “Work” The video was actually filmed before the shooting incident. It’s the first we have heard from the artist for quite some years years. Many people have been asking about the whereabouts of the GMF (Get Money First) music star Coppahead.  The harsh reality is that, Coppahead has had many complications from getting caught up in a street shooting back 2014. Since, the artist hasn’t been able to fully recover and has been left paralyzed. In a recent interview, the rapper said: “The music

Phoenix O’Neill: “Out Of The Ashes” remains accessible while never sacrificing its emotional heart

Phoenix O’Neill grew up in Watford, North London and attended school in St. Albans. She was born into a musical household – her mother sang and played guitar, her dad was a drummer, and her step-father a singer-songwriter. Phoenix started writing stories and poems at age eight, songs at nine, and by thirteen, she had built a considerable portfolio. Her first live performance occurred when she was fourteen, at her mum’s friend’s wedding in France. Now at age twenty-three, Phoenix O’Neill has been giving heartfelt, memorable performances in and around the Hertfordshire area, and recently gained the attention of world

Lewis Griffiths Founder of Griffiths Records talks business and more

We meet with the Founder of Griffiths Records, Lewis Griffiths, who talks about their next release the unheard tracks by Dub master King Tubby, his entrepreneurial business savvy, music, clothing, and future releases, as well as the general running of the label. How long have you been in the music business and how did you get started in the first place? We have a clothing company named Griffiths-Clothing which launched some 3 years back. For me/us clothing and music goes hand in hand, you dress to what music you listen to, it’s a street thing a working class thing to

G.H. Hat: “Sukiyaki (feat. Alina Renae)” – an unwavering dedication to his sound

Seldom does chance have it that an electronic music producer is as simultaneously celebrated by both seasoned and novice fans of the genre as G.H. Hat is. The relative newcomer boasted 290 Classical track releases prior to officially starting his EDM career with two Triphop songs which saw him rack up Soundcloud Top 50 Charting, and continuing with many placements on Official Spotify playlists. In 2017, G.H. Hat achieved national Billboard success with “I Got a Problem (I Wonder…) . And 2018 has continued to rake in more success with the producer dominating many Spotify playlists and being

The Husk platform provides an effective advertising platform for musicians on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube

The Husk is one of the fastest, most effective and direct advertising platform for musicians on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube. It’s a one of its kind platform that provides innovative tools for artists, blogs, curators, labels and other music personnel to grow and promote their work. What makes it different from other music promotion platforms is that it is simple, comparatively cheaper and drives guaranteed traffic directly to the user’s Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube account. The Husk is the brainchild of ‘The Drunken Coconut’, a Canada based music marketing and consulting company owned by Ariel Carter & Ryan Thompson. They

Dig The Reggae Meditations: Jahmings Maccow – ‘Trod It Through’

LETMEGOO Records proudly presents a brand new cut from the ubiquitous Anguillian-come-New York resident Rastafarian Jahmings Maccow. How to describe this latest output from a man with thirty years of recording experience behind him? A deep and uplifting reggae soul cut would be a start. ‘Trod it Through’ first came about during solitary sessions at Manhattan’s Rocket Studios, circa mid-to-late 80s. Throughout the following thirty years, the song found itself evolving through several bands and incarnations to finally see the light of day in all of its sagacious energy, here on LETMEGOO Records. Maccow stands like a mound, unassailable, waxing


ESP EVOLUTION is sending the world a message of hope, freedom and unity in their song ‘WISHING ON A FALLING STAR’. This duo consisting of music producer and guitarist Overdose and singer and songwriter The Lady Capri, are heating the airways with this urban, rhythmic and catchy song. Together the two have created a track that will definitely catch your ears, make you move and inspire you to keep pushing and make your dreams come true. “Our song ‘WISHING ON A FALLING STAR’ is an anthem of hope and freedom. No one, no matter who you are should let anyone

NuJ4X: “Dab (On Dem Haterz)” – glistening and eminently marketable

Waverly, Tennessee’s masked EDM DJ / Producer, NuJ4X, has set his sights on making a splash with his debut single, “Dab (On Dem Haterz)”. The journey for NuJ4X started when he asked his 13 year old son what he wanted to become. On replying, “a DJ”, NuJ4X wanted to show interest in his child’s choice and strengthen their bond, hence he started playing around with music…and liked it. After countless weeks, days and hours learn how to craft instrumentals, NuJ4X began to find his rhythm. Upon doing so, he created the instrumental beat for “Dab (On Dem Haterz)” and decided

Aryeh Leib Hurwitz is a Brooklyn-based singer and cantor whose brilliant voice has been featured all over the world!

Aryeh Leib Hurwitz is a Brooklyn-based singer and cantor whose brilliant voice has been featured all over the world. His repertoire consists of many different melodic genres and songs in a variety of languages, including Opera, Broadway and Modern Jewish music. Aryeh released his debut single “SHEYIBONE” on SEFIROT RECORDS on February 26th, which was followed by the live music video for this song. “SHEYIBONE” is a very unique combination of Chazanut and Jazz, which makes for a perfect rendition of this classical Jewish song. It features a truly all-star team working on it: performed by the Eyal Vilner Big

Bizz The Prince Releases “Against The Grain” EP Produced by 4th Disciple On Pre-Order Now!

New York, New York – Back To The Basics best describes the new release from producer and sonic design legend 4th Disciple. 4th collaborated with New Jersey lyricist Bizz The Prince to release the EP Against The Grain which was initially going to be titled Back To Basics. The recording process was delayed as Bizz was working on several street releases with Jersey artist Louie Ave. as 4ths production complimented various releases such as Method Mans Meth Lab, Peedi Crakk Good Life, Sean Price Imperious Rex and various other releases. In late 2017, Bizz and 4th Disciple partnered back up and went

Underground Bassist Accurately Transcribes Many of Phish’s Greatest Jams

Underground Bassist Accurately Transcribes Many of Phish’s Greatest Jams to Full Score Sheet Music – And Then Condemns the Band.

We know there are some great musicians out there hiding under a rock no one has heard of. Case on Bass is an example, he creates experimental rock, avant-garde and soundscape music, all of which are underground genres. Also going by the name Casebere, Case on Bass doesn’t help his cause any by not doing any promotion through social media.

In fact the only way you would ever hear about him is to randomly see him perform. Then you’ll either be blown away or threatened by the music – it’s very mysterious music. You’ll also find that he accomplished a feat that to Phish fans is an extraordinary accomplishment, showing die-hard dedication to the band. But to him it was just “something I had to do in order to get to the next level.”

The feat is that Case on Bass hand-wrote to full score sheet music fourteen of Phish’s “Hall of Fame” jams. Like the epic 12-29-94 “Providence Bowie” or the 11-17-97 “Ghost” to name a few. He says he did this over a period of 5 years on weeknights and weekends (he worked fulltime in a non-music related career). Before the doubters start to speak up about the accuracy of the transcriptions, the handwritten sheet music was inputted into computer software and checked for accuracy. However Case on Bass insists the handwritten scores are easier to read and more “authentic” and will only show the handwritten versions of the scores.

Case on Bass states his Phish transcriptions are at least 95% accurate – not counting the edits he made in some of the jams – which leads to a controversial and touchy point. Within the Phish transcriptions Case on Bass made some arbitrary and seemingly minor edits in Phish’s greatest jams – like cutting out 2 seconds here or 5 seconds there. He documents all of this in the notes to each transcription, and then writes a description to justify himself.

Some think that may be a party foul among Phish heads. “How dare you try such a thing!” some Phans may say. But the edits are very minor and do not change the essence of the jams.

You would think that somebody who would do this must be a fanatical fan of Phish. “Not really,” says Case on Bass, “I liked them a lot in high school and then went through a ‘kill daddy’ phase around 2000, not listening to them again for years. When I came back to them, I only listened to their interesting jams, never whole shows, and I would edit out the singing parts on my iPod to get to the jams.”

So does Case on Bass still like Phish now? Yes and No. I interpreted his response as a backhanded compliment: “Nowadays Phish can do whatever and people will still like it. They have a responsibility now to maintain the jam band/Grateful Dead scene. They inherited it because they earned it, but it’s a huge responsibility – not just musically, but economically and socially for tens of thousands of people who are into that scene,” says Case on Bass, “As long as Phish plays their classic songs from 20+ years ago, everyone is happy.”


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