Lord Conrad: “Fight Till The End”- ready to wow clubbers!

Italian DJ, producer and model Lord Conrad has been taking the dance and pop fraternity by storm – first with the single ‘Touch the Sky’, and then with the follow-up “Day After Day”. Not satisfied, Lord Conrad burst forward with another power pop release recently, entitled “1 Minute”. And just to show that he is a man on a mission, he bounces right back with a brand new track – “Fight Till The End”. So, what does he have to offer with his new release? An insane beat to smash dance-floors. He is ready to wow clubbers with his flawless

Shaun Jacobs: “Rollin’” formulates a gritty chart-topping sound

started out playing drums at a very young age, but it was only when he turned 15 and his older brother thought it would be good for him to learn more than one instrument that his love for guitar, singing and songwriting was born. Growing up in a family where his dad was an opera singer and his brothers’ able musical craftsmen as well, Shaun soon started writing, recording and producing his own music. It wasn’t long before the South African artist gained traction in his home country, winning the SAMA 2014 Adult Contemporary Album of the Year, as well

Samplified: Extensive high quality sample libraries

You’ve written a killer song. The lyrics and music are flowing but there’s just something missing. Maybe it’s a guitar strum, riff or pluck. It could be a thumping bassline or some shimmering keys. More often than not, it’s a groovy drum beat. You know that any these would be the perfect complement to your newly written potential hit, but how can you get that sound for your song? If you’re a beginner, it’s a tough ride to create that professional recording sound at home. On the other hand, if you’re a professional you’re usually hard pushed for time to

All Atomic – metaphysics melds with the spirit of dance

DJ/Producer All Atomic, from Bristol United Kingdom, grew up around music and was mixing tunes at nine years old and was soon deejaying at illegal raves. His music is a fusion of his influences: “You have to have an open mind when making music,” says All Atomic. “Let the music guide you, it will tell you what it needs you to do.” Persuaded by artist and producer Aniofades, All Atomic sent a demo to the Pink Dolphin Music Ltd label, and got signed up. A heap of well-received releases followed, with the producer bringing his classically unique sound to the

NothingDark: “Tragicomedy” sees the band at their most lucid, melodically and rhythmically

NothingDark is a 3-piece from Montreal Canada, formed in 2018. Its members, made up of Nack Jicholson (Vocals, guitars, synth), Roxanne Miller (Bass, backing vocals) and Matt Davis (Drums, percussion) are inspired by 80’s synth pop and rock. Nack & Matt handle all recording, mixing, and production in the band’s well-equipped Montreal studio. “Tragicomedy” is their 2nd EP, while work on the third and fourth installments are already underway. For any of you synth lovers out there, this is the record to get, though there is plenty of guitar too. NothingDark is a band that will take you to places

aVIE: “Chutney Chasers” – a living, breathing organism that mutates and grows

“Chutney Chasers” is just one volume of aVIE’s upcoming project, aVIEonearth, which documents a common man’s life on Earth. Each part of the project that he releases will explore its own world of emotions.  As it relates to R&B, this is music of the future, steeped in the rhythms and sonics of the today, ingeniously invented for a 21st century audience. It will surely be appreciated by your ears, and you’ll find that after giving this a spin, it has in many ways changed your conception of R&B and music overall. A Classic. This dark and experimental urban recording, refined

Roddan: “Don’t Be Troubled” – so impeccably penned!

Singer-songwriter, Roddan’s third and current release, “Don’t Be Troubled” is a follow-up to his 2017 EP, “Bleed 432”, and his 2016 Album, “Music House”. The recording features organic instrumentation, including guitar, piano, violin, cello, piano, and some great harmonies from Eliza Gilkyson. But it also carries the burden of a troubled time. “The year 2017 and the first few months of 2018 while writing these songs, was a troubled time for me to say the least,” explains Roddan, continuing: “All of the sudden, it seemed people and animal’s close to me were dying. In addition, an ex-girlfriend (a talented singer)

Tommy Francisco Releases His Debut EP “Eight23”

On September 7th Tommy Francisco, born and raised in Austin Texas, released his debut Ep “Eight23”. This Ep has generated a major buzz and several songs (“Show Up” “Crush” and “Vibez”) have been featured on Spotify Playlists. Eight23 has a tropical sound that includes inspiration from Dancehall/Afropop and Rnb/Hiphop. There are 5 songs on this Ep that flow cohesively.  MORE ABOUT: Tommy Francisco is a Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Austin, Texas. Tommy was raised in the inner city of Austin and has overcome a slew of trials and tribulations on his journey of becoming a recording artist. At

BlowinMaddTrees: “The Scent” cooks up a tasty dish

BlowinMaddTrees are the kind of rappers you want to hang out with. They’re chilled out guys who usually rhyme about what they love most: hedonistic experiences and the finest Kush. They’ll probably never reach mainstream status, but they seem to like it that way. Their introspective and sometimes unabashed lyrics coupled with their mischievous grins, make them likable rap everymen. Uprooted from Texas to Colorado, BlowinMaddTrees is made of Johhnie Blaze’d & Jay Deezl, aka TheDankestDuo. The duo states that this single means a lot to them, because it is the first track they have done together in over 3

Hip-hop and Soul Artist ‘Plan’ Set to Release his E.P, “Expresso” Later this Year

Independent singers who make music that isn’t in the mainstream are rising in numbers. Indie musicians cum singers often have something celebrity singers don’t have – making music out of pure love and passion for the art. They also help others to materialize their musicality in any way they can. One such singer is Plan – his real name is Harvey Dowell V. Fenellere and his new E.P “Expresso” is set to be released later this year. The genre of Plan’s music is modern hip hop soul and his music speaks of the reality of how a man decides for

Underground Bassist Accurately Transcribes Many of Phish’s Greatest Jams

Underground Bassist Accurately Transcribes Many of Phish’s Greatest Jams to Full Score Sheet Music – And Then Condemns the Band.

We know there are some great musicians out there hiding under a rock no one has heard of. Case on Bass is an example, he creates experimental rock, avant-garde and soundscape music, all of which are underground genres. Also going by the name Casebere, Case on Bass doesn’t help his cause any by not doing any promotion through social media.

In fact the only way you would ever hear about him is to randomly see him perform. Then you’ll either be blown away or threatened by the music – it’s very mysterious music. You’ll also find that he accomplished a feat that to Phish fans is an extraordinary accomplishment, showing die-hard dedication to the band. But to him it was just “something I had to do in order to get to the next level.”

The feat is that Case on Bass hand-wrote to full score sheet music fourteen of Phish’s “Hall of Fame” jams. Like the epic 12-29-94 “Providence Bowie” or the 11-17-97 “Ghost” to name a few. He says he did this over a period of 5 years on weeknights and weekends (he worked fulltime in a non-music related career). Before the doubters start to speak up about the accuracy of the transcriptions, the handwritten sheet music was inputted into computer software and checked for accuracy. However Case on Bass insists the handwritten scores are easier to read and more “authentic” and will only show the handwritten versions of the scores.

Case on Bass states his Phish transcriptions are at least 95% accurate – not counting the edits he made in some of the jams – which leads to a controversial and touchy point. Within the Phish transcriptions Case on Bass made some arbitrary and seemingly minor edits in Phish’s greatest jams – like cutting out 2 seconds here or 5 seconds there. He documents all of this in the notes to each transcription, and then writes a description to justify himself.

Some think that may be a party foul among Phish heads. “How dare you try such a thing!” some Phans may say. But the edits are very minor and do not change the essence of the jams.

You would think that somebody who would do this must be a fanatical fan of Phish. “Not really,” says Case on Bass, “I liked them a lot in high school and then went through a ‘kill daddy’ phase around 2000, not listening to them again for years. When I came back to them, I only listened to their interesting jams, never whole shows, and I would edit out the singing parts on my iPod to get to the jams.”

So does Case on Bass still like Phish now? Yes and No. I interpreted his response as a backhanded compliment: “Nowadays Phish can do whatever and people will still like it. They have a responsibility now to maintain the jam band/Grateful Dead scene. They inherited it because they earned it, but it’s a huge responsibility – not just musically, but economically and socially for tens of thousands of people who are into that scene,” says Case on Bass, “As long as Phish plays their classic songs from 20+ years ago, everyone is happy.”

Visit: http://caseonbass.com/

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