“1969” is the new Single and Video by THE FUZES

“1969” is a brand new single by the Swedish based band, The Fuzes. The track elaborates on historical events that took place in the USA that year. The song features Martin Dagger Granhage (Guitars, Bass, Lead Vocals) who is also the producer. Nathanaël Bartolo is on Drums. The Fuzes have 3 albums under their belts, which includes “Moving On”(2004), “In From The Shadows” (2005) and “Shake Your Body” (2006). Their latest work, is the group’s first recording in 12 years.  Visit The Fuzes website here: http://www.thefuzes.net/ Check out the past albums here: Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/shake-your-body/163988247 Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/sv/track/70066783 You Tube: https://youtu.be/IXaI6dyjtvI Check the band

Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist, Songwriter, and Best-Selling Author Chris Perez Releases New Hot Sauce Brand!

Chris Perez, husband to the late superstar, Selena, dubbed the ‘Queen of Tejano music,’ will release his custom “Perez Pepper Sauce” starting Saturday, November 16th. The small-batch sauce will be available online at CaJohns.com and at select locations where Perez will make personal appearances to offer on-site demonstrations to fans and customers. “My love for spicy food began as a young child when I accidentally ate a Mexican chili pepper,” recalls Chris. “I guess you could say that’s when I had my jalapeno popped,” laughs Perez. A scene from the 1997 biopic “Selena: The Movie” (portrayed by mega-star Jennifer Lopez) showcases Chris’s (played by actor Jon Seda)

Kambiz Mirzaei – “The Lost Ambient” – a dominating melodic mellowness behind a rising wave of dynamic, ascending energy.

The Toronto based composer, Kambiz Mirzaei, has navigated between two musical cultures: from authentic transcendental Middle Eastern melodies to North American flavored ambient, electronic and orchestral arrangements. His collaboration with Jamshid Andalibi in 1999 initiated an alternative approach to traditional use of the folk instrument, Ney, in modern compositions. If you’re looking for an instrumental record that explores cross-culture electronic and ambient themes cohesively, look no further than the album – “The Lost Ambient” by Kambiz Mirzaei. I am astounded that Mirzaei isn’t talked about more often, because there is so much innovation in his compositions and production that it’s

Axl & Arth – Rising Up with “Triumphant”

After a short hiatus the Stockholm based-producer duo are back with new mature sound, having teamed up with singer Dustin Paul for their collaboration Triumphant.  Axl & Arth have been releasing music consistently since their debut single in 2015 and going through their track list on Spotify you quickly get the idea that the duo likes to experiment with genres, mash them together and never corner themselves. “Well, we don’t want to be typecasted I suppose,” says Axl. “We like to just create whatever feels right at a given moment and what inspires us differs from one day to another.

Sublimerent – “Circular Emotion” – intense dynamism, amazing instrumentation and complex song structures

The progressive metal band Sublimerent from Berlin, Germany, was formed in late 2018, and consists of Álvaro (Drums), Jerome (Guitar), Luce (Vocals) and Martin (Bass). Their latest recorded work, is the 3 track conceptual EP, entitled “Circular Emotion”, which was mixed and mastered by Mendel (ex-Aborted, Oracles, System Divide). So, what is the glue that makes this recording stick together? What are you supposed to feel when you’re listening to “Circular Emotion”? The driving themes behind the EP is alluded to in the song titles themselves – “Perception”, “Sentiment” and “Singularity”. Each discussing the existential weight of its own meaning

Interview: STRONG A.R.M. – Coming straight out of Brownsville, Brooklyn NYC!

STRONG A.R.M. is the name that describes the 6’2″, 200 plus pound Brooklyn native who is definitely taking on ALL HATERS! It’s a perfect description of his overall attitude. This is one artist that believes anything goes when it comes to his music. He did not choose to do hardcore hip hop, hardcore hip hop chose him! It allows him to say what the hell he wants. Bringing it straight to the front line so your attention is caught and kept. Don’t get STRONG A.R.M. wrong though, that is just one area of hip hop he is good at, he

Still Hustie & WILDZ XL – “Vicious Circle of the Wildz” – another important message that the world needs to hear

Hip Hop is incredibly accessible.  If you have any performing, rhyming or poetic talent – you can tell your life story, through rapping, a beat and accessible means. This makes it globally significant – people can put their own spin on it, and express their individuality, or a collective message. Rappers, as poets, have always been a good reflection of the heart of a community. They take ideas out of the community and spread them to the rest of the world. Sometimes its stuff that’s positive, often times its stuff that’s negative. At best, it’s engaged in social, political and

MrWho??? – “Paint The Sky Funk” – A mega release that fans will devour

Ever heard of the ‘Funkjazzhop’ music style? If not, chances are you’ve never heard Dallas-based jazz/funk/hip hop, artist, producer and eclectic adlibber, MrWho??? And that’s not a question, it’s a damn statement! Coincidence would have it that MrWho??? and the granddaddy of funk, George Clinton, share the same birthday. And that’s not all they have in common. Influenced by the likes of Cameo, James Brown Barkays, George Duke, Lakeside, Maze, and Earth, Wind & Fire, MrWho??? set out to make an impact amongst colleagues and peers. Fate would have it that during 2019, the Dallas creative was approached by Maurice

Gual – “Get Down” – a retro-wave 80’s groove that is total wonderfulness! 

By the age of 10, artist and producer Gual had picked up his first guitar. Two years later he was experimenting with music production, using a Korg Poly-800 synth, his guitar, and an old Panasonic dual cassette recorder. These days Gual is still channeling all of his energy and passion into his music with a nu-disco single entitled “Get Down”. This is an excellent electronic dance track album from Gual. Fat synths, smooth syrupy and soulful vocals, and thick funky basslines make this track a must have for anyone who appreciates any disco or dance music. The whole track has

Love Ghost Premieres their brand new video “Let It All Burn”

Message from lead singer/songwriter Finnegan Bell: “Let It All Burn” is how I see the world through my 18-year-old eyes. The hypocrisy and unwanted advice that weighed me down during senior year led to this song. My Dad being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer made me more determined- “fuck what they say, I make my own way”. The song was produced by Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, U2, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie). The music video was directed by Dean Karr. The promise of his early work led to Karr being asked to direct Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams.” The resulting piece drew

Voodoo Kungfu: Dark Oriental elements meets Heavy Metal!

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a cradle of civilization that is a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the world’s largest standing army, the world’s second-largest economy and is the world’s largest trading power. Even the Chinese space program is one of the world’s most active, and is a major source of national pride together with its technology companies such as Huawei and Lenovo. In fact we’re all aware of how China’s economic and political goals, and are held as a source of national pride. But behind this immense Science, technology and economic, corporate revolution, that has invaded the world exists a handful of Chinese individuals capable of forging roads into unexpected and unexplored spheres.

Nan Li is one of those individuals. He is the founder, leader and front-man for the dark Heavy metal group Voodoo Kungfu – the most famous heavy metal band in China. The former Berklee College of Music student claims that his first great achievement was to be permanently expelled from an Irish Catholic school in 1997. This event led him to form Voodoo Kungfu. Nan Li soon travelled and gathered influences from Mongolian and Tibetan traditions, culture and religions, which he promptly blended into the music. This included Na Richa playing a horsehead traditional string instrument, which mixed with the heavy and cruel background instruments and Nan Li’s voice led people to describe Voodoo Kungfu as “the most terrifying metal band in China.”

Voodoo Kungfu

Voodoo Kungfu

In 2008, after a near-fatal Cobra bite and falling into a coma, Na Li recovered miraculously after seven days, then walked into the studio and recorded all his tracks within 2 days to finish Voodoo Kungfu’s debut album, “Mongol-Temporal Side”. That same year the band at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, where they were billed the “best Chinese Heavy Metal band.” Thereafter Voodoo Kungfu became the headline band in some of the biggest rock festivals in China, but due to its political attitude they were hence banned from major festivals and also missed many opportunities to perform abroad. The Chinese government labeled them as an “Anti-humanity Band.”

In 2012 Nan Li left China to study at Berklee and continue Voodoo Kungfu’s music in the USA. Now in 2015 Voodoo Kungfu is busy executing what is called “The Event”, which starts with a simple video but goes well beyond. The band has been in the studio concluding work on their new album, “Celestial Burial”, which is produced and mixed by Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Sevendust, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin and Fuel etc.), and also features symphony scores by movie composer Ian Honeymoon. Voodoo Kungfu are preparing their current audiovisual onslaught, armed with the experience of dominating 50,000 capacity crowds, swarmed into delirium by the band’s fusion of dark Oriental elements and vicious heavy metal.

Nan Li (Vocals), Ike Kawaguchi (Guitar), Murv Douglas (Bass) and Devin Lebsak (Drums) craft sonic metal masterpieces, putting plenty of emphasis on extended symphonic arrangements, powerful rhythm work, and apocalyptical vocals. The songs are complex yet very easy to enjoy at the same time because the band has amassed so many immortal melodies from exotically varied influences. The songs involve plenty of elaborate passages laced with fiery lead riffs, and stomping rhythmic anchors. Nan Li utilizes his full spectrum of vocal talents. He goes for some clean singing as well as his instantly recognizable throaty delivery that borders on manic roaring and screaming.

Nan Li

Nan Li

The rhythmic tandem on the Voodoo Kungfu songs is amazing. The drum tones are full and organic, engaging in intricate fills and twisted blast beats. Sack grooves and thrashes with ease, and the addition of blast beats certainly lends the pieces an extra dimension. Murv’s bass tone is perhaps just about the most sinister I’ve ever heard. Guitarist Ike is responsible for churning out his trademark riffs; they are dark and churning, and have a lasting impact. There probably are few rhythm guitarists that shape the sound of songs so profoundly. That noted, Ike also proves he is equally adept at soloing and lays down several lead solos to contrast and complement the tracks.

The production is sharp and threatening. The mix is so punchy it moves air, and it does not hide a single note, which results in everything coming through more effectively and sounding more organic. But all of the above is only a part of what 2015 Midi Award “Best Live Performance” winners, Voodoo Kungfu, will be bringing to “The Event”. Ninety percent of the song lyrics are in Chinese, while Nan Li’s Asian persona is a rarity in heavy metal circles. Mixing dark oriental musical elements with heavy metal is another unique twist on the genre. How many metal bands do you know that use elements from Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism or the nomadic people of Northern China in their music? Can Voodoo Kungfu finally bring on a new cultural and musical revolution in China and how will the rest of the world react to this foreboding musical phenomenon?

Without a doubt, these answers will all be timely unlocked once you become part of the ongoing “The Event”. In the meantime Voodoo Kungfu have been playing to sold out houses before bewildered audiences on their 2015 China Tour, and are just about ready to take on the world!


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