The Love Theme – “Hold On” – one mighty swirl of dance-floor groove

“Hold On” is a groovy cauldron of electronic shades and textures. Part dubstep, part soul, part funk, pretty much all breaks; there’s a rhythmic melting pot attitude that runs through the track, which ricochets off the walls with crusty slapping drums and long-dark-tunnel basslines. This is the latest track by The Love Theme – the brainchild of producer Dominic Owen on his Smokersblend record label. The cut is taken off an upcoming album, out later this year. “Hold On” is an absolute monster of a tune with soulful vocal chants, and some funky bluesy guitar throughout. As with a lot


NEW ALBUM MYSTIC OUT NOW VIA STRANGE MAIN/STRANGE MUSIC NEW VIDEO FOR “GOODBYE” With authentic storytelling and varying sounds, Mackenzie Nicole bares her soul and shares her most intimate emotions, thoughts, and struggles throughout the songs on her new album Mystic out now on Strange Main (the pop music division of Strange Music.) “It’s a story I needed to tell,” Mackenzie explains. “I’m not the only person who’s been through this. I’m not the only person who has broken down and felt like the only one in the world.” With a desire to reach others who are struggling and further

Matthew J Van Howe – “Emergent Narrative” – a deluge of his sonic palette!

You could call this ambient, experimental, drone, avant-garde, cinematic or simply electronic music, the fact is “Emergent Narrative”, is so impactful it’s like it’s its own genre. It’s as if some new musical form has been created from retro synthwave sounds, and ultra-modern avant-garde motifs. I was stunned by the textures, and the moods that got stuck in my head, along with the intensity and dynamic depth. This is an album to hear again and again. Loud, raucous, serene, gentle, stretching, insistent, melodic, dissonant. It is a collection of 12 musical pieces with simple one-word titles. Meaning, the Chicago composer,

Andy Pett – “Back Again” turns hurt into art with great results on this song

Experience with adversity builds exemplary character and a spirit of resilience that allows artists to deliver great music. Their personal stories provides them with original ideas and profound insight to rap or sing about, creating a relatable feeling of vulnerability that fans emotionally connect with. Many prominent artists from today’s culture have battled through adversity to become widely accepted and beloved. There is an interesting argument – and quite a lot of statistics lean toward this theory – that adversity is necessary to become successful.  The bottom line seems to be that many artists lack the ambition to succeed because

Onicks – “High” is a deep slow-burn

With its enigmatic beauty, intoxicating depth and intense emotion, the follow-up to “High” is one of the most intriguing records of the year so far. The lyrics are elliptical and fragmented, touching on addiction, identity and eroticism. The track’s mood is druggy, dislocated and tortured – there are frequent metaphoric references to substances and psychedelics – the shape-shifting structure of “High” will capture your attention from top to bottom. Snapshots of elusive love and fleeting lust are scattered throughout – for whom, or for what, is where you need to read between the lines. Born and raised in the San

Midwest Hiphop duo Strangers Of Necessity drop their new single “Abundance”

Strangers Of Necessity are an American hip-hop duo, based in the Midwest, consisting of prolific producer, CoryaYo and veteran lyricist, Fooch the MC. They linked via Twitter and quickly became friends, sparking an immediate chemistry and need to make quality music together; hence the name Strangers Of Necessity. They instantly began recording music and doing shows locally, generating a nice buzz in the area. Their sound is best described as a fresh take on that golden era of hip-hop, blending tasteful jazz and soul samples, crisp snares, boomy kicks on wonky patterns with a soulful delivery, dense schemes and potent

Kilo M.O.E. – ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’ – serves as the perfect canvas for the rapper’s elite lyricism

The Baltimore-based producer, songwriter, rapper, Kilo M.O.E.’s evolution over his past three albums has been inspiring to see. I’ll always admire artists who push themselves creatively, and that’s exactly what, Kilo M.O.E. has done on his fourth studio album, ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’, and it pays off in leaps and bounds. Each instrumental is rich and developed, serving as the perfect canvas for the rapper’s elite lyricism. Something that this recording and Kilo M.O.E.’s recent albums have done well is allow him the freedom to rap for the sake of his craft within the confines of the album’s larger

Jim Wyly – “You Took Me” – It’s rhythmically tight, warm and edgy

Texas singer songwriter Jim Wyly is back with another soul-stirring track from his “The Artisan” album. Over 40 years deep into his craft, the Austin troubadour sounds like a home-cooked meal. He deals out comfort food for the head, heart, and soul. All of this serves his finely drawn guitar lines, bourbon-stained-like vocals, and funky acoustic-driven grooves as thick as molasses. A subtle blend of blues, country, folk and southern rock runs right down the middle of “You Took Me”. “Musicians’ musician” is an overused term. Why wouldn’t anyone with two good ears appreciate Jim Wyly? As Jim doesn’t cater

Hanen Release Brand New Video For The Song “Breathe”

It’s never been easier for artists to stay independent. Of course you can get good music producers, good visual directors for videos, good rappers and good singers to feature on your track without a great budget, but you have to search the world over to find deals you can afford, or convince creatives to work with you. Texas born artist, now living in the LA area, Hanen, somehow got it all together on his latest track called “Breathe”. He sings soulfully and raps with an urban edge all by himself, backed by an atmospheric slow-burning, and ear-warming beat made by

Angry B – “Hey Corona! (Nice to Meet Ya)” – reflects the realities with a good dose of wit

On his latest single, “Hey Corona! (Nice to Meet Ya)”, underground music hobbyist Angry B pinned his rap skills and dark wit, to the sounds of mainstream pop and a funky EDM template. He blurs the lines between genres with the top of the charts — and only the top — in his sights. As can be deciphered from the song title, Angry B pulls his aspirations from the dramatic Covid-19 disease hitting mankind across the globe. “It’s one of the most critical situations we’ve had and there will be a lot of sad stories connected with it,” says Angry

Vblock Dutch: “Go On Get It” ft. JRock – infectiously catchy rhymes

Vblock Dutch is a record producer and Hip Hop and Dancehall artist from Kingston, Jamaica, now living in the DMV. As the CEO of VBE (Vblock Entertainment), Dutch is responsible for the careers of several top up-and-coming hip hop artists signed to his company. His latest project, which is set to drop 01/17 – ‘Kingston 11’, a 14 track cd, written, produced and performed by Dutch, is touted as being his best work to date showcasing his dancehall, singing and rapping skills. In the meantime Vblock Dutch has dropped the fiery banger “Go On Get It” ft. JRock.

The upcoming project

The upcoming project

Vblock Dutch has had his name out for some time now and he has been compared to some big names, including Biggie and Buju Banton. Since 2004, Dutch has steadily been living up to the hype that has been surrounding him. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Vblock Dutch, because when you listen to “Go On Get It” ft. JRock, it’s like you’re having a convo with one of your friends.

He’s genuine, and you feel it in his music. And that relatability is an important piece of his artistic armament. Vblock Dutch is an amazing artist with an amazing range – he can go from an anthem like club popping, dancehall crowd pleaser to a thought provoking, inspirational hip-hop track.

Go On Get It” ft. JRock is a raunchy sex-charged cathartic exhale. The track is vesseled by a mood-wrenching, dark instrumental which, as it turns out, soundtrack the title and artwork rather appropriately. These production elements weave through a sonic maze of eerie synths and a thudding kick drum, and come dangerously close to matching the infectiously catchy rhymes that Dutch is spitting.

Vblock Dutch, like many men cruising for sex and validation, is eager to leave listeners with only the most extravagant impression of him: “Tits n booty oversized / Tats on her back n her thighs / Already my dick on da rise / You gon get a Jamaica surprise.”  I believe his details and find him compelling.

Vblock Dutch

Vblock Dutch

In Dutch’s braggadocio, there is vulnerability, truth, and consequences: “Forget when they say – ‘u ain’t got wut it takes’ that just hate speech like Trump use / Just keep movin ahead.” And that’s what separates him from the rest.

Honestly, it’s hard not to love this song, regardless of whether you like the subject material or not. It is so fresh and the verses are pure fire. All backed by a broiling production which bubbles and bounces with intensity. The featured JRock also does a great job in bringing an extra flavor to the already spicy hot single.

I think it’s safe to say that as long as Vblock Dutch continues to put out quality music like this, I wouldn’t be surprised to keep hearing his name in conversations with Notorious Big and Buju Banton.


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