Candlebox’s Kevin Martin Launches New Label With LA Entrepreneur; Signs To Whom It May

Los Angeles, CA – With over 25 years’ experience in the marketing, advertising and sales industries, successful West Coast Entrepreneur Markus Muller-Stach has announced his latest venture  G4L Records, a new record label that is fan and artist centric and breaks down the walls of the traditional label model. Enlisting the help of multi-platinum selling Candlebox Frontman Kevin Martin, who will serve as Head of A&R for G4L, Muller-Stachs objective is to sign emerging bands that have a unique sound and presence and transcend the norm of today’s musical landscape. G4L and its founder Markus are going to change the

Marcel Heah: “Travelogue” – the soothing warmth of a hug from a dear friend

Marcel Heah is a musician based in Melbourne, Australia. His quiet, reflective, sometimes playful musical body of work establishes the composer as someone to watch. Marcel’s mellow and unique style are pleasing and refreshing to me. Not elevator music at all but packed with character as the songs whisk you away from your own troubles. Marcel’s 10 track album “Travelogue” captures the wonders of traveling. Everything within its gentle leaps and bounds is quite remarkable, either through pure musicality, or the immense emotionally nuanced basis that Heah’s arrangements thrive on. At a time of year when the stress level has

National Indie Radio is Open For Song Submissions

National Indie Radio (WNIR) is an award winning, dynamic online radio station that spins top quality music by unsigned artists on shows where their music can be heard alongside major label artists! WNIR airs on multiple platforms to reach unlimited listeners. In addition to WNIR’s website, the station has popular Apps on iTunes and Android with free App downloads making it easy for anyone to listen to WNIR anywhere and anytime. WNIR currently plays 24/7/365 with 6 regularly scheduled programs including: Pop Musik, HerStory, Rap Around, Refugees of Rock, Roots & Wings and The Country Club.  Between our regularly scheduled

JChampion – Menace League is coming!

Jeron Benito Champagne JR also known as JChampion is an aspiring American rap/ Hip-Hop artist who holds immense passion for music and everything that comes along with it. JChampion was born in a Gainesville, TX prison to a Black American father and a Puerto Rican/Brazilian mother. Growing up, Jchampion had to face a fair share of hardships and struggles in his life which in a manner motivated and inspired him to pursue his passion for music and ultimately led him to tail a career as a Rap artist. Jchampion always had a mindset of an impeccable artist and was geared

Conscious Rapper Apex aka Levi delivers “The Elevation Clause”

Culture is the best way for self-expression to cultivate if used in the right manner. In this techno savvy era, the authenticity of culture is somewhere getting lost, for everyone wants to join the rat race. One best way to pass this important message to the mass is through music, especially hip hop and rap. This art form has already been used as the platform to speak out loud about the different things taking place in the society. The umbrella term hip hop has a significant part known as conscious rapping performed by rappers who deliver social awareness message to

WATCH VIDEO: “Israeli’s Netta, the 2018 EuroVision Winner Jacked My Chicken Dab Style” – Claims‎ Nigerian Swiss Based Artist NazB

Nigerian Swiss Based Artist Naz B has reacted to the recent victory of Israeli Netta at the 2018 Eurovision song contest with the song “Toy” which was allegedly written and composed by Doron Medalie and Stav Beger.  The West African rapper claimed that the Chicken Dab Style which influenced Netta’s win was his trademark chicken dance moves that attracted overwhelming votes for her with her pink-haired backing singers and dancers. Thousands of people from all over the world enjoyed the spectacular live shows at Lisbon’s Altice Arena last week, with over 200 million viewers tuning in on television as it


The dance pop song, DJ, on the EP entitled DJ is full of excitement and delight! An upbeat, feel-good song to dance to, exercise to or merely listen to as you’re driving local or on a road trip needing a few tracks to keep you engaged, three tracks thumpin. The ecstatic track sure to make you smile while you’re moving to the beat. An upbeat, feel-good song and with an actual story behind it. The song about young women who loves music and DJ who’s delivering it a shared interest soon a relationship; music DJ, and love. The story and

Seattle legend Ian Crawford releases his debut album “Grand Wheel”

Grand Wheel, Ian Crawford’s debut album, was released on April 1st, 2018. This album, years in the making, proves worth the wait. Each track feels like an adventure, part of the larger picture that is the album. Grand Wheel flows effortlessly between songs, masterfully transitioning between both songs and stylings. Ian Crawford is a Washington native, who has played with a number of artists throughout the years since he began playing music in adolescence. Prior to releasing Grand Wheel, he released No Contest (2016) with his band The Contestants. Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / iTunes

Dunja World: “One” – warm instrumentation and a finely tuned arrangement

Dunja World is a classically trained pianist, singer-songwriter now residing in New York. As a survivor of Civil War in 1999, Dunja came to the US with no friends or family, and has since used her talent to compose music for film, television, and commercials. She has performed at prestigious venues, including the White House, and has worked with well-known film directors and music producers. Dunja worked with One Foundation to create her current release – “One” – a simple, yet affecting, song with a message of peace, that could be easily translated and sung by a wide range of

Trae Morris: “The Door” maintains a build-up with veteran techniques

Born in Mississippi and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina Trae Morris is an independent R&B artist who launched his career in 2014 when he signed with vHIZions Management for artist development; shortly thereafter, he would co-write and release his debut single “Deeper.” After relocating to Atlanta in 2015, Morris aligned with the JP Agency. This would connect Morris with the trio known as Those Guys Music, comprised of singer/songwriters Amore Jones, Steven Ashley, and Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Jeremiah Adkins. In the fall of 2016, Those Guys Music produced the summertime track “End the Night”, written by Dee

MIIKØ & Adonis Butler: “As I Am” – represents the internal battle artist face

MIIKØ is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, audio engineer, and mixing engineer from Ohio, who recently began expanding artistically as a singer/songwriter. MIIKØ and Adonis Butler, a Canton, Ohio artist with a Rap and dark R&B sound have joined forces on a brand new collaboration EP, titled “As I Am”, which is due to release this year. Adonis Butler is a 26 year old rapper with a penchant for creating music with intelligent personal lyrics and a vibrant sound. His musical inspirations come from the classics, a lot of his sound is derived from his love for Rick James, James Brown, Outkast, and Tupac, along with a good taste for today’s modern music. “As I Am”,  the title track of the upcoming project, and its supporting video, brilliantly filmed/edited by Ellis Floyd, represents the internal battle artists face, as they look to break free from the chains of expectation and the chaos of life to find their “creative place”.

When I first heard the new single by MIIKØ & Adonis Butler , “As I Am”, I was beyond amazed by the production quality of the track. It is not only a good crossover Urban Pop number, but it has this certain mesmerizing quality to me while the beat and melody hit me just right. Hardly has such an emotionally-charged song sounded so haunting and vulnerable at the same time.

MIIKØ displays a sensibility within his is effervescent performance – as the knee-jerking verses lead into explosive choruses shared with Adonis Butler. The elastic exchanges between rapping and singing makes for the euphoric moments on “As I Am”– as the tortured narrative works its way out of the void.

The lyrics are powerful and communicative seriously making this record very heartfelt and emotional. For proof of this you only need to watch the music video which enhances the emotional journey. “As I Am” is introduced with heartbeat percussion and melancholic strings, before opening with the devastating line, “I can’t be who you want me to be, so set me free”.

The staggered piano and spacious beat throughout, solidifies the painful realization that you can’t experience who you want to be, if you don’t break free, and without simultaneously experiencing some kind of loss. Adonis Butler makes a formidable partner, coolly delivering his anthemic chants, before unleashing his raps.

“As I Am” should be the soundtrack of every creative’s awkward moments, when daunting choices and decisions need to be made. Just the first listen alone tells you that these dudes have been around the block, emotionally, and know exactly what they’re doing with this song. Something about the edgy Urban Pop sound MIIKØ embraces here is magnetic.

His music production is atmospherically cinematic, the lyrics is probably a whole lot wiser than his years, and the vocals are effortless. I’m tempted to use the terminology ‘musical prodigies’, for what MIIKØ and Adonis Butler have produced and executed here, but it might seem over-hasty and pretentious to some – on the basis of a single release alone – so just for the skeptics, I’ll wait for the EP to drop. However, I strongly doubt my opinion will change in any way!

On a note of interest – MIIKØ is expected to step out of his production moniker, and release his solo singer/songwriter projects under the name Michael Chase. So watch out for further developments. Also don’t forget to check out Adonis Butler’s last project “The Apollo Diaries” produced by MIIKØ, which is available on all streaming services.


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