Omar Bowing: “Women” – the expansive arrangement gives it a progressive bent

Omar Bowing is an independent musician and songwriter located in Austin, Tx. Omar who plays the guitar and guitarviol works with a revolving group of musicians to bring his songs to life. In particular he often collaborates with Tyson Yen, who has lent his voice to almost all of Bowing’s tracks. Omar Bowing’s latest musical creation is simply entitled “Women”. Though mirroring the endeavors of history-making females, the track intends to be a respectful tribute to women in general – from mothers to wives, and sisters to nieces, daughters, friends and co-workers, etc. And in fact the track releases on

Glocck Vee: “IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS” delivers sharp, telescopic views

Glocck Vee, is an American rap artist from Albuquerque, NM. He has overcome adversity in his childhood and now makes music about his experiences.  His latest single “IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS” features Mike Beezy Bad Azz, a recording artist, and engineer. Glocck Vee currently works with Juelz Santana, Big Trill, And Maino, and has also collaborated with Mr.Pookie from Dallas TX, Stoney Crook Records. This is a track driven by reactionary outbursts of authenticity and real hip-hop. It’s a robust and dynamic project. Glocck Vee is pure, and, arguably, blunt. His latest single loads several compelling rounds of rage. And

The Jon Johns: “Road Trip Mixtape” – an adventurous attitude!

The Jon Johns are a duo of musicians/producers who have been making music together since 2018. Their music binds the past and the present together into a harmonious sound with musical influences from the 60’s to now. One-hundred-percent independent, the Jon Johns do everything from writing, playing, recording, producing, mixing and releasing their own music. They currently have their 9 track “Road Trip Mixtape” out now. Within minutes of the mixtape kicking into life, this supremely confident recording suggests a band at the peak of their powers, occupying their own orbit. It starts with “Make My Day”, a vast, expansive

Marcela Iglesias: “Human Doll” (feat. Eric ‘Well Written’ McCoy) – fun, bouncy and all around enjoyable

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that Plastics of Hollywood are gaining traction and making serious waves in the entertainment industry. Spearheaded by Los Angeles, California, Talent manager and producer Marcela Iglesias, the community of plastic surgery enthusiasts are spreading their reach into the film, TV and music spheres. From Ken dolls to Jessica Rabbit and Britney Spears lookalikes Plastics of Hollywood have spent millions of dollars on surgery and aesthetic procedures altering and adapting their looks. Their aim is to simply feel happy and fulfilled in bodies they adore. By the very nature of its scope Plastics

Interview with Californian band City Kings

City Kings is an alternative rock band from Chino, California. Though mainly known for playing heavier hard rock sounding tunes, the band has a very versatile array of musical knowledge. They perform acoustic and softer renditions of their songs on streets of the Inland Empire, or original versions of songs on stages in local venues. The three-piece collective is made up of Chris, Adrian and Ruben. How and when did the City Kings project start and who are the collaborators involved? Christian Blankenship (City Kings): City Kings was basically started on Craigslist! I met our singer and guitarist Adrian after

Midas Well: “3am”- moments of pure body-high pleasure

Midas Well is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Austin, Texas. His album “Golden Rule” is coming soon to all streaming platforms via Jurnt Entertainment, along with his single “3am”. Midas raises the stakes in this stunning narrative. In lesser hands, all this creative weight could feel leaden. But Midas proves himself to be a craftsman, and gets the job done. Midas Well is a great musical artist and his new single shows that in a beautiful showcase of music.  “Golden Rule” is an album with a generous helping of highlights, not least because of Midas’ enviable vocal

DJ Raw B & Luke Sick: “Head Chucka” – a panoply of mic and beat making skills

DJ Raw B & Luke Sick are a hip-hop duo from the Bay Area. Their friendship grew into a partnership that led to collaborations on past tracks and projects. An album had been a goal for the duo, and that dream has finally been realized with “Born Illness”, an eight track LP that’s currently available on all music platforms. The album was produced via a digital collaboration between DJ Raw B and Luke that spanned the course of a year. This release shows a rapper and a beat maker who prove that they are not going anywhere soon. Both unwrap

Sevy Campos: “Thirsty” ft. Samuel Wallace – a Pop-EDM crossover flavor

Born in Arles, Southern France, Sevy Campos began to sing and play guitar at a very early age with the desire to follow in the footsteps of the famous Gipsy Kings, who are from his hometown. During his teen years Sevy across all of Europe, and lived in the UK for 5 years He then returned to France before going to Germany. His song “Thirsty” ft. Samuel Wallace, has been aired on MTV, and is currently play-listed on more than 160 radio and TV channels around the globe. Currently preparing his upcoming album, Sevy Campos is also planning to announce

OfficialVybe: “Anubis” – authentic, unaffected and uninfluenced

Two years after being a coma for 47 days due to open heart surgery, North Liberty, Iowa rapper Vybe aka OfficialVybe, is back with a brand new 18 track album, entitled “Anubis”. The rapper who initiated his craft under the guidance of Russell Barbary has since been produced by Grammy Award winner Matty Trump, on his single “Activist”, and has his songs available on over 600 stores in more than 120 countries. This album is chock full of more cast iron monster tunes than any mainstream rap album this year. In the world of casual rap fans, there are three

Airwaves Spectacular: “Sinemadik” – so listenable, so delectable, and so pleasing!

Cyrus Keefer, Chris Tolentino and Kayla Rae make up the stunning collective known as Airwaves Spectacular, who originally formed in 2017, but the boys in the band have been grinding since many years before, under different guises. Their brand new album, “Sinemadik” is a truly rewarding listen. The music is exquisitely played, impeccably arranged and the lyrics are thoughtful and vivid. Calling this Baltimore based unit, an alternative pop and rock band, is pretty reductive after listening to this release. Airwaves Spectacular weave a whole lot of styles and flavors into this new 10 track recording –  which goes from

AUS10: “Away” feels rare and pure!

AUS10 is a rap and hip-hop artist from Los Angeles. His latest project, the mixtape “10PM”, is the result of months of hard work and determination. AUS10 definitely falls into the new wave of rappers. An upcoming young breed of bold and brash emcees ready to take over the game with blistering beats and stunning style. But unlike his contemporaries, technically AUS10 can really rap, with or without the glossy auto-tune effects. His lyrical urges are expressed through fiery, visceral raps and energy-heavy choruses. It feels rare and pure.

At a first glance “10PM” has a lot of straightforwardness to it, but this is what makes AUS10 who he is. This mixtape seems to be an extension and more improved version of some of his earlier music.  AUS10has a talent for making mesmerizing lyrics and hooks, along with his energetic voice that set you in a trance, a perfect artist if you’re having a night out, or even the night in, with a pair good headphones. Perhaps the most mesmerizing song on the entire mixtape is the opener “Away”. The beat is mystical sounding, with some high hats and a deep bass boom throughout it.

In the chorus AUS10 repeats “I’ve got some goodness I’m feeling inside, and I’m praying and hoping this feeling will never go way,” that induces a very heavy dreamy trance-like high. It’s not hard to compare AUS10 to some of his lyrical peers who also have songs that delve into life experiences that shape them.

AUS10 has a similar style of storytelling rapping with plenty of lyrical depth. You’ll love how AUS10 can create so many emotions and almost hypnotize the listener with such straightforward, but clever rhyming in a song like “Away”.

Despite the current popular mumble rap scene, AUS10 is different compared to most artists right now. His is gaining momentum in his own lane, which is proof the artist is doing things right. “Away” is a track that feasts on its impressive production and AUS10’s magnetic, energizing and infectious rhymes.

It’s also a song that is the embodiment of modern charisma, like the rest of the mixtape project. Obviously intended to be a serious introduction to the industry, for the artist, credit has to be given to AUS10’s innovation and impeccable ear for beats.

“Away” is a song that is free-flowing while making some positive statements. Like most of the other tracks on the mixtape, its main focus is expressing the personality and thoughts of the emcee and being as gripping as possible.

AUS10 succeeded, but it appears that he still wanted to take it up another notch. Hence he created a sonic world where it matters as much what he says, as to how he says it. Everything about this project just works to the point where there is not much to criticize unless the spell does not work on you.

There is a triumphant energy, while AUS10’s vocals fuse with the instrumental insanely well. Overall, the sound of “Away” captures the spirit of the new wave of rap and hip-hop in an imaginative way.


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