New solo artist, Rob Math, releases debut single via Cowboy Records Burbank

Emmy Award winning Production Partners, Inc./Cowboy Records (Burbank) is proud to announce the debut of their recently signed artist, Rob Math. Burbank, CA – Emmy Award winning Production Partners, Inc./Cowboy Records (Burbank) is proud to announce the debut of their recently signed artist, Rob Math. (2018) Rock Godz Hall of Famer, first single, solo artist song, “Burn Out” for digital distribution through CD Baby, coming June 28, 2019. Artist, Rob Math, is most known for his prolific lead electric guitar stylings as a touring member of the ever popular “Peter Beckett’s Player,” (hit song “Baby Come Back”) and heavy metal acclaimed rock

BWH Music Group Presents That Summer, Vol. Two, By Various Artists

You don’t have to go to the beach to hear the best songs this summer.  BWH Music Group’s That Summer, Vol. Two, by Various Artists is the hottest indie release of the year. This extraordinary compilation album features 16 songs by internationally acclaimed and award-winning artists in multiple genres.  The album was digitally released, worldwide, the first day of summer, June 16, 2019. About the Artists: 1. “Locations”-  FSG Rell (feat. Nico DC)  FSG Rell is from a small city-like area called Pottstown, PA located outside Philadelphia. Rell is a rapper, clothing ambassador, and a young entrepreneur.  The 20-year old

Stig Gustu Larsen: “WE” – a combination of exceptional charm

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Stig Gustu Larsen spent the first part of the year as part of the TV show The Voice Norway. After which he found the time to release his latest single “WE”. As usual Stig recorded all the instruments, as well as produced and wrote the song. For the first time he also uses a ukulele as the main instrument. Completed within a few hours, the song was apparently written by accident when Stig tried to entertain his 6 month old daughter with a ukulele. Those who have heard Stig before will know that his voice is

Art Tawanghar: “Buddha Lounge 3 Chill – New Age California” allows for endless open-minded interpretations

Art Tawanghar is a genius when it comes to chill, ambient and New Age influenced music. I have been listening to him for a while, and his music seems to be like eating your favorite gourmet meal, you just can’t get enough. I could easily use his latest album, “Buddha Lounge 3 Chill – New Age California” as a morning meditation, beginning every day with it, to explore the space in my mind that will set a positive tone for the day. Its 7 tracks, contain a story of the promise of the coming age in ethereal, beautiful music that

Harper Starling: “Beso” – the melding of EDM and Latin groove!

Harper Starling is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and Billboard recording artist. She has been featured in LA Weekly, Buzzfeed, Billboard Magazine, iHeartRadio, Teen Music Insider, and many other prestigious media outlets. Harper co-wrote her #1 Billboard Dance Club Song hit single “Euphoria”, with Kasia Livingston (Britney Spears, Jessie J, The Pussycat Dolls). The production work was done by The Perry Twins (Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez). Currently on tour, Harper will be releasing an EP soon which include collaborations with Carlos Battey (Madonna, Justin Bieber, David Guetta) and Steve Daly (Pink, Sia, Charlie Wilson). In the meantime Harper Sterling drops

Tiffani Lewis announces the release of her new single entitled “#Pain”

Tiffani Lewis (The Lady Gaimchng3r) announces the release of her new single entitled #Pain the songstress who is now impacting the music scene and creating a buzz with her beautiful voice and amazing delivery of thought-provoking lyrics. The talented R&B recently announced herself as the acclaimed New Princess of the music world with the release of her new hit single #Pain that has become the toast to the music lovers across the globe. Song Credits: #PAIN Performed by: Tiffani Lewis Written by: Royale Lassai & Patrick Pitts Produced by: Robert Baney & Cary Calvin ISRC#(us8q51800003) OFFICIAL LINKS: WEBSITE – INSTAGRAM

The Unwriters – an anonymous concept ghost band!

The Unwriters is a four piece band from 4 different countries (France, Italy, UK, USA) that launched in 2018. Described as an anonymous concept ghost band, they are made up of Z (Zepop): Songwriter, guitars, lead vocals, Twister (She): Keyboards, piano, vocals, tambourine. Mel: Bass, guitar, vocals and Pat: Drums and percussion. A blues-influenced alternative rock band, The Unwriters work in both analog reel-to-reel tape, and digital systems, often recording together live in the studio. They have released a series of critically acclaimed singles, as well as, two EP’s. Including their own version of “Tomorrow Never Knows” – a Beatles

Pops Jr. – “New Bag” is huge in scope and ambition!

The first clue to the fact that Pops Jr. is unlike your regular street rapper, is when he says:  “I’m more James Brown than Jay-Z”. He states that even though he grew up in the nineties, many of his huge influences comes by way of soul artistes from the 70s. At the age of 5 years old his father “Pop Heavenly” aka POPS put him and his 4 older brothers in a rap group called the Heavenly Boyz. The group traveled coast to coast performing wherever their Pops could get a gig. No matter how much he steered his boys

AMARU: “That’s The Way I Like It (Radio Mix)” – a message however of strength, inspiration and upliftment

Last year around about this time we were celebrating the release of the album “CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE” by AMARU – a singer-songwriter and a trained actor, originally from the Republic of Suriname (South America), residing in The Netherlands (Europe) since 1991. The album reaped in critical acclaim and fan appeal for the passionate and determined artist. At the beginning of this year, AMARU dropped the single “CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE (RAP-TITUDE MIX)”, to show a rawer side to his usual sophisticated pop and dance vibe. And once again he delighted his fans and baffled his foe with another display of his open-minded and

Nu.Wav: “The Takeover (Deluxe Version)” is infectious and compelling

Flip and Eazy, make up the rap collective Nu.Wav. They have been performing and working towards their dreams as a duo since June 2018, traveling to Oregon, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, and many more places. Singularly, they have opened for Atlanta group Crime Mob, T.I and Lil Wayne’s Americas Most Wanted Tour and many more. Nu.Wav and their label Mogul Music Entertainment have recently signed a label partnership deal with Vision &Vitality Entertainment. The joining of the labels, has the resulted in the duo releasing their debut album, entitled, “The Takeover”, on June 14th 2019. “The Takeover (Deluxe Version)”, comes

Saba Brothers: “Boomerang” explodes out of the speakers with a cool intensity

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Saba Brothers is made up of Raymond Saba (Guitar, Vocals), Steven Saba (Drums, Vocals) and Nathan Saba (Bass, Vocals). Formed in 2010 when its members were between the ages of 6 and 11, the trio started in their living room playing covers and originals, as they built their reputation among family, friends and fans. Their taste for tight, lean, rhythmic, and melodic alt-rock and pop, spill over into their own music. Their songs captivates with clever guitar licks, rolling basslines, tasty and powerful drumming, and their interesting use of harmonies behind the lead vocals. So many of their songs are immediately memorable and catchy. And their latest release “Boomerang”, expected to release June 7, is no exception to the rule.

The song jumps out of the gates with a crunchy, overdriven guitar riff, and a stop-start rhythm section, quickly giving the track a highly impacting intro. At once you realize that the Saba Brothers have added real weight and grit to their sound.

As soon as the vocals slide in, it’s also clear that they haven’t lost their melodic slant, as the lead vocal carries a smooth ear worm tune which turns into a catchy anthemic chorus. This is probably the band’s most immediately recognizable, and hard-hitting track so far, which is also embellished with a killer guitar solo.

The band are young enough to have the energy and excitement of youth, and the experience of veterans, and it shows. The Saba Brothers is the kind of band that is very hard to stop listening to once you’ve heard a few songs, and “Boomerang” showcases all the reasons why – a cross-firing angular guitar, an earworm vocal delivery, relatable lyrics, and firework drumming.

The Saba Brothers explode out of the speakers with a cool intensity that mainstream music has lost, as they fire on all cylinders. Thoughts rush along, powered forward by Steven’s drumming, pulled skyward with Raymond’s racy guitar lines and thickened up with Nathan’s rich bass.

“Boomerang” is a 5 star single, with crisp production values and a band performing like a finely tuned racing car; weaving, speeding up, and slowing down with almost unimaginable haste and ease. Furthermore, there is nothing superficial about the sound, the music, or the lyrics.

“Boomerang” is a remarkably mature, expansive record. It’s clear that the bar had been set high on this recording, and the Saba Brothers allowed their deep-ingrained, cunning potential to burst forth. The result is an addictive, and pulsing record, with measured, potential chart-topping pop bombast.

Some bands explode into our consciousness with a flurry of publicity and a barrage of pop missiles. Others creep up on us with a catalog of good music which keeps evolving and getting better. The Saba Brothers fall into this latter category.

They can wind up their sound and let it bang with precision, but they also know when to stretch out and let the melody take over. “Boomerang” confirms The Saba Brothers status as an essential young band and showcases how exciting rock music is still capable of being right now.


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