DopeAMean – “Blue Faces” – There are plenty of highlights to be raved about!

DopeAMean born Josephis Wade, started rapping in 2004 with a rap group formerly known as Y.B.E. (Young Black Entrepreneurs). A decorated US Army Veteran, Wade was born in Columbus Georgia USA, to Lisa Denise Ceesay Pollard – a single mother. Raised in Metro-Atlanta, Ga and Auburn, Al, DopeAMean currently resides in Denver, and is the proud owner of the record label, Every-Thing Dope LLC. His latest project is 14 track album, “Blue Faces”. It’s enthralling on a sonic level, and the rapper keeps up lyrically, his flow more than malleable enough to fit with any groove put forward. It is

Frado180 – an instrumental artist and aspiring Hip hop producer from New York City, NY

Starting out as a passionate hip-hip DJ at the age of 15, Frado180 worked hard at the local gas station in order to own his first Turntable. And he never had to look back as a local group 2 in Room with hit single “Wiggle it” fame soon discovered his talent and helped him produce his first demo. At that moment his propulsive force of music truly began to take shape by its zig-zagging through genres, settling on moments of analogue clarity as well as digital refraction. Frado180 got his first real break when he landed a gig at a

Nachamuni – “Deep Down” a total floor filler with an infectious groove!

“Deep Down” is the new EDM single from electronic music producer Nachamuni, who is based in Vienna Austria. The track extends the reach of his signature sound. Most significantly, the Deep House track showcases a shift toward the high-minded, super-precise catchy pop production vibe of most modern electronic producers. The growling basslines have the potential to draw law enforcement officers to your doorstep, depending on the decibel level and kindness of your neighbors. Its structure dominates the landscape with both breathtaking impact and precision. The track refuses to recycle an old beat, gradually building from a melodic and soulful vocal

Alysha Releases Official Video for “David Attenborough”

A bit over a month ago, London born Alysha, a 17 year old teen with enormous talent as a singer and songwriter, would have probably not imagined for her career to catapult in such a sort of magical way. Every artist, before they begin their road to stardom and even throughout, always dream all they want to do to achieve their goals. We hear many stories of singers that were many times turned down by the industry, one that said industry sometimes gets a tough reality check, when they realize that the artist is now a superstar (on a different

Matthew Schultz x Gyptian Present ‘Turn Me Up’

Multi-Talented U.S. artist, Matthew Schultz unveils his latest crossover cut, ‘Turn Me Up’ – a fire collaboration with revered Reggae-Dancehall singer Gyptian. Matthew Schultz and Gyptian touch down with a standout reggae-influenced dance track featuring hypnotic synths & punchy percussion. Coupled with a languid, chilled out dance vibe and mesmeric rhythms – ‘Turn Me Up’ is the perfect song for radio, streaming & dance floors alike. Along with a remix from X-Change – the single is positioned for a whole host of love worldwide. Matthew Schultz is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and performer who started out playing guitar in Chris

“1969” is the new Single and Video by THE FUZES

“1969” is a brand new single by the Swedish based band, The Fuzes. The track elaborates on historical events that took place in the USA that year. The song features Martin Dagger Granhage (Guitars, Bass, Lead Vocals) who is also the producer. Nathanaël Bartolo is on Drums. The Fuzes have 3 albums under their belts, which includes “Moving On”(2004), “In From The Shadows” (2005) and “Shake Your Body” (2006). Their latest work, is the group’s first recording in 12 years.  Visit The Fuzes website here: Check out the past albums here: Apple: Deezer: You Tube: Check the band

Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist, Songwriter, and Best-Selling Author Chris Perez Releases New Hot Sauce Brand!

Chris Perez, husband to the late superstar, Selena, dubbed the ‘Queen of Tejano music,’ will release his custom “Perez Pepper Sauce” starting Saturday, November 16th. The small-batch sauce will be available online at and at select locations where Perez will make personal appearances to offer on-site demonstrations to fans and customers. “My love for spicy food began as a young child when I accidentally ate a Mexican chili pepper,” recalls Chris. “I guess you could say that’s when I had my jalapeno popped,” laughs Perez. A scene from the 1997 biopic “Selena: The Movie” (portrayed by mega-star Jennifer Lopez) showcases Chris’s (played by actor Jon Seda)

Kambiz Mirzaei – “The Lost Ambient” – a dominating melodic mellowness behind a rising wave of dynamic, ascending energy.

The Toronto based composer, Kambiz Mirzaei, has navigated between two musical cultures: from authentic transcendental Middle Eastern melodies to North American flavored ambient, electronic and orchestral arrangements. His collaboration with Jamshid Andalibi in 1999 initiated an alternative approach to traditional use of the folk instrument, Ney, in modern compositions. If you’re looking for an instrumental record that explores cross-culture electronic and ambient themes cohesively, look no further than the album – “The Lost Ambient” by Kambiz Mirzaei. I am astounded that Mirzaei isn’t talked about more often, because there is so much innovation in his compositions and production that it’s

Axl & Arth – Rising Up with “Triumphant”

After a short hiatus the Stockholm based-producer duo are back with new mature sound, having teamed up with singer Dustin Paul for their collaboration Triumphant.  Axl & Arth have been releasing music consistently since their debut single in 2015 and going through their track list on Spotify you quickly get the idea that the duo likes to experiment with genres, mash them together and never corner themselves. “Well, we don’t want to be typecasted I suppose,” says Axl. “We like to just create whatever feels right at a given moment and what inspires us differs from one day to another.

Sublimerent – “Circular Emotion” – intense dynamism, amazing instrumentation and complex song structures

The progressive metal band Sublimerent from Berlin, Germany, was formed in late 2018, and consists of Álvaro (Drums), Jerome (Guitar), Luce (Vocals) and Martin (Bass). Their latest recorded work, is the 3 track conceptual EP, entitled “Circular Emotion”, which was mixed and mastered by Mendel (ex-Aborted, Oracles, System Divide). So, what is the glue that makes this recording stick together? What are you supposed to feel when you’re listening to “Circular Emotion”? The driving themes behind the EP is alluded to in the song titles themselves – “Perception”, “Sentiment” and “Singularity”. Each discussing the existential weight of its own meaning

Saba Brothers: “Boomerang” explodes out of the speakers with a cool intensity

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Saba Brothers is made up of Raymond Saba (Guitar, Vocals), Steven Saba (Drums, Vocals) and Nathan Saba (Bass, Vocals). Formed in 2010 when its members were between the ages of 6 and 11, the trio started in their living room playing covers and originals, as they built their reputation among family, friends and fans. Their taste for tight, lean, rhythmic, and melodic alt-rock and pop, spill over into their own music. Their songs captivates with clever guitar licks, rolling basslines, tasty and powerful drumming, and their interesting use of harmonies behind the lead vocals. So many of their songs are immediately memorable and catchy. And their latest release “Boomerang”, expected to release June 7, is no exception to the rule.

The song jumps out of the gates with a crunchy, overdriven guitar riff, and a stop-start rhythm section, quickly giving the track a highly impacting intro. At once you realize that the Saba Brothers have added real weight and grit to their sound.

As soon as the vocals slide in, it’s also clear that they haven’t lost their melodic slant, as the lead vocal carries a smooth ear worm tune which turns into a catchy anthemic chorus. This is probably the band’s most immediately recognizable, and hard-hitting track so far, which is also embellished with a killer guitar solo.

The band are young enough to have the energy and excitement of youth, and the experience of veterans, and it shows. The Saba Brothers is the kind of band that is very hard to stop listening to once you’ve heard a few songs, and “Boomerang” showcases all the reasons why – a cross-firing angular guitar, an earworm vocal delivery, relatable lyrics, and firework drumming.

The Saba Brothers explode out of the speakers with a cool intensity that mainstream music has lost, as they fire on all cylinders. Thoughts rush along, powered forward by Steven’s drumming, pulled skyward with Raymond’s racy guitar lines and thickened up with Nathan’s rich bass.

“Boomerang” is a 5 star single, with crisp production values and a band performing like a finely tuned racing car; weaving, speeding up, and slowing down with almost unimaginable haste and ease. Furthermore, there is nothing superficial about the sound, the music, or the lyrics.

“Boomerang” is a remarkably mature, expansive record. It’s clear that the bar had been set high on this recording, and the Saba Brothers allowed their deep-ingrained, cunning potential to burst forth. The result is an addictive, and pulsing record, with measured, potential chart-topping pop bombast.

Some bands explode into our consciousness with a flurry of publicity and a barrage of pop missiles. Others creep up on us with a catalog of good music which keeps evolving and getting better. The Saba Brothers fall into this latter category.

They can wind up their sound and let it bang with precision, but they also know when to stretch out and let the melody take over. “Boomerang” confirms The Saba Brothers status as an essential young band and showcases how exciting rock music is still capable of being right now.


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