Hayley Gia Hughes – “Downfall” vibrates with energy, beauty, and youth

Australian singer, songwriter and actress, Hayley Gia Hughes, is a multi-talented entertainer who has completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Charles Sturt University. I only started listening to Hayley a few days ago, but, I must say that I am very impressed. Her artistic background is made evident in her tracks, and, her take of indie pop music is anything but commonplace, mainstream or cookie cutter. This amazing young lady, came to the craft with her critically acclaimed debut single, “Invisible”, combines her love of contemporary, more eclectic styles in her vocals and organic piano and acoustic guitar riffs,

RAKZ 4K – “Blu Ray” projects all her qualities!

On her brand new single, “Blu Ray”, female rapper RAKZ 4K, has teamed up with producer Supply. The Tampa, Florida based artist has dropped the track in anticipation of her EP project, “High Risk”. The Full Sail University graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in Audio Science, has been recording and writing her own music since she was twelve. The independent artist has also started her own record label called A Plus Music Group (APMG). An understated production tour de force, the beat is enough to fuel RAKZ 4K’s fire. Her voice and flow packs a mighty punch, particularly alongside the

iAMDJSTAXX – “Lost Talent” – A mix of street and personal themes

Hailing from Queens, New York, rising artist iAMDJSTAXX recently dropped his latest hip hop EP, “Lost Talent”. The 6 track project features multiple artists including Hell Rell, Feddi Mayne, Hollyhoodjay, Lilcha Daplug, Joey Da Don, Dyzn Hugo, Celeb, Rich Riot and Mello Mike. This is hip hop. If you don’t know a thing about iAMDJSTAXX, do your homework. If you don’t like it, you’ve never heard it. He is saving music as we know it, by rounding up some massive talent and delivering a variety of rap styles, served up with enthusiasm and zest. There is evidence on this EP

Critical Opinion – “Blocks” – acute wordplay and smooth flows!

Critical Opinion are made up of two best friends – Ardin (AKA DIZZ-E) is from the UK, and Peter (AKA Base – P) is from the US. Both highly educated doctors – Peter is a Medical Doctor and Ardin is a criminal Psychologist – they met in the Czech Republic back in 2010, when they were teaching at the same high school. Coming from tough backgrounds, where they lost many friends and family members along the way, they managed to make it out. Now working hard to accomplish Rap music has helped both of them to stay positive and motivated.

DAN:ROS – “Erotica Bay” ft. Vaanya Diva – packed with the best of the producer’s well-oiled skill-set

The latest installment in the critically acclaimed Italian- based producer DAN:ROS’ illustrious catalog of pioneering and innovative house music, is the track “Erotica Bay” ft. Vaanya Diva. With passionate mission to make people dance DAN:ROS started mixing on his brother’s Pioneer turntables when he was 15 years old. He has since has since produced and mixed vocal house and nu disco music released through EDM’s most prestigious labels, including Robin Schultz’s roster on Tonspiel Recordings. DAN:ROS has been a resident Dj in the hottest clubs along the notorious Adriatic Coast of Italy, and his vision is still remains the same

MUSIC VIDEO: Blayza – “I Can” – Lyrically gifted and technically equipped!

“This song was written by Blayza to highlight the need for communities, especially inner-city areas, to embrace the youth with compassion and provide them with mentorship to help combat the issues plaguing America’s children. We can no longer sit back and pretend someone else’s issue is not our own.”  Hip hop gets a real boost that is well needed, from “I Can” by Blayza. He has now set a precedent for genuine openness, honesty and empowerment, in a game often plagued by the search for mediocre radio play and record sales. You do not need any context to understand

Pop Singer-Songwriter DAYVID To Release First Single From Highly Anticipated Debut EP

“Wasted Luv” to be released on September 20, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA )  — Pop Singer/songwriter DAYVID, will be releasing the first single from his upcoming debut EP on September 20, 2019. “Wasted Luv,” produced by Grammy-Nominated producer Morgan Taylor Reid, is a follow up to DAYVID’s well-reviewed single, “VHS,” which was released in Spring 2019. “Wasted Luv” inspired a burst of creativity in the rising music star that completed the vision for his highly anticipated debut EP. From age 16, DAYVID has been writing music for major music artists including Fedde le Grand and Navarra.  “Wasted Luv” is co-written

BWH Music Group Releases ‘Keepin’ It Country Vol. One’ – A Country Music Compilation Album

BWH Music Group is proud to announce the release of ‘Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One’ by Various Artists. The album is available on all major digital outlets including iTunes and cdbaby. ‘Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One’ by Various Artists contains an eclectic mix of 17 songs by today’s best independent country artists and songwriters. At the core of each song, you will find great storytelling and heart-felt performances. ‘Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One’ by Various Artists offers country music in multiple styles including traditional, contemporary, blues, pop, and rock representing today’s ever-evolving country music scene. About the Artists “One of

“Blue Roses” – Katrina Stuart is ready to leave her indelible fingerprints on the contours of modern pop!

Since the age of 4, Katrina Stuart – a musician, actor, dancer, and model originally from Toronto, Canada currently living in Los Angeles, CA – has been honing her craft, performing in front of audiences, in television commercials, magazine advertisements and short films. Now signed to Musicash Records, for her brand new single “Blue Roses”, Katrina flew to Sweden to work with a Grammy-nominated producer Trevor Muzzy (known for his work with Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, Pitbull, and Nicki Minaj) and Swedish songwriter Aleena Gibson, who has worked with Jason Derulo, Mr. Big, Nick Carter, S Club 7,

Dax Embarks on Headlining Tour in 25 Cities; drops surprise single ‘Wack Ass Rappers 2’

Buzzing Hip-Hop artist Dax announced his “It’s Different Now” Tour a few days ago via Instagram. Fresh off his first tour experience, with Kansas City rap legend Tech N9ne, which concluded in mid-June,  the “It’s Different Now” tour, will be Dax’s first time headlining a full string of dates on his own. Dax first came to prominence with viral his viral remix “Catch Me Outside,” and then again this past November, with his own hit single, “She Cheated Again,” which has accumulated over 12 million YouTube views, 17 million Spotify streams, and 16 million Apple Music streams in less than

Lacrimal Sea: “Flame” – the quality of the musicianship and writing are top notch

Lacrimal Sea is a musical project that brings together singer (Marcello); Music & Lyrics (Iskar D’Abrel); Producer (Patrick Stateman); Mixing & Mastering (Brent Kolatalo) and artwork by Sergey Gribanov. The name of the project originates from the science fiction/fantasy novels by Iskar D’Abrel. It is a magical sea with one of its halves serene, and the other, wild and unpredictable. It is meant to symbol the entire human experience.

Cover artwork

Lacrimal Sea is a unique band, whose members also make terrific music outside of this project. Hence I was attracted to their latest single, “Flame”. As can be expected, the quality of the musicianship and writing are top notch. This band evokes a dark mystery and depth into their music that is extremely catchy and accessible, yet anything but mainstream.

It is too bad that the public at large is probably still so unaware of bands like this and are instead subjected to the pop on the radio that is mundane and boring. I prefer to seek out a quality band like Lacrimal Sea that keeps my interest and takes me on a journey.

This track strikes me as a fascinating (in a very intense, delightful way) blend of 70s progressive rock, early 80s art-rock, and finally, some subtle bows to 21st century radio rock.

The artwork and the lyrical themes are really progressive, as they speak about inner struggles, relationships and all is perfectly integrated with the music and the catchy atmosphere created by this band that besides the super vocals, counts on a skilled guitarist, a driven bassist, a great drummer and an excellent keyboardist.

Iskar D’ Abrel

Life is crowded and there are domineering people everywhere. It can be tempting to lose ourselves in others’ needs and desires. However, we all have a right and a duty to remain true. And if we see something lacking in ourselves, we have a responsibility to grow.

Lacrimal Sea asks many questions on the subject, and make a definitive statement: “I wanna rise to heaven. Need to breathe in heaven. But I got stuck with a flameless heart. Spread your rays before me. Take me inside, heaven. Lift me like she couldn’t, with a flame of real love. Imaginary friend in the mind of a girl. Grow up lil’ babe and we can go to heaven.”

Iskar D’Abrel’s contribution to the song has created an emotional sphere that thoroughly surrounds the track, pushing it into profound areas. The guitar work is exceptional. Most of the riffs and motifs are repeated until Lacrimal Sea are sure the melody has sunk in and absorbed the listener in their persistent churning.


Marcello’s vocals are, as always emotive and expressive, and things hit atmospheric heights in the choruses. He is simply a major driving force in the band’s sound. The defining feature of this track and of Lacrimal Sea itself, really are the interplay between the guitar lines, the synths and Marcello’s incredible vocals, drawing powerful comparisons to some legendary rock bands.

On “Flame”, Iskar D’Abrel’s writing tends towards the more tonally and stylistically urgent, complementing the lyrical theme and energized vocals, while always retaining the identifying aspects of his expansive and progressive style.

In fact, the atmospheric, ethereal clean guitar sections are all the more effective contrasted with the harsher, heavier riff heavy sections, supplemented by synths and keys. The first 60 seconds of this track already showcases everything that’s so beloved about the rock genre when it is done right – from the writing and playing, to the singing and the production – Lacrimal Sea is a project that is totally on point. Period.


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