“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” by Italian DJ/Producer Doc Ketamer

“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” is a track off the 2019 EP “Ketamer” by Italian DJ/Producer Doc Ketamer. Today’s EDM scene is at the height of its commercial success. Everybody wants to be a DJ or Producer now, and pop music, more or less, equals Electronic music. On his latest single, Doc Ketamer, who has been in the game for two decades gives us his authentic European flavored electro-jam blend. The track is victorious and uplifting, as the music pumps into your bloodstream. Doc Ketamer brings us back to what we all loved about electro. He seems to have given us

Monjyoti – “Neighbor Syndrome” is meticulously structured

Monjyoti Bhattacharyya known by his stage name, Monjyoti, released his second official single “Neighbor Syndrome”, taken from his upcoming album, “Hypnosis”, recorded in collaboration with music producer Papu Gogoi. I don’t even need to hear the rest of the album. This single is simply a dexterous, dynamic and sublime smorgasbord of instrumentation and lyrical canny, on a level I’ve not heard in a long time. Music can’t always be this good because we would have nothing by which to benchmark its ingenuity. There are sections that are nice mellow journeys to somewhere else and there are downright monstrous sections that

Pat Rossi – “Let you Go” – embellished with impressive vocal and instrumental décor

Pat Rossi is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and producer. He is also the founder and front-man of the popular Canadian Rock band The Falling. Rossi, whose acclaimed songwriting skills led him to perform with Bon Jovi after winning the XM/Serious Satellite Radio Songwriting Competition, has now set his sights on being a solo artist. The artist who has worked with, and performed alongside names such as, 3 Doors Down, Gilby Clark of Guns N Roses, Jonas and The Massive Attraction, among others, brings to the table his latest single, “Let you Go”, via the RedJam Records indie label. The

lIne – “I wanna kill you in the shower” will certainly garner critical acclaim

Kristoffer Hilmarsson, the artist behind -lIne-, has been in several band line-ups before the forming this project. Hilmarsson has also performed at almost every open stage in his home country, Sweden, as a solo artist. In May 2019 he decided to move his career to the next level by creating -lIne-, and has released 3 singles since then, including “I wanna kill you in the shower”. From the opening jangling jazz guitar intro of his first single “Where You Are”, to the last reverberant notes of his latest release, “Lovely”, you’re subjected to an incredible journey that seamlessly straddles a

Omar Bowing – “Paradox” – is simply breathtaking in its composition and emotive power

Atmospheric, ethereal, moody, dark, progressive … these are all words that come to mind listening to the opening bars of “Paradox” – the latest track from Omar Bowing, featuring singer Tyson Yen. The music is as one would expect from this consummate composer and Guitarviol player – engulfing and entrancing. Using a whole host of rock driven instrumentation, it should not be surprising that the soundscape is lush, expansive and blasting. “The idea of the song,” explains Bowing, “is about the recognition of the power of a Paradox to challenge or even destroy a concept, idea, belief, etc., that is


The emerging young rapper introduces himself to the world with a confrontational, attention-grabbing track. One of the most exciting young voices emerging on the international scene, Morish is ready to make himself known, and his debut single “Better Than Me,” is the perfect introduction to the young artist. “You will never find nobody better than me,” Morish repeats throughout the song. Addressing a former lover who’s wronged him, he makes a convincing case, taking his heartbreak and turning it into a vengeful send-off. “I wrote you many songs, but this is the last one,” he concludes, triumphantly moving past a

K Swayz – “1st Born” – riding a seemingly unstoppable and forever-cresting wave

Twenty three year old Brandon Nelson aka K Swayz, has been producing for about 8 years now, while he’s been an artist for a one year. The Charleston, SC creative is currently promoting his 11 track project, entitled, “1st Born”. Since this album is meant as an embodiment of the artist’s skillset, it only makes sense that he shows a lot of flexibility. He delivers a lot more than the obvious slide between rapping to singing and juxtaposition of up-tempo vibes and down-tempo tunes. Right from the opening track, “No Matter The Cost” ft. Colossal Capone, he drops mind-blowing switches

YellaCatt – “Super Power Pussy” – exudes an energy that is captivating

YellaCatt’s latest single debut album “Super Power Pussy”. Introduces one of the finest new female talents I’ve heard in a long time. I say new, because she’s new to me. ‘She’ is of course none other than Daniella White aka YellaCatt. A painter who has created her own successful headdress atelier – “The Plumed Serpent’’. Daniella is also sound healer, reiki master, and clairvoyant. So she wears many hats, which all seem to fit her perfectly well. Her approach to song writing is fresh and intelligent, while her performances exude an energy that is captivating. I’m not sure if she

Manu Francois – one of the most innovative independent crossover creatives heard in recent years

Manu Francois known for his rapid fire flow, superb singing, solid writing, sharp as hell production, and iconic rasta hairdo has been one of the more slept on powers in the musical community in recent years, always bubbling underneath the surface of the mainstream on the various audio and video platforms, as well as live sets around the world. Manu’s past work on projects like “Release” (2018) and “Check It” (2017), are just begging to be uncovered. Thankfully, his latest singles from 2019 have been more than just good enough to get noticed; they’ve brought an excellent mix of creativity, self-awareness, and super dope production. Every

Ozaka Bondage – “Tiny Giants” is a colorful, richly textured arrangement

Ozaka Bondage is an energizing indie-electro-pop band from Frankfurt on Main that will motivate you to climb that mountain, ask that girl out, or start that revolution you always wanted. They is nothing short of a bombastic bunch of talented musicians who smoke on their instruments like no one’s business. The accompanying video clip proves it with nothing hidden from view. The groove is infectious, the musicianship is on fire, and the audio mix sparkles.  “Tiny Giants” hits all the right buttons for me. Peaks and valleys in all the right places – even in the solos. Everything builds

BWH Music Group Releases ‘Keepin’ It Country Vol. One’ – A Country Music Compilation Album

BWH Music Group is proud to announce the release of ‘Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One’ by Various Artists.

The album is available on all major digital outlets including iTunes and cdbaby. ‘Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One’ by Various Artists contains an eclectic mix of 17 songs by today’s best independent country artists and songwriters. At the core of each song, you will find great storytelling and heart-felt performances. ‘Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One’ by Various Artists offers country music in multiple styles including traditional, contemporary, blues, pop, and rock representing today’s ever-evolving country music scene.

About the Artists

  1. “One of Them Nights” – Wyatt Hull

Wyatt Hull is an Americana singer-songwriter who lives near the central coast of California. As a Kansas native, he has successfully implemented his backwoods roots into a unique California country-rock sound. His music is best described as Garth Brooks meets Tracy Chapman. He was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show and a writer for the critically acclaimed hit television series “Breaking Bad.” Although contemporary country music is a new frontier for Hull, his burgeoning song catalog and captivating live performances with his band, Hung like a Horse, are setting the stage for a new country music star. Wyatt Hull is an EMI artist who has toured the world.

  1. “Every Bartender In This Town Knows My Name” – Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers

Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers are a roots-rock Americana band that have been hailed as “undoubtedly talented musicians who write classic, timeless songs flavored with pop, rock and roots that you’ll want to listen on repeat.” Rooted deep in the best of American folk, rock n’ roll, and soul, their 2017 release ‘Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs’ garnered worldwide airplay across Americana radio stations. Frank was an honorable mention in American Songwriter Magazine’s Songwriting Competition in 2017 for his song “When The Circus Ends.” Members of Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers have played with Gavin DeGraw, Southside Johnny, Steve Forbert and more.

  1. “Burn It to the Ground” – Sohayla Smith

Canadian artist Sohayla Smith is an award-winning singer-songwriter. Sohayla won the 2018 Clouzine International Music Award for “Best Country Recording” with her song “Burn it to the Ground” and her band was nominated for a 2017 TIMA for “Best Country.” Her single “Bridges” was a Roots Grand Prize Winner, awarded first place in the Americana category. “The Breakdown” was the November 2017 Pop Winner on OurStage where she is currently at the top of their Best Country Artists charts. Sohayla is featured at the MoD (Museum of Dufferin), in a main exhibit titled “True Grit.” She was a performer in the Collingwood Arts 7 Culture Awards and has opened, with her band, for Irish Mythen and Ken Yates. Sohayla’s songs have been played on radio stations throughout Canada and the U.S.

  1. “I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now” – Hunter and the Wick’d

Hunter and the Wick’d is a Southern California based Americana duo made up of Miri Hunter and Thom Merrick. After playing together for several years, they released their first self-titled debut recording exploring country-desert melodies with a contemporary folk style. Many fan favorites are on their 10-song debut album including three critically acclaimed singles: “Tumbleweed Connection,” “Dance All Night in California,” and “I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now.” Hunter and the Wick’d have performed throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada at venues including the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, The Federal Bar in Los Angeles,and Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown.

  1. “Ask My Daddy” – Angelica Cassidy

Angelica Cassidy started her impressive career as a child actress working in film, television, and theater. At age 9, she appeared in “Showboat” playing young Kim, and she toured with the Broadway cast. She also did 26 episodes as a series regular in the nationally syndicated Fox television series, “Algo’s Factory.” In 2015, she starred in the Netflix horror movie “The Chosen,” playing a young mother whose child gets possessed. She was also in the indie film, “All Out Dysfunktion,” delivering a gripping dramatic performance. And in 2016, “No Woman’s Face Remember,” a short film she stars in, went to the Cannes Film Festival. Three separate European film festivals nominated her for “Best Lead Actress In A Short Film.” A prolific recording artist in multiple genres, Angelica has produced country, rock, pop, R&B, soul, and hip-hop albums. In 2016, she produced five singles and three music videos for her “Heal the World” series. In 2018, Angelica began production of her own television series titled “Rollercoaster.” She stars in this quirky, music filled comedy with her husband, Ian Paul Cassidy.

  1. “Men in the House” – Harrison Country

Harrison Country is an Americana group based in Annapolis, Maryland. Members include Don, Karen and Amy Harrison, Jennie Harrison Young and Lexi White. They are backed by extraordinary musicians: Bryan and Aidan Ewald, Josh Chapman, Larry Byrne, Brad Kimes and Brandon Bartlett. “Men in the House” has charted on National Indie Radio (WNIR) and on the Independent Music Network’s country segment, a syndicated radio program carried by stations all over the world. Their debut album, ‘Climate Change,’ is an eclectic mix of Americana that draws on the richest traditions of American popular music: Nashville, Chicago, Motown, Laurel Canyon, Memphis, Bourbon St., Big Pink and Broadway. When you take a trip to Harrison Country, you’ll laugh, cry, think, get in the groove and sing along. You might find yourself in a small-town church, singing along in a Nashville honky-tonk, strutting down Bourbon St. or watching a musical comedy on Broadway. And no matter where you end up, you’ll never be too far from the Chesapeake Bay and its winding tributaries.

  1. “Bad Love Pain” – R.W. “Ray William” Roldan

Inspired by true love, and more energized and creative than ever, R.W. “Ray William” Roldan has released his new album, ‘Can You Feel This?’ For this album, he collaborated with engineer/producer Max Allyn of The Outpost. R.W.’s past bands included the popular Swing Samurai and Broke Fence. His two Swing Samurai albums received extensive airplay throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. Songs from those albums were featured on compilations with greats like Tim McGraw, Billy Yates and The Bellamy Brothers. R.W. has recorded with famed musicians like Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams), John J.T. Thomas (Bruce Hornsby), Rick Shea (Dave Alvin, Rosie Perez), Bruce Watson (Rod Stewart / Foreigner), Chuck Kavooras, Brad Cobb (Tori Amos), and David Chamberlain (Roy Buchanan, Manhattan Transfer). R.W.’s current band includes Eamon Ryland ( Ry Cooder’s Godson) Jenna Blake, and Max Allyn. R.W.’s tunes have been top finalists in numerous “Song of the Year” competitions. R.W. scored eleven finalist nominations for “Man of Steel” through the Fame Games Effigy Awards.

  1. “Can’t Go Back” – Bill Abernathy

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Bill Abernathy has an amazing singer-songwriter journey. Bill fell in love with music at an early age. During his teenage years, he began writing songs and playing music. As a young man, he started a family and focused on his children and a business career. Bill’s hiatus from the music world ended shortly after his children finished school. In 2017, Bill Abernathy’s album ‘Find A Way’ reached #5 on the Roots Music Report Traditional Folk Albums chart, spending more than a year on the chart. His single, “Goodbye Will Never Come Again” reached #1 on the Traditional Folk Songs chart. With his latest album, ‘Crossing Willow Creek’ receiving critical praise and his first single, “Cry Wolf,” climbing several radio airplay charts, Abernathy is just hitting his stride as one of today’s rising independent country artists. Bill’s reemergence into the music limelight is heralded by his signature storytelling style. Bill is a pure lyrics first writer and a gripping storyteller; his music grows from the seeds of experience.

  1. “Voodoo” – Almost An Artist

Almost An Artist is the fruit of Julian Cassia who is “sort of from England, sort of from Lebanon and very much, sort of, from France.” He lives and works in the U.S. and Canada, between NYC and Toronto. Almost An Artist is a film composer, independent recording artist and a multi-instrumentalist. He plays everything in the kitchen sink including guitar, drums, percussion, keyboards, clarinet and the GuitarViol (a one-of-a-kind hybrid that closely resembles a violin in timbre). His versatile sound combines electronic music, organic instruments and multiple genres (indie-rock, country, pop, and more). As a film composer, Julian has worked on several award-winning films: “The Traveler” (2016) and “Man with Van” (2017). Julian holds a dual degree from the Berklee College of Music in Music Synthesis and Film Scoring, as well as a Master’s in Composition from NYU.

  1. “No Particular Blues” – Steve Bonham and The Long Road

Steve Bonham and The Long Road offer a swampy brew of sharp lyrics, great melodies and the fab sound of acoustic instruments being played with passion and purpose. Appealing to the outlaw in us all, the band features Steve Bonham who has been described as “the songwriter’s songwriter” along with Chris ‘The Bishop’ Lydon on piano and tuba (Liz Green and Beth Chapin-Carpenter), ‘The Big Man’ Kev Moore on bass, guitar and drums (Christie, Saxon and Witchcross) and ‘Long’ John Humphreys on guitar, resonator, banjo and fiddle. In 2018 they released two companion albums as part of their ‘Gone to Look for America’ project: ‘The Girl with the Rattlesnake Heart’ and ‘Reliance.’ The albums received critical acclaim from Maverick Country and Rock n’ Roots (RnR). Their songs have been in radio rotation in over 40 countries. This year they are taking the stage at The Festival of The Artisan, the Lichfield Festival of Folk and the UK Country Music Radio stage at the Welshpool Country Festival. Steve has also toured as a solo act in the US and Germany.

  1. “Workin” – Billy Ray Deiz

Award-winning, singer-songwriter Billy Ray Deiz has written and published dozens of songs. In 2006, his song “Rather Have Sooner” was chosen as a finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriter’s Contest. Deiz performed it live at Merlefest in North Carolina where it was awarded #3 ( in the Nation) in its category. In 2008, his Nashville-produced song “Carolina Blue” was chosen as a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition. In 2013, Blue Pie Records released Anthology of Blues, Vol. 2 featuring “Daddy’s Comin’ Home” by Deiz as the lead single. The Nashville-recorded tune features George Marinelli of the Bonnie Raitt Band on lead guitar with a vocal by Deiz and backing vocals by Britt Savage. His prolific music career started in the summer of 1965 with the soul band that Deiz helped form in his basement, The Harlequins. Their guitar player, Bob Welch, would later find fame with Fleetwood Mac. The band was signed by music publisher Larry Shayne who promptly named the band The Seven Souls. It became one of the preeminent soul bands in Los Angeles in the 60’s and 70’s. Also in the 1970s, Deiz sang a duet with Neil Sedaka as part of a TV feature Deiz produced on the music industry for KCBS TV News. Shayne guided the band to a record contract with Loma Records, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. A song that Deiz co-wrote with sax player Henry Moore, “I Still Love You” has become a Northern soul classic in the UK. Deiz also appears with Bob Dylan singing background on the Leonard Cohen album, ‘Death of a Ladies Man,’ produced by the legendary Phil Spector, who credits the performance in the liner notes.

  1. “Streets of Any Town” – Kate Magdalena

Kate Magdalena is a recording artist and songwriter from San Francisco. She wrote “Streets of Any Town” in response to a conversation with a homeless man on Nashville’s honky-tonk street, Broadway. The song is this man’s story, but it is also the larger story of men and women across America living on the streets. Kate writes “Timely Americana,” music for these times, with all of its unique challenges and and possibilities. “Streets of Any Town” is the fourth track released from Kate’s album ‘A Larger Dance’ coming in February 2020. The songs have been recorded and produced by GRAMMY-nominated-producer Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, Whiteheart, Clay Aiken, and the Newsboys) and feature some of Nashville’s finest musicians with Fred Eltringham (The Wallflowers and Sheryl Crow), Byron House (Robert Plant and the Band of Joy), Blair Masters (Garth Brooks) and Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors). Kate is thrilled to be a part of this album, and looks forward to bringing her music to audiences throughout the United States.

  1. “What Would You Do For Love?” – Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean is an internationally acclaimed, award winning, multi-nominated singer-songwriter, performer and voting member of the GRAMMY’s. She writes in many genres (jazz pop, R&B, blues, and dance) and can sing in French, Spanish, English, and Creole. In 2019, she won the March Global Music Awards Silver Medal for “Best Social Impact Song” and “Best Female Vocalist” and in May, she received a Silver Medal for “Best Song, Lyrics, and Songwriter.” Her song “He Loves Me” was a Finalist in the Great American Songwriting Contest. Her music video, “The Letting Go” was selected in the Ocean City Film Festival, Short to Point Film Festival, Northern Virginia International Film Festival, and Music Shorts Film Festival. She won “Best Music Video” at the Global Film Festival Awards. The music video went on to receive numerous awards, far too many to list. Currently, Natalie Jean has six nominations in the 2019 KICMA Awards and 10 nominations in the 2019 Josie Music Awards. Natalie Jean has been recognized with more than 70 nominations and dozens of awards. Natalie Jean is one the most successful Independent Artists in the world today.

  1. “Frozen” – Bryan Joon

Bryan Joon is a dynamic singer-songwriter whose repertoire spans country, R&B, soul, pop, and blues. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Bryan immigrated to Connecticut when he was six months old. From a young age, he studied music theory and voice. After high school, Bryan moved to New York City to study with the best trainers and vocal coaches. On his birthday, February 24th, Bryan released his self-titled, debut album (2018). The album explores love and loss in a variety of genres including the sensual club banger, “Pretend, the dance R&B track “Name,” and the heartbreak country-pop ballad “Frozen.” Bryan Joon performs in New York where he has headlined at SOBs, Highline Ballroom, and Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar. Bryan Joon is a December 2016 Winner of the Coast2Coast Connections Edition.

  1. “I’d Rather Stand Alone” – Chakra Bleu

Chakra Bleu is a singer-songwriter who has a broad Americana style that includes country, pop-rock, R&B and reggae. Playful, intriguing and empowering describe how this captivating artist connects with her audience. Chakra Bleu has released nine albums to date. Off her 7th album, the single “All of Me” charted #2 on the Top 40 as well as #1 on the Indie Top 40. The second single, “The Shadow,” went to #4 on the NMW Top 40. Off her 6th CD, ‘Souvenir,’ five singles simultaneously bedazzled the charts. Off Chakra Bleu’s fifth album,’You’re the One,’ the single “When I Hold Your Hand” charged the AAA and Americana airwaves, charting #5 on the STS Top 30 Indie chart and #27 on the STS Top 40 Main chart. Her prior single, “Hopelessly In Love,” from the ‘Seize the Day’ album, scored big as well, making it to #16 on the national A/C chart. Chakra has received airplay from various cuts off her CD’s on Top 40, A/C, Country, AAA, and Americana radio in the U.S. as well as Europe. She has been the Spotlight Artist at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe and a BMI Showcase Artist. She is an Arena Award recipient – this prestigious community service honor has been granted to only a few artists including Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, and Jo Dee Messina.

  1. “One Breath Away” – Richard Lynch

A 2019 Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Richard Lynch’s authentic and traditional country music fully embodies his hay-raising, barn building and farm-dwelling lifestyle. An all-American, blue-collar, country man, Lynch has poured his heart and soul into countless chart-topping hits. His music evokes some of the great classics like Keith Whitley, Conway Twitty, and George Strait. Lynch was nominated as “Best Male Country Artist” by the Independent Country Music Association in 2014. The Lynch Album was named the “Pure Country Album of the Year” by the Academy of Western Artists, while Lynch was declared “Humanitarian of the Year” and his band was named “Traditional Country Band of the Year” at the 2015 Josie Awards. In 2017, Richard was named the Josie Awards “Country Entertainer of The Year.” His self-penned “We’re American Proud” was named “Song of The Year” in the “Songs Saluting America” category. Richard released his third studio album, which climbed the major radio charts, on Fence Row Records. On May 25, 2019 Richard released, to rave reviews, his fourth studio album, ‘Think I’ll Carry It On’. The album features a wonderful duet, “Another Honky Tonk Song,” with country music legend, Leona Williams. Recently, Richard recorded a duet with country star Ronnie McDowell. The single, “Love Tattoo” is a moving tribute to our military veterans.

  1. “Broken Guitar Man” – Todd Barrow

Todd Barrow is a 2017 Akademia Award winner for “Best Country Album” and a 2016 recipient of a PRSA Award of Excellence. Todd recently headlined at John Schneider’s Bo’s Extravaganza along with other extraordinary artists including: Kix Brooks, Paul Overstreet, LuLu Roman, Cody McCarver, John Schneider and Tom Wopat. He has also appeared on stage with country music star, Jack Ingram. Todd has been on television’s Good Morning Texas with Jerry Matheny and he was been featured on the PBS TV show “Texas Music Café” where he talked about his time in Nashville with Randy Travis and Kenny Chesney on “Give Me A Chance Tonight.” Todd has been a spotlight artist in Alternative Roots Magazine, American Pride Magazine, and on AVA Radio. Todd Barrow is a proud member of the Harry Fox Agency, the Country Music Association, the International Singer-Songwriters Association, the Texas Music Office, BMI, the Fort Worth Songwriter’s Association, American Music Podcasting, the NSAIDFW Songwriters Association, the Dallas Songwriter’s Association, the British Country Music Association and the Bayou Country Music Association. Todd gives back to the community through his involvement with the Ronald McDonald House.

BWH Music Group works with today’s best emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and promotion offering recording services, compilation releases, Music PR, and National Indie Radio (WNIR).

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