Joe Dirrt – “Before The Fame” – distinguishes himself from other new generation rappers

Joe Dirrt is a hip-hop artist coming out of Los Angeles, Ca who originated from the heart of Buffalo, New York. His style embraces both the rampantly smooth Cali flow, and hard hitting east coast lyricism. Joe gives us a full serving of his talents on the 12 track album, “Before The Fame”. It’s a testament to the independent grind he employs to cultivate a dedicated fan-base. Joe’s rhymes are designed to string out little observations until they form a big idea. His wordplay don’t only connect or make sense in sequence but they can create powerful impressions. From that

Groove Odyssey DJs Bobby & Steve release debut artist album

London producers present ‘Let’s Stand Together’ featuring collaborations with Byron Stingily, Barbara Tucker, Duane Harden, Stephanie Cooke, Leroy Burgess and more. Anyone who has experienced a Groove Odyssey party either in London or Ibiza will tell you it’s all about unadulterated dance music, pure and simple. The two pioneering minds behind the brand, twin DJs Bobby & Steve are legendary names in the London club scene. With a 35-year long career that stretches over multiple residencies in venues Ministry of Sound, Soho Theatre, El Divino and Es Paradis, each successful season has been a step towards the acclaimed status they

FŌX – “Kiss It Better” – an awesome avenue to let the artist’s immense talents thrive

“Kiss It Better” is a catchy tune where London based, 25 year old, FŌX’s vocals, range from whispering to soaring and powerful. The track has an expanding and all-embracing groove that makes you want to move and sing along from the first time you hear it. It is a swinging pop song with structural elements of an alternative flavor and some irresistible piano and string action. The tune has got hooks in all the right places with an infectious post chorus and needless to say FŌX’s delivery is on fire. It is like he is aware of the great reach of

Natalie Jean: “What Would You Do For Love?” – an album with real drama and humanity!

Haitian-American singer-songwriter, Natalie Jean has earned innumerous award nominations, including a 2019 Global Music Awards Medal and was a 2019 Josie Music Awards Winner. A voting Member in the Recording Academy (GRAMMYS), Jean has already released 5 albums and countless singles, many of which focus their attention on empowering and enlightening people. Her ideals, morals, and aspirations run rife throughout her music. Natalie Jean’s latest album “Where Do We Go From Here” begins with a bold statement. The opening song is called “I Told You No” – and explains the artist’s shocking real-life experience of sexual assault. “I made it

Joemayk – “A Century Entirely” – an immaculate song

Joemayk is, at his heart, an artist that knows how to tweak the various facets of his sound and still maintain his identity. Throughout his various releases, he has been able to make subtle changes to his sound that is apparent in the tone and construction of the production. The unabashed earworm sweetness of the new single, “A Century Entirely”, is another step in the direction of taking his music to a much wider audience than just his rock-orientated fans. For the people who appreciate the melodic craft and emotional heart of Joemayk music, this at its core is one

“Ocean” – The New Video by Lara Lova

“Ocean” by Lara Lova, is an emotional inspiration, and a dedication to all living things.  It’s creamy and huge, coupling the beautiful character of her voice with a pulsating production of gentle euphoria. The explosion of the choruses hit like golden sparks showering from the sky – one of many well executed pay offs which prove that her ambitions are well warranted. Lara Lova greatest strength remains her wistful, wood-windy voice. It has natural charm and raw emotional relatability, which plays well against the electronic production and the track’s sheer desire to be a colossal hit.  Music is a

Made of Stone – “Bitter Road” – a sophisticated, and delicately expanding soundscape

Made of Stone is Los Angeles based Ambient Rock Band formed in the summer of 2019. “This project will always be about the music and never about us,” says the band. So what we’re left with, is not too much information, about the components and workings of the band, but in compensation, we have some really thoughtful music to admire. We do however know that Made of Stone is comprised of Sophia Medina (Vocals), Chris Lewis (Bass), Alin Glogovicean (Guitar), Sammy Velick (Drums), Lucian Lee (Guitar, Synth), and that they lay down sophisticated, and delicately expanding soundscapes for the soul

Freder Seric drops the Video for the motivational summer track – “Ocean”

Are you tired of the winter? Hear some fresh motivational summer vibes by Freder Seric now! In the song “Ocean” you will hear about the aspirations of having a dream life. And no matter how much you achieve, you always want to achieve more. Freder Seric is a 32 year old male German rapper with over 20 years’ experience in song writing. “Ocean” is his first Studio Single and the Studio Album “Chase Your Dreams” will come out soon on all streaming platforms. Freder Seric currently works as a very successful software developer after he finished his Master’s degree in


With high profile performances and DJ appearances across Europe and North America, New York City’s Temu has established himself as a one of a kind force of nature, carrying the torch of funk for future generations. His latest album ‘Relic Of The Mothership’ is a masterclass filled with mind altering grooves, mesmerizing talkbox melodies, and of course Temu’s show stopping voice. Opening with ‘Scavangas,’ Temu’s ability to reinvent genres in his own image is on display right away. He and collaborator Blacc El erase walls between hip hop and soul, weaving thought provoking social observations together with dance rhythms that

Lewis Monbarn delivers exquisite delights with his debut album titled “Omen”

Lewis Monbarn’s musical fervor paints a canvas of sound with the exquisite delights of his debut album titled Omen. As Monbarn’s grooves gift good luck of sleek nostalgia across the genre of house and techno, his audience gets to enjoy this creative process. Based out of Amsterdam, Monbarn’s started creating electronic music at twelve years of age and has established an amazing legacy. Every track that he has released has charted. He has worked with Nervous Records, Datagroove, and his own new label Massaïa. Omen is a soul-wrenched offering comprised of ten tracks. The album has an outstanding organic vibe

Escoleone – “Memoirs” – the chemistry exudes effortlessness

Robert Gaston, better known in the music business as Escoleone, was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. His EP “Memoirs” typically narrates struggles and principals that anybody from the ghetto can relate to. The rapper lost his father at the age of 14, and was forced to mature quicker than most. “Memoirs” sets the palette of rich and lively production that beautifully illuminates the powerful and prominent delivery Escoleone revels in. Each song sets a tone of honesty and introspection, fitting the sequence of quality narratives like a tailor-made suit. The production and the lyricism combines emphatically to carry out what is promised with the foreshadowing of the vulnerable and observant opening track, “Blame” which proves to be one of the many excellent moments of this recording.

I feel disbelief toward the fact it only takes twenty minutes to listen to every inch of this project – making the replay value incredibly high – Escoleone creates a perfect infusion of the artist’s creativity and the instrumentation – truly every aspect has been paid painstaking detail to.

The project continues the excellence delivered by the opening track, “The Warning” elevates the EP’s stature to the next level, as the visceral track builds off incredible lyrical imagery and a resonating bottom that booms out of the speakers. The intense verses whizz through and grabs attention from the get-go.

On “Made”, Escoleone comes in sounding more direct than on other cuts, with a fiery vibe and strong energy. Incredibly multi-layered whilst simultaneously appearing seamless and simple, the chemistry on this track exudes effortlessness. It perfectly encapsulates what you hear – a rich and colorful tapestry of street poetry that intrigues and is quite a wonder to marvel at.

The chilling supportive plethora of chant-like background vocals on “Never Tell”, adds layers of depth on top of the raw reverberating rap laid down by Escoleone. The song also features a really grabbing chorus.

The project ends with impending unstoppable force that is the groove forged on the smooth “Visions”. Impacting and enticing, the warm shimmering keys ride the rustic hip-hop beat stacking soulful vibes. The whole track is pitched to Escoleone’s emotional range, and he radiates the image of being a man on a search for truth, while looking at life’s realities.

One of them being the need for money. Escoleone’s delivery blurs the line between singing and rapping, and there’s an intuitive grace to the way his voice trips across the track. Regardless of your empathy towards this artist, you must respect him if you truly appreciate music.

Not only are the lyrics so meaningful, all across “Memoirs”, but the production is also gorgeous from start to finish. There is so much information, emotion, and motivation, created and shared on this project. For that reason alone, I think everyone needs to listen to it.

But beyond the big statements, is the synthesis of a musical promise – an artist ready to indulge and sprawl his gritty yet spotless talents, for all to see. Escoleone is the product of easily identifiable kaleidoscopic excellence, which he consistently flips to keep fresh. This is perhaps the most profound aspect of such an inventive yet downright grounded project.

NOTE: Lookout for the brand new single “Heir” by Escoleone, which tells the story of the tough decisions he had to make after his father was murdered. The track releases on September 30th 2019, which marks the 12th year anniversary of his father’s death.


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