British producer Glett introduces his single “Yes”

From childhood, a young British producer Glett was fond of music, learned to play various instruments and showed extraordinary talents in composing beautiful melodies. Starting his musical career experimenting with hip-hop and R&B this year, he “restarted”, focusing on soulful and funky house, and recently introduced his new single “Yes” in which he mixed his favorite old-school sound with elements of trap music. Connect with Glett: WEBSITE – INSTAGRAM – @itsgeedamnit MUSIC STREAMS – 

I.S.O the greatest group you’ve never seen!

I.S.O the greatest group you’ve never seen, drops their debut single and video “Love You Down”. Inspired by their passion for music and an idea that it comes from the soul – the four man ensemble of very talented performers cultivated an idea to let the music speak for itself, by hiding their identities they give you an experience that leaves you wondering. The talented four are very excited to hit the world stage introducing their magic to the global music landscape.  This kind of magic can only be performed by the group known as – ISO Macho, ‪Muse, Kisonova

Non-Profit Project Southdogrock releases “Ride With Me”

The southern region of Germany, close to the Swiss and French border, is home to Florian Döppert (vocals, lyrics, sax, blues harp, keyboard). With his first solo Project Southdogrock a long-held wish comes true: Creating songs based on own lyrics and musical ideas together with a professional producer. Florian found a very competent partner for this project: Frank Schultz, owner of PRO TON MUSIC. Many songs are still waiting to be produced but the first creation “Ride with me” is finished Southdogrock is a non-profit experiment that tries to use the available resources to produce outstanding songs. Each sponsorship will be

INTERVIEW: Independent Violinist and Music Composer Iurie Sula

Iurie Sula was born in Republic Of Moldova in the late 90’s. He started to play violin at 5 years old, due to his father’s recommendation. In 2017 Iurie moved to the United Kingdom, where he has finished college and won the award for the “Best Violin Player in Southern England”. Iurie is specialized in composing Orchestral and Classical Music. Since 2018 his goal has been to help as many talents as possible to reach their own goals in a musical career, by promoting them and composing music for them. At the end of 2018, Iurie was the composer for

Damian Sage – It’s impossible to listen to “Drive” without being genuinely moved

Listening to the single “Drive”, is a whole different and beyond glorious experience. Singer and songwriter, Damian Sage really outdoes himself with this one. The record, tugs at my heartstrings in the best and most beautiful gut-wrenching ways. I can feel the emotion as he sings each and every lyric. Released through Dark Spark Music, a record label headed by former Guns N Roses manager, and Grammy Award winner, Vicky Hamilton, “Drive” certainly gives me the chills each time listen to it. The two simple opening lines deliver the kind of powerful imagery most lyricists strive most of their lives

Midxnite – “Emotionless” – fluid, hypnotic heartfelt strokes

Midxnite, whose real name is Yusuf Salim, grew up in a South Asian family. The Phoenix-based artist credits singing traditional melodies with his family as his introduction to music and says it provided him an easier transition to contemporary R&B and Hip Hop. The artist, whose previous releases, “Live and Learn” and “Look at My Whip”, have accumulated hundreds of thousands of plays on streaming platforms, recently dropped his latest single, “Emotionless”. Recorded at HKStudios in Phoenix, AZ, the song narrates an afflicting and burdensome moment in the artist’s life when he believed the binding sacrament of matrimony was in

TK Mac – “The Living Room” – a laid back, yet intensely emotional feeling!

Justin Barnett was born in Boston and raised in South Jersey. Inspired by two of the people who have given him so much support over the years, Justin used his grandmother’s middle initials (TK) and his father’s middle name (McDonald) and became TK Mac. As a DJ, he’s spun at various A-List clubs across the globe including Tao, Avenue, The Highlight Room, Marquee and Studio Paris. He’s produced songs for Zak Downtown, Cade, Bryce Vine, and other new artists in the hip-hop, R&B, and pop genres. Now he steps out into the spotlight with his single “The Living Room”. There

MAZE – “From Start To Perfection” – a grand symphony of alternative and melodic rock abrasion!

Gary, Paul, Jack, Lee and Sam make up the 5 piece band from London UK, called MAZE. The band started out as a recording project, but the response and reaction they received induced them to start gigging and they have since been offered plenty of gigs for 2020. In the meantime they have released their 4 track EP, entitled “From Start To Perfection”. The recording is a rich quilt of guitar-driven sounds and rock influences. What’s thrilling about the production is not only are the clear punchy sonics, where each instrument is captured at its most resonant – but there’s

Plastic Barricades – “One for the Road” -showcases technical and creative maturity

Plastic Barricades are one of the smartest bands in alternative indie rock right now. The band which has it very first beginnings in 2007 have produced enough worthwhile material in the ensuing years to deserve escaping the shadow of the underground culture. They’ve released outstanding music in terms of resonant songwriting and daring variability, and their formula has remained strongly characteristic and enjoyable. The band, which has been undergone various member changes through the years, is now stably based in North-West London. Plastic Barricades currently are, Dan Kert on guitars, keyboards and vocals, and Paul Love on drums. The band,

RAHM – “Something Different” – Ardent and lush sounding

The single “Something Different” by singer-songwriter RAHM, was produced by Yarden Ashkenazi and Dor Roeh, and features the female vocalist Shany Oshri. A software engineer, RAHM wrote the song for his wife, Anat Brown who also appears on the cover artwork, which was done by Victoria Manashirov (Photography) and Itzhak Holyland (Graphics). This is one of those songs that has some sort of spark, a creative stamp that when you listen to it, you can tell something wonderful just happened in your presence. Yes, it’s like an experience unto its own. RAHM has a lovely lilting voice, a light instrumental

TATIA orchestrates “EP_1” brilliantly with warm, pastel strokes

TATIA is an electronic singer, songwriter and producer originally from Tiflis, Georgia and currently living in Freiburg, Germany. She’s been singing for 10 years and works as a singing teacher, sharing her experience with her students while she pursues a degree in Music Pedagogy. Wrapped up in a blend of Soul, R&B, Hiphop and Electronic flavors, the 4 tracks on her “EP_1” project was entirely written, performed, produced and mixed by the artist herself. Very airy, soothing, and sometimes slightly mysterious electro groove, TATIA produces extremely refreshing and new-feeling music. “EP_1” was magic at first listen. Given her unique, futuristic style, I’m not even comfortable assigning a genre to TATIA, much less a contrived, offhand description of her sound.

Working the knobs and the sequencing pads, TATIA orchestrates “EP_1” brilliantly with warm, pastel strokes. Right from the start, the hazy, soulful and magnetizing sound on “How does it feel like” is certainly what will draw audiences; it instantly showcases TATIA as mysterious, highly talented and simply irresistible.

The melody, counter harmonies and softly lush instrumentation leave little room for disregard. It’s all simply too tasteful. TATIA’s beautiful voice, coupled with her impeccable programming and production skills, make for a fierce toolkit that will get you hooked in no time.

“Not my home” starts off slowly, than transforms into a steady pounding beat, as TATIA examines her new existence:  “I’ve missed my train, still nowhere to go. These houses look happy and warm, still somehow it’s not my place. It’s not my home, I’m not at home”. It’s a catchy, yet dark introspective track, which has impeccable production.

As an album, Another Eternity is the epitome of a grower. The compositions on this recording are for the most part subtle, which means it takes multiple listen before the intricacies of each track sinks in. Once the scope and impact of these tracks are fully realized, it becomes evident that this is a creative and consistently enjoyable material.

“Oh, don’t you think my love. We all come and go, where nobody knows. Oh, don’t explain my love. I hope I was right, to leave you behind,” are the pondering words to which the track, “The sun, the moon” opens to. TATIA’s voice again, forges a captivating tone that simply engages your attention with restrained seduction.

The clean, crystal clear approach taken by the production, allows the raw, authentic beauty of her vocals to shine through. The melody and harmonies creates a haunting, dream-like atmosphere, which in reality remains consistent, in varying shades throughout “EP_1”.

The more progressive, nuanced style and level of experimentation on “Found me to lose”, establishes a welcome sense of diversity in TATIA’s music. The pure visceral force of this track is astonishing and makes for over three minutes of invigorating music.

In every way, “EP_1” reflects the work of a mature, adventurous vision. Walking a fine line between various genres, synth-driven electronic music and alternative creativity is in itself difficult, but TATIA has the creative drive, the voice, and consistently strong production values to make it all work.


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