Emerald Suspension is set to release the EP “Eruptions” on the 4th of March 2020

The band Emerald Suspension recently debated about the best guitar solo in the world. That discussion ignited a plan to create a single to be titled ‘Eruption’. Inspired by the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo of the same name, there is no mistaking the two. In the meantime, other tracks came together, with and without guitars. So now the release is ‘Eruptions’, an EP with six nifty tracks. ‘Eruptions’ features an unconventional mix of guitar, percussion, vocals, samples, noise, effects, and DIY instruments. The unique works range from noise to alt-rock to an orchestral ballad (of sorts). ‘Eruptions’ with different

Star Trek Picard Martial Arts Dance Video Starring Ben Ryan Metzger

Believeland musical artist Ben Ryan Metzger has released his new martial arts dance music video for Star Trek Picard. Ben wrote, composed, and performed all the vocals on this incredibly inspirational pop rock opera track inspired by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, master engineered by 13 time Grammy Winner Mike Makowski, and produced by Space Jam Slam phenom Chris Adams. With deeply powerful vocals and soaring high falsettos Ben showcases his amazing voice reminiscent of Elvis Presley and Andrea Bocelli engaging into maximum warp with an Axel Rose flare. Often compared to Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee, Ben strives to

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother”- a fresh new synthesis!

L.A. based rock band Love Ghost, are back with a brand new single entitled “Dead Brother” (release date January 24th). The accompanying music video (which was shot by Rob Zombie’s camera operator Hassan Abdul-Wahid, and directed by acclaimed horror actor Jeff Daniel Phillips) has already won Best Music Video awards at 3 international film festivals. Dark. Theatrical. Ambitious. These are the words that immediately come to mind when describing Love Ghost’s newest release, and they’re the words that make it so unique in their discography. “Dead Brother” takes the quintet’s tried-and-true sound and offers a more complex and DARKER take

Bruce Engler – “Not You & Me” will make an instant impression on thoughtful music listeners

Now recording his 3rd solo release, “Not You & Me” is the first single from the upcoming 2020 album by Bruce Engler. If you’re looking for good music, then look no further. This track has all the things you want to hear that you don’t get much nowadays in the pop-rock market. Melody, harmony, conscious lyrics, and captivating vocals. Engler also stretches his chunky and atmospheric guitar textures and branches out into snippets of adventurous lead playing. Used to so much shallow infantile-styled recordings of late, I was unprepared for the extremely personal and moving adult orientated material contained within

C0MBINE – “Duetz” – emotional, infectious melodies while keeping it lyrical

Northwest-based artist, rapper, and musician, C0MBINE, formerly known as Lone Seeker 777, started out his creative career in 2014 writing the song “I’ll Never Forget” in a junior talent show. He has since built upon that initial foray, raising the bar on each subsequent release – the single “K1ck It”, then the album “Rise”, followed by “Christian Girl” in 2018. The fruit of his endeavors though, started to truly come to the fore with the release of his double-sided single “Duetz” in November 2019, which was positively received by fans and critics alike. Beautiful instrumentals and thought provoking lyrics drive

Pop singer & songwriter DAYVID releases new single ‘Spinning Bottles’

“Spinning Bottles,” produced by Grammy-Nominated producer Morgan Taylor Reid, is a follow up to DAYVID’s popular single, “Wasted Luv,” from his self-titled EP that was released in October 2019. “Spinning Bottles” is the first single from a forthcoming album scheduled for release late this year. DAVYID’s last single, “Wasted Luv,” was praised by critics and listeners around the world. Upon its release in September 2019, the single became #4 on All Access Music Top 40/Mainstream Cool Music Chart and has enjoyed Top 40 radio play in major markets across the US, as well as Sirius XM.  DAYVID was also recently

Strange Music Release “Heart Of Darkness” The Song & Video By Mackenzie Nicole

STRANGE MAIN/STRANGE MUSIC RELEASE “HEART OF DARKNESS” OUT NOW THE DEBUT SONG AND ACCOMPANYING VIDEO FROM MACKENZIE NICOLE’S UPCOMING ALBUM MYSTIC OUT ON FEBRUARY 14. GUEST PERFORMER AND SPEAKER ON TEDX TED TALK FEBRUARY 29 Strange Main the pop music division of Strange Music to release Mackenzie Nicole’s Mystic on February 14, written by Mackenzie Nicole and produced by Michael “Seven” Summers (Tech N9ne, Mac Lethal, Krizz Kaliko). Preorder Mystic here: http://smarturl.it/MYSTICpreorder “Heart of Darkness” is the debut song and accompanying video that begins the unveiling of a musical and visual video series leading up to a short film. Mackenzie

Asian Rock Singer AMEL D is going viral with single “I’m Your Rain”

The essence of good music is like a gust of fresh air which can carry away all the negativity from our minds in a flick. This spirit of soulful music reflects in twenty-six-year-old Asian artist called Amel D. A prolific singer and songwriter, she is also well-known for being an entrepreneur and business women. Her recent track ‘I’m Your Rain’, shows her signature tonality and natural creative flavor. This track perfectly fits the requirements of indie rock in every aspect, and stands out as a unique piece of art. The track successfully captivates a large section of the music lover

Award-winning Mario Marco Farinato Releases The Video for “Perchè”

Mario Marco Farinato winner of SanRemo Rock 2019 and Tienilpalco 2019 presents his latest video, “Perchè” completely created in cartoon animation, with music produced on a Linux audio system for a lower environmental impact. The video was completely produced on second-hand laptops, to reduce impact on the environment. “I believe in a world where there is equality, participation and awareness, in memory of the victims of Australia’s recent Wildfires,” says Farinato. “The video has been produced with rubbish from Xmas package, toilet paper and recycled paper on a laptop running on battery, to reduce our environmental impact,” continues the award-winning

Rajah Mahdi shows that he’s more than willing to experiment

Rajah Mahdi Byrd is a Recording Artist from Glassboro, NJ. Born two months premature, he received brain damage during delivery, resulting in cerebral palsy. However despite this bad turn of events he has still managed to live a normal and social life growing up. In 2010 Rajah started recording music as a means to express his opinion on social situations and issues. It became a frequent hobby and in 2013 he decided to start taking it more seriously. Rajah’s goal is to create a solid platform with his music and to eventually spark social reform with the values and ideals

Phinova & Anfisa – “Dedication” – a progressing vibrant and sonorous mix of bass, synth and drums!

“Dedication” is the sixth release for the Shanghai, China-based EDM duo, Phinova & Anfisa, who were nominated as the best upcoming EDM artist in 2018. As usual the duo never disappoints, this track continues their amazing producing skills. They are at the top of their music making genre, no one else even comes to shoulder with them. This single is a hardcore masterpiece filled with mind bending ear candy that will have sound engineers and fans alike grinning from ear to ear.

Structurally, the artists try to achieve a crescendo-style effect, building and releasing intensity and tension several times throughout the song. Phinova & Anfisa push their synthesizers to the utmost of comprehendible sonic tweakage.

From the second the introductory motifs come in, the listener is hooked by the sonic mutations achieved in the disc. It is obvious that Phinova & Anfisa takes a turn in style when the beat enters. Instead of a typical dance beat, we are introduced to a breakbeat already a lot more stimulating than most of the beats featured in current EDM hits.

The duo manages to keep the energy high through the track, displaying interesting mixes of growling dub leads, skittering electro beats, and other hard hitting synth work that are familiar to those of the electronic genre. Spiraling out of your body, your mind is pulled apart by the multifaceted tendrils of perpetuity delivered by the Phinova & Anfisa sound.

Phinova & Anfisa manage to establish their own unique voice with this sound by introducing their synth riffs and experimenting with the use of wavy and stabbing basslines and an array of musical effects and vocal chops. The duo has a lot to offer in their zone of music and listeners will find an incredible amount of enjoyment from the insane arrangements that the duo cooks up.

With this single their sound is perfected and they are just having plenty of fun with it. The eclectic feel of vicious basslines and delicious synth motifs serve the purpose of attracting attention, and converting the uninitiated towards their sound. “Dedication” is never boring and repetitive but actually engaging, something the dance club scene seems to overlook.

Phinova & Anfisa are making a name for themselves with their distinct sound, and the fact that their version of EDM delivers more than just random spacey loops and effects. Their intricate compositions feature layers and layers of vocal interludes, hard-hitting basslines, synth samples, crescendos and decrescendos, build-ups and drops.

Another thing to note is that at one point there lies a subtle melody under all the rhythmic foundations the duo keep building. As the track immerses itself into a progressing vibrant and sonorous mix of bass, synth and drums, there’s that ever-present surreal yet vivacious sentiment flowing through the duo’s veins.

There’s no sense of monotony or lethargy throughout the entire sequence of “Dedication”. Instead, there’s a real impression of cohesion here, with Phinova & Anfisa never losing their balance and keeping things diverse without becoming inconsistent.

If there’s anything else that needs to be said about the duo at this point, it’s that Phinova & Anfisa are getting ready to reign over underground EDM, and will continue to flourish in the years to come. “Dedication” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check them out on Instagram for news and updates.

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