DEEPSYSTEM – “Anda Linda” – a zesty groove and a humid atmosphere!

DEEPSYSTEM, Europe’s underground ambassador of reggaeton and Latin trap — has remade the future of Spanish-language hip-hop in his image. If there is a revolution to be had in the new crossover market, this artist has done so by sticking to his guns, and mining reggaeton’s sonic riches for dancefloor gold. Rather than offer audiences lyrical signposts to what he’s thinking, DEEPSYSTEM makes you come to him, with a shared sense of explosive, downright sensual musicality and a hypnotically propulsive rhythm. Few others could do as much, in the European region. Furthermore, the man is consistent, putting out track after

Neave Zaria’s ‘Never The Same’ Is Evocative Of The Golden Era Of Jazz & Blues

Neave Zaria’s latest track ‘Never The Same’ is a soft yet impassioned exploration of our deepest infatuations and frustrations. The composition is steady but energetic, and the jazz spirit comes in hot from the get-go. Zaria’s voice bears a strong resemblance to that of the greatest blues singers of all time: Etta James and Aretha Franklin. The most modern comparisons would be to Adele and Norah Jones, but even then there’s a striking vulnerability in Zaria’s vocals that makes her stand apart. It helps that the English singer is just nineteen, but she demonstrates a superb ability at striking the

Sam and Sounds Guaranteed to Make You Smile with New Single “Cloud 9”

UK indie artist Sam and Sounds has just released a brand-new single that will have you both grinning and grooving. The singer songwriter has just dropped “Cloud 9,” offering endless feel-good vibes and some much-needed positivity in today’s world. With his debut EP due to land in October this year, this track is the second teaser to what we can expect. It follows his first single release which came out in April, “Do It All Again,” that soon became an instant smash hit. Sam and Sounds has already netted an impressive 41,000 Spotify streams, with 23,000 monthly listeners and a

Cymbalik – “A New Positive”- the alchemical combination of quality, creativity, and alluring empathy

There are a lot of new producers that are coming to the scene this years, and some that have been in the game for a while, but few are as exciting has Cymbalik AKA Jose Serpas who hails out of Denver, CO. If you’re a part of the people who don’t know who Cymbalik is just yet, then expect him to be all over your music queue in the next couple of years. With his crazy beats and smooth melodies it’s expected that he makes some big jumps in the industry very soon. Cymbalik works with modern day techniques while

Best friends in New York City make dope a hip-hop song during quarantine and are donating ALL proceeds to charity

The producer Christos “XOS” Angelidis created the instrumental for the record “ICE COLD” while recovering from the sever virus COVID-19 in his Queens, New York home. His close friend and colleague, Laquan “REVL TVLK” Priester, from Brooklyn, New York, now living in Los Angeles, wrote the lyrics and rapped over the song. “ICE COLD” is a result of the inspiration being based from the cold winter months of New York City. Furthermore, the duo – being from New York City, the U.S. epicenter of the outbreak – has experienced firsthand the devastation of the virus. XOS lost four coworkers as

Steve Sperandeo – “Contagious Emotions” – intimate storytelling that inebriates the senses

Like all works of music, there are always going to be some you absolutely love and some you only like. “Contagious Emotions” by Steve Sperandeo one is going on the absolute love list. Steve has added some jazzy, bluesy touches in this album, while maintaining a soft organic-rock style made of elegant guitar work and graceful melody. It’s a masterful blend by a thoughtful musician. But be forewarned, Steve’s music needs more than a single playing to fully savor its nuances. So grab a drink of your choice, sit back and enjoy the storytelling as Steve Sperandeo delivers 11 unhurried

Heistheartist – “Boom” (Love Version) – transposes crystal-clear artistry through spiritual glistening

Heistheartist is an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, NY. Formerly a secular neo-soul singer signed to Bentley Records under his biological name LeeMann Bassey, Heistheartist discovered that his true calling was with the Lord, after hearing an inspiring sermon by TD Jakes online one day. That day he was inspired to teach the world about the Lord like TD Jakes did with his Sermon, but through music. The song “Boom” – a song that mixes sensuality with religion – is actually based on a dream that Heistheartist had one night, in which he had relations with an angel. “Boom”

Bobby Royale – “Live Jazz at Staarsound” – There is an artistic quality in the music that cannot be overlooked

Some see hip-hop and jazz as an unholy alliance, maybe even the vulgarization of jazz. But other musicians see the genre-melding as a positive development. Every so often, in some corner of the globe in fact, you’ll find a handful of jazz musicians experimenting with jazz and hip-hop hybrids. In some ways the musical connection would seem inevitable. After all, early gospel, blues and jazz employed call-and-response cadences dealing with the same themes prevalent in hip-hop today. For some, though, the similarities end there. Straight ahead jazz musicians who have had their music sampled appreciate their work being exposed to

J.Drive – “Untitled” showers the auditory canvas with musical ideas

Hailing from the inner city of Youngstown, Ohio’s Southside, Jessie “J.Drive” grew up in a small apartment in a violent neighborhood without his natural mother or father.  At a very young age he realized that his natural affinity for basketball and Hip-hop music would become the tools necessary to pave his way to a more comfortable lifestyle.  Despite the tragic events that ended his hoop dreams, Jessie’s understanding of what it takes to make the best of his gifts regardless of circumstances is what has brought him thus far. Currently he is pushing his latest single called “Untitled”. In his

“Millions” shows off how talented and self-assured DboySlim is!

“Millions”, the track by DboySlim, has an incendiary takeoff, wasting zero time to underscore the necessary sense of urgency through a compacted sonic boom and a room full of booty. The backdrop is made of a dynamic piano loop, skittering hi-hats, and twisting synths, while the rapper updates his dance-swaying lyricism. DboySlim is impressive to say the least, while the track absolutely bumps. He creates an intense atmosphere that makes you want to jump around and groove. “Millions” shows off how talented and self-assured DboySlim is, and how he can probably live up to any hype you want to put

AP$ – “FRAMEWORK” showcases the multiple perspectives of his evolving craft

Austin Stevens, artistically known as AP$, is a highly streamed young rapper from Knoxville, Tennessee, who has a successful first release “Kahoot Rap”, and his debut album “FRAMEWORK” out now. In the process of building his brand, the ambitious young artist has put together a balanced album of introspective and party songs to showcase the multiple perspectives of his evolving craft. AP$ has definitely improved as a technician, making his raps more mobile and structurally sound, and his rhymes don’t pass by as if on a conveyor belt. Most times he has his own laid-back, hazy style which is uncontaminated and deadpan, almost as if he is in private conversation with the listener. Then suddenly he will explode and really goes for it. He does triplet flows. He splits punches. He packs cadences and stacks phonetic sounds, and flexes his harsh screaming voice.

AP$’ raps boasts imaginative, sometimes unpredictable, often surprising constructions in their presentation. Many songs show that AP$ is also capable of flourishing in more melodic spaces. His best rapping gets packed into “FRAMEWORK”, a free-flowing outlier that’s as natural and fun as the more whimsical songs in his catalog.

On this album AP$ spreads himself wide, with success – rapping as if he could win over naysayers, singing in the key of crossover pop, and touching various styles in search of diversity throughout the 12 songs. On the opening title track, “Framework”, AP$ delivers soft chords, hand-claps and warm strings, as he smoothly bounces his voice over the backdrop.

“Lifeee” is loaded with a booming bass and skittering hi-hats, while AP$ flexes the nuances in his flow. “Self Destruct” carries a bluesy funk production and some edgy rhyming from AP$. The hook is groovy and powerful.

“Magic” is built on busy hi-hits and a growling bassline for an extra minimal beat which is just enough to support the bars on top. “Ahi Tuna!” is a thick voiced tidal wave of energy that sounds unlike any other song on the album.

AP$ sounds like he’s enjoying himself on this one. On “Gimme da Cheez” AP$ raps with a mellow energy and a tongue-in-cheek mindset, over a playful beat. “Impulsive” sees another switch in direction and style. AP$ uses his deadpan, monotone voice over a dramatic and dynamic beat, and the contrasting juxtaposition makes for a strangely interesting track, horns and all!

In the second half of the album, AP$ tries to get more in tune with his lyrical side, and this much is quickly evident on the urgent “Villager” and banging “Marker”, on which AP$ puts more weight into his rapping voice, with excellent results.

The bass slow-drips sticky juice on “Ligma” as AP$ easily roller-blades his way across the beat before finally switching on his harsh voice again. The energy is menacing on “Insane”, as the more aggressive AP$ persona eclipses the softer side. The album closes with a cowbell-like induced rhythm and a downward-spiraling bassline on “OK”. It’s another minimalist beat that works perfectly with AP$’ rhyming.

Overall, AP$ leans into a wide palette of sounds and styles, as “FRAMEWORK” embraces modern trap aesthetics as its underlying primary colors. AP$’ sonic temperament, incorporates a variety of voicings paired with a deadpan swagger. This is the pivot of a young artist not just trying to run with the crowd, but dreaming of getting ahead.


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