MajorHardcore hits the scene with “One Shot Deal”!

✊🏿IM🎖MAJ🌍RHARDC🏀RE🎤NE✈️T LEVEL🚀HIPH🎱PARTIST🎧EST.6/2/20🥳AND🏋🏿‍♀️STILL☄️SOARING 🦅ALREADY🥊HIT🥁A🔥MILLI🍾IN🥇STREAMS 👏🏿LETSGOYANKEES⚾️JESUSISKING💒✌🏿 Im in a Yankee hat from where the Yankees at being a snitch nigga can’t be that no 🐀 being a bitch nigga can’t be that no 💪🏿being a rich nigga that’s a fact yeah 💵 straight off the wake up 🥱 hit the bodega, feens running like they just caught a caper, or I hear is let me get give me major. Now like a BBL (Brazil but lift) my pockets cake up. I’m from the projects public housing. Stair cases those my couches. My louie belt cause a thousand, and my job is flipping

Winchester 7 & the Runners – “My Super 8” – The song is so bright it’s practically glowing!

Winchester 7 & the Runners are focused on the future, but their latest single “My Super 8”, takes them nostalgically into the past. From the first jangly guitar-like notes and steadfast drumming, we get a hint that this track may not stray too far from its legendary indie rock predecessors.  It hearkens back to a time when guitars shimmered, and shoved throbbing bass and drum arrangements, supporting ear-catching melodies bouncing over the top. The song is so bright it’s practically glowing, with a simply layered arrangement that embraces both distortion and playful spontaneity. Of the most surprising elements here, is

The passionate Brooklyn lyricist V The Saint Presents “BONAFIDE”

Born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, V The Saint is no stranger to hustling and grinding. From rapping as a part of a group when he was 12, to internal conflict forcing him to relocate to Mobile, Alabama for 2 years, V has persevered and weathered many storms to present you with his latest body of work. The passionate Brooklyn lyricist presents, ‘BONAFIDE’, the trials and tribulations of a BONAFIDE hustler, grinder, and father, with witty lines and truth-filled bars. Every song is littered with an honest, brash, and real accounts of what it’s like for a young black man in 2020,


MONOTRONIC’S “BUY YOURSELF A DREAM” VIDEO OUT NOW FEATURED ON VEVO’S INCOMING INDIE PLAYLIST TWO MORE SINGLES SLATED TO BE RELEASED IN 2020. ‘Buy Yourself A Dream,’ starts with an acoustic guitar and pensive vocals but grows with exuberance, bravado, cascading keys, and catchiness — RockNYC New York collective Monotronic is premiering their Ben Kadie directed video for “Buy Yourself A Dream” at, video featured on VEVO’s Incoming Indie Playlist. Led by anthropologist and musician/producer Ramsey Elkholy, the New York-based collective delivers fresh sounding music layered with atmospheric vibes. Their new single, “Buy Yourself A Dream,” is both reflective

Label management and promotion group Power Seat Music Group, LLC allow artists freedom of expression

The major record companies have dominated the market for decades. Their decisions have affected the global industry and have dictated the shape of the business. The sheer size and depth of their catalogues have given them immense power. But that is changing. Their market share is shrinking; their ability to dominate the global market is weakening. Independents labels can now achieve worldwide reach and engagement with music fans through digital distribution and social media; they have strong representation at the highest levels and their share of the market is increasing. As the industry evolves, the independent labels, and management groups,

WaveyOnShore delivers catchy beats and gripping lyrics!

An exciting new rap artist from Toronto, Canada, WaveyOnShore, is all set to make a splash in the hip-hop world. His brand-new sound with exciting catchy beats and gripping lyrics is a refreshing and much-welcomed addition to the art of hip-hop. His brand-new track “Sleep Off The Pain” is one of those songs that hook you in at the first second and takes you on a musical and lyrical journey. His vocals are filled with passion and emotion. His lyrics are poetic. The melody and the beat complement each other and draw the listener in with no intention of letting

BigJohn – ‘Can’t Nobody’ – creativity meets professionalism in an unquestionable manner

One of the best additions to the hip-hop industry this year has been with artist John Anthony Ziegler, most popularly known as BigJohn who has proved himself to be a worthy contender in the genre with his authentic hooks. The musical artist has taken a major step in the right direction by creating sounds that envelop listeners with its huge wash of dynamism that introduces his musicianship in a fresh manner. By letting his creativity meet professionalism in an unquestionable manner, the rapper has recently released his new hip-hop music video ‘Can’t Nobody’ shows why his creativity is worth exploring.

Working Class Hussys – “DNA” – equipped to tug at the heartstrings or add momentary muscle

The new single “DNA”, by Central New Jersey’s Working Class Hussys is a distillation of their manifold strengths – pastoral harmonies, cascading chord progressions, and wistful melodies, all coated in roots Americana beauty and jangly indie and alt-rock crispness. Despite the wide aural reach, the song maintains a powerful nostalgic and familiarity factor. Musically and lyrically, Working Class Hussys are clearly well equipped to tug at the heartstrings or add momentary muscle at the turn of a dime. Their expansive vocals adding to the sentiment embodied in every note and nuance. For however lightheartedly smooth the bounce of the beat

Justin Case Rapping Grandpa – “Dance on my Diamond” ft. Blacktree – precisely attuned to the rapper’s strengths

Named for Artist of the Year by Independent Music Awards, and Producer of the Year by Indie Music Awards, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa is exactly what the title says – a real rapping grandpa. Justin has released dozens of tracks, distributed over more than 100 platforms worldwide. He also has a book out, and finds time to manage other artists, while collaborating and performing with a host of other artists. Justin Case Rapping Grandpa’s latest smash is “Dance on my Diamond” ft. Blacktree. An artist whose discography seems limitless, this single is diverse, a mixture of smooth jangling guitars, snappy

Madame Kapuscinska – “Ascension” – almost too delicious for words!

Despite all the challenges and afflictions life has thrown at her, singer, songwriter and actress, Letitia Kapuscinska aka Madame Kapuscinska, has quietly and proudly been carving out her own lane. Raised by a single mother, she did not meet her biological father until she was 5. Diagnosed as bipolar, Letitia is an avid mental campaigner, and also the lead singer of MAD (Musicians Against Depression). A fiercely independent artist, Madame Kapuscinska has formed Kapuscinscy Empire Music Production through which she releases her own music. As a singer Madame Kapuscinska has won numerous awards, while her music catalog counts a series

INTERVIEW: Merseyside’s The Ryan Robinson Experiment

Ryan Robinson is a musician from Merseyside in the UK. His music tries to mix all the elements he likes about music into one project, mostly being instrumental songs from prog rock to Lo-Fi songs. Robinson plays a multitude of instruments on his songs, from 8-string guitar to mandolin, so people can expect something different from each song.

  1. How long have you been performing and recording, and have you had any formal training?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: I’ve been recording since 2013 and have been formally trained in school and have professional training in electric guitar outside school.

  1. Who have been your major influences in your writing and performing styles?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: I take my influences from a lot of instrumental music but also in pop music, rock and metal. My favorite band Tenacious D was huge in shaping how to make songs but also the feeling you get from each song is so concentrated even without the comedy element they would still be my biggest influence, although I may sound nothing like them but they still are my biggest inspiration

  1. With the music industry always changing and evolving, what are the things you like and don’t like about it? What aspects of the industry do you feel can hurt or help your career today? If you could change anything about how the industry works, what would it be?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: I think the music industry has never been better in terms of the accessibility for small artists but with the bar being low it also does not help the good stuff shine though as often. I’d change the mainstream attention on already established artists and push people to the new.

  1. When you write any new music, can you tell us what the process is like? Describe to us what happens in a typical writing session?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: Anything goes, I don’t have a process I just get ideas and piece by piece build up a song, but I mostly start on guitar or keyboard and just because I start a song on an instrument does not mean I always use the same instrument for the final product

  1. Where do you do most of your recording and production work? And do you outsource any or all of these processes?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: I do it all from my home studio, by having full control over the mix I put a new element into my songwriting then if it was to be mixed by someone else.

  1. Studio work and music creation, or performing and interacting with a live audience, the thought of which excites you most, and why?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: Performing in front of an audience easy, I get the most amount of excitement from music when I hear it live and I think the same is true for the people who listen to my music, both are good but it’s more enjoyable to play live

  1. What is your favorite part about making music? Your least favorite? Why?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: The best part is working to see the full song grow, sitting back and listening to it. There is not really a worse part because you have to learn to grow from your mistakes but I would say it can be disappointing to finish a song, not like it at all and have to scrap it.

  1. Is there a particular song in your catalog of tracks on which you feel you’ve delivered your most perfect performance, technically and emotionally? And is there maybe one song that you keep thinking you should have done differently in some way?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: Seaside summer is my best song up to now, with A Simple Fable at a close second however I would change the solo on that track as it was only meant to be temporary.

  1. What do you consider as the essential elements of your music? What do you think gives it a distinctive Ryan Robinson.

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: That anything goes and I have the ability to tell any story I want, and it’s a great tool.

  1. Disregarding obvious technological trends – Vinyl records, cassettes, CDs or downloads, which do you ultimately prefer and why? 

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: As much I would like to say Vinyl I mostly listen to music on my phone with vinyl as a treat.

  1. What are currently some of the most important tools and/or instruments you’re using in creating your sound?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: Reverb, I love the sound of a clean guitar with plenty of reverb.

  1. You have a brand new album coming shortly could you tell us more about its title and contents?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: I don’t have a title so far but the contents are much different from past work as I don’t want to get too comfortable in my comfort zone.

  1. Taking your upcoming album into consideration, which was the most difficult track to record, the way you wanted, and why?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: The most difficult tracks are the ones with the most experimentation however I believe these songs turn out to be the best.

  1. We understand you are also collaborating with rapper/producer ‘stebedos’ on a song. Could you tell us something about that project?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: This is very exciting for me as Stebedos is a good friend of mine who has helped me with songwriting in past bands I have been in. I hope he brings some different aspects into my music and hopefully some guest vocals.

  1. Do you consider Internet and all the social media websites as fundamental or helpful to your music, and what is your personal relationship with the new technology at hand?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: I understand places like Instagram and Twitter are great places to promote your music but I just hate using it, I’d rather spend the time just recording and playing music but I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to promote on social media.

  1. How essential do you think video is in relation to your music? Do you have a video you would suggest fans see, to get a better understanding of your craft?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: I had a music video that was never released as I believe it didn’t portray my image correctly but I hope to be adding many music videos with the singles on my upcoming album as I know it’s important for that connection with your fans.

  1. What is the best piece of advice regarding the music business that you actually followed so far, and what is the advice you didn’t follow, but now know for sure that you should have?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: My mentality is that if you want something bad enough, unless you’re very very unlucky, you will get it. I have always followed that.

  1. What would you consider a successful, proud or high point in your endeavors so far?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: playing to about 400 people was quite impressive and really motivated me to perform to larger crowds again.

  1. What impact, if any, has Covid-19 had on you and your work so far?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: Not being able to go out just has made me lazy, playing guitar with friends is sometimes the best motivation.

  1. Do you have a specific musical vision that you want to realize during 2020 or the foreseeable future?

The Ryan Robinson Experiment: Just make better music, I don’t want to focus on getting more listeners, just making better quality music that is fun to listen to.


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