Max Mazzim – “Stranger” ft. Boogiie Byrd – easily one of the standouts in her catalog

Nothing excels better than excellence. Max Mazzim is a U.S.A based songwriter, actress, and R&B/Pop singer who has managed to defy all odds, reaching a pinnacle of success, while making her mark both on and off the stage in the music and movie industry worldwide.  The multi-nominated and three-time award winner for Best Music Video in the Pop / R&B genre, was discovered and signed in 2008 by George Hookz the CEO of the Str8team Entertainment Record label then based in Germany. Max Mazzim has never looked back since. The now doctor by day, musician by night, who was raised

Lilla Tillo – “Just A Dream” will transport you to a reflective headspace

There’s nothing quite like the rush of connecting with a great new artist — especially ahead of the pack — but they’re not always easy to find. Music’s increasing DIY culture has left the market saturated with bands and soloists gunning for the big-time, making it that much more difficult for newcomers to breakout. Presenting her dreamy and reflective indie-pop sound, 15 year old Lilla Tillo is ready to take over your playlists and have you feeling in some kind of way. Stripping back the production, Lilla delivers a raw, organic and acoustic backdrop with rich vocal harmonies on her

BlackMayo is a platinum hip-hop Producer and Artist!

Generating over 55 million views from his credits alone Bloomington, Indiana’s, BlackMayo ​is a name to know.​ BlackMayo, is a platinum hip-hop Producer and Artist best known for his hit producing Lil Mosey’s single “Pull Up”, which has reached over 30 million views on YouTube since its release. He initially began to make a name for himself by posting and later selling type beats on YouTube, and has since gained popularity through producing songs such as the single “Valentino” by 24kGoldn that has amassed 22 million views on YouTube. Other artists he’s worked with includes house hold names such as

INTERVIEW: Minneapolis based Christian emcee F’RAEL

F’RAEL is a Minneapolis based Christian emcee, youth pastor, husband and father. F’RAEL aims to create quality sound that will minister to the hearts & minds of young people to draw them closer to their creator. He also aims to promote a musical atmosphere of love, healing, deliverance and relationship in Jesus. F’RAEL brings a Gospel message to the world in Hip-Hop form. His music has been featured on multiple sites and magazines including;,, ’Rep Da King Magazine’ and reviewed by, Afrockin, and more. F’RAEL was also invited to minister at the largest Christian festivals in the

Lorenzo Bazzoni – “The Thrill” – Sweeping strings and excellent percussion complement each other

I would imagine that by now most of you would be familiar with Italian prog-rock, cinematic and symphonic-styled composer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, as he has appeared on our blogs on previous occasions. Last month, Lorenzo released another musical piece, entitled “The Thrill”, which is described as a composition meant to remind us of the thrilling moments in our lives. As you can expect, the progressive feel is prominent throughout the record, contrasted by the rich orchestrated parts and dynamic choral interludes. The sounds are as atmospheric and mesmerizing as ever, whilst also being addictively catchy, plus the melodies actively

Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner – “Not Over You” is a beautifully polished piece of work

Artists like Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner are blurring the lines between country, pop and rock, and creating new fans for all these genres in the process. Great heart-felt lyrics, melodic harmonies and inspiring lead vocals. Storytellers with something worthwhile to say and saying it beautifully to a broad audience. Regardless of genre, good music like this will always stand on its own and attract an ever-growing audience.  It’s easy to see they’re not just in it for commercial ends, Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner appear to love their craft and keep refining it while their own musical preferences continue

Flyguytk & BigMoneyAce Deliver Anthemic & Groovy Trap/Jazz Fusion Single ‘Religions’

About The Release Flyguytk releases an anthemic, grand, and powerful trap/jazz single ‘Religions,’ featuring BigMoneyAce. The release features a groovy beat with a vocal performance that will grasp the listener. ‘Religions’ will hook the listeners in with the lyricism and mesmerizing instrumentation. The single delivers an uplifting progression, a driving bassline, and a raw, uplifting vocal by the artist. Undoubtedly, the single has the ability to resonate with the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that will have people playing it over and over. Flyguytk does an outstanding job of keeping the track refreshing and engaging through

Soul Singer Randy Hall Drops New Solo Single “A New Way of Love” Following Vault Hit with Late Jazz Legend Miles Davis

After years spent in a lucrative retreat from the spotlight, multi-faceted musician/singer Randy Hall is in the midst of a hot streak as a recording artist as hot as his home base: Las Vegas! Randy Hall has enjoyed international chart-topping success with his solo single “How Do You Want Your Love” (co-composed with Kevin Toney, founding keyboardist of Donald Byrd’s Blackbyrds band) which vaulted over superstars such as Charlie Wilson and Usher to hit the top of the U.K. Soul Chart and several others from Brazil to Germany. Next, Hall had the honor of hitting the top of those same

DEEPSYSTEM – “Dame Locura” – This is a kaleidoscope not just of colorful sound, but of ideas too!

When it comes to passionate electro-driven tunes and seductive dancefloor Latin rhythms, few European-based artists can match DEEPSYSTEM for prolificacy and quality. “Dame Locura” is the latest single brilliantly put together by Socoliuc Andrei Marian, Joel the Alien and Murariu Andrei Ionut. This song once again proves that DEEPSYSTEM remains a power player in the globalization of the Latino music, as it continues to showcase his colorful flow and spirit as a beacon in the European movement. DEEPSYSTEM has expertly curated his status by bringing new audiences into his world without compromise, as he still sings and raps in Spanish

Kindle Flame – “Get In My Bag” – an exceptional flow and a gift for conveying emotion through personal experience

Kevon McCready, known to his friends and family as Killa, goes by the moniker of Kindle Flame. “The Church Has knowledge but No flame, I feel like God sent me to kindle the flame,” the artist is quoted as saying. Emerging from his hometown of Crisfield, MD, Flame has been in the game for over 2o years with more than a decade of engineering experience under his belt. Now Chief Executive Operator at Flame Studio, Kindle Flame represents the new generation of Christian rappers. He is a minister, counselor, father, husband, and business owner, whose environment cultivated his interest in

Cha$e Benjamin – “The Fall Out” – moods crash and fall, then rise again

Cha$e Benjamin is an artist from Flint, Michigan. He dropped his mixtape “The Fall Out”, after a devastating break up. The project contains 14 tracks and a bucket load of producers. As peer-level artists are losing their heads to paranoia and politics, Cha$e keeps it real by delivering rhymes firmly rooted in the grim reality of his everyday life. The never-hurried emcee flows smoothly over some unsavory topics revolving around afflicted hearts and more. There are a few grunts of braggadocio, but mostly they’re rhymes of reality, as personal, angry, and occasionally afflicting, as it is. While other hip-hoppers produce synapse-popping pieces of futuristic beat architecture, Cha$e Benjamin plays an autobiographical angle affectingly well.

The Fall Out”, as a whole, drifts by at an even pace – it is a profound record in sound and concept. The solid, minimalist, spacey soundscapes, are occasionally punctuated by percolating bass lines and overt hip-hop rhythmic underpinnings.

There is often piano driven coolness being diffused, and when it comes to its lyrics, a mix of the smartly nihilistic, pragmatically cheerful and a glad-to-be-unhappy lyrical signature that’s irresistible in its sourness purveys the air.

The mixtape kicks off with the jangly guitar motifs on “Picture This” (prod. Monir), and switches to throbbing bass-drum kicks on “Your Loss (prod. AWCCBEATS)”. It’s in Cha$e Benjamin’s melodious tone, and stark mantra flow that these tracks are most effective, as he deals out pieces of simple, stately, poetic autobiography.

This is evident on the croon of “Complexion” (prod. LavishJax), his dry delivery on “Lakeside” (prod. Oasis) as well as the adlibs on “Make Up” (prod.TheKidFrankie).

The mixtape sometimes submerges the listener into deep crevices of destruction for the purpose of understanding the self and the pitfalls that doom us all in relationships. “Heart Broke” ft ANT DOE (prod.YoungTaylor) and “Monday Night (Interlude)” (prod.PrettyJimmy) give us a subtle taste of these troublesome deviations.

The bounce and rhymes on “Summer Love” ft. ANT DOE (prod. Sinato) is a definite attempt to lift the spirits. The mixtape is like an actual wave, as its moods crash and fall, then rise again, all while we frantically hold on. “Ric Flair” (prod. Mayor) maintains the groove momentum of the previous track, as does the head-nodding bump of “Come Thru ft. ANT DOE” (prod. CRXSH).

Amid the maelstrom, Cha$e Benjamin spews line after line of risks and resolutions on the busy backdrop of “Tuesday Morning”. The horns and electric piano on “ROSES” ft. ANT DOE is the step off the well-treaded lane, its heavenly sound threatening to lift you from your chair unless you hold something down.

Through it all, “The Fall Out” is a journey that explores what comes before during and after the lowest point reached. Here, Cha$e Benjamin is in great form, chronicling his mindset in a way that shows his acknowledgement of the path ahead.

In the process, he’s given us an ear-catching means to unfold his narrative. Cha$e Benjamin has separated himself from the crowd by offering a nuanced and well thought-out approach to an otherwise familiar set of topics.  Throughout the project, the rapper manages to outline the full scope of his narrative, while maintaining an underlying sense of bravado and flare.

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