INTERVIEW: Aubrey Banks aka The Fresh Prince – Lifestyle Engineer, Brand Architect, Style Composer, and A&R of Musicheads

Based in Atlanta and Los Angeles, Aubrey Banks aka The Fresh Prince, is a Lifestyle Engineer, Brand Architect, Style Composer, and the A&R of Musicheads. How did you get into the music industry? Aubrey Banks: Honestly by accident, I was a celebrity stylist and was styling a lot of major musicians, then decided to venture into music production and it worked. So how long have you been in the music industry? Aubrey Banks: I have been in the music industry for almost 16 years to date! Can you explain more about what you do with music production? Aubrey Banks: I

Aneessa – “Just to Be with You” – a silky edge and warm-blooded intimacy

I’m not the type to defend everything any of my favorite artists’ release, nor am I inclined to adore what does not impress, inspire or initiate emotional responses, but that simply does not apply to the latest release by Aneessa. Here she presents a smooth and colorful blend of instruments and voice, the jazz backdrop taking a soft but edgy and effective backseat to Aneessa’s vocals – sweet, soft, yet powerful and lyrically impressive. One of seven children with a wide range of musical tastes all around her, Aneessa was born in Saint-Étienne in eastern central France. Initially, she made

INTERVIEW: Rz Shahid – An Alternative Hip-Hop artist based out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota!

Rz Shahid is an Alternative Hip-Hop artist based out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota! Known for providing smooth flows with ear catching and even catchy lyrics over unique production. Being Vulnerable and being free is what’s provided into the groovy tunes. Rz is also one of the seven founders of the people’s protection coalition that runs a mutual aid service in Minneapolis. Plus his company Art Of Xanadu where he releases his music under and has his AOX clothing line. Rz has a hand in many creations, whether it’s his day job as a personal trainer or working on


AS MANY PEOPLE GRAPPLE WITH THE UPCOMING US ELECTION AND POLITICAL MOTIVATIONS THE JOHNSON PARTY DELIVER A SONG AND VIDEO FOR “CAN’T LET THE BASTARDS WIN” A SINGALONG ANTHEM FOR ALL While protest songs never went away, a worldwide awakening has created a need for more voices to rise, enter The Johnson Party a musical collective based out of the mountain ski town of Truckee, CA. At the height of the 2020 global pandemic and social unrest, while millions of people are risking their health and safety by waiting in long lines to cast their vote. The Johnson Party are

7 Lord – “Drop” – a melody-driven banger with a very good verses

7 Lord’s single, “Drop”, has everything to do with his wordplay and storytelling prowess. And even more to do with his flow and his voice: a deep, swollen and smooth resonance that quietly rumbles over the piano-driven and bubbling bass influenced soundtrack, with mellifluous grace, stringing together vowels and consonants until any one word can rhyme with any other word. 7 Lord’s baritone voice is perfectly fit for the sleek music that he came up with on “Drop”, and that is what makes this release much more than your average rap track. And also why 7 Lord’s name will soon

The Amatory Murder are proud to release ‘Room 208​’, the third single off their upcoming record ‘Singularity Complex’

The Amatory Murder are proud to release Room 208​, the third single off their upcoming record Singularity Complex.​ ​Room 208​ is shot by director Jonathan Rivera — who is no stranger to working with the band on their visual endeavors (Rivera attended high school with singer Christian Peppas aka Xian Murder and has been a go-to filmmaker over the years). This fun, sexy, short “horror-esque” film has Rivera taking an initial gritty, abstract idea and bringing it to life — this time pushing some boundaries. Really looking to think outside the box, the band also enlisted the services of longtime

YAGI – “How You Do That” – Turn up the volume and the roof will be levitating off your house!

The legendary city of Houston has produced a number of artists that will go down in history as hip hop pioneers, who helped expand rap music within the south. Currently coming out of Houston (TX), YAGI is an emerging artist born in New York, and who moved to Houston to play football at U of H. The production on YAGI’s latest single “How You Do That” consists of the same dramatic, emotional, somewhat dark, and banging sonic backdrop, fans have come to expect of rap’s new wave of artists. YAGI has a deep and resonant voice ready for hard-edged gangsta

Lokye – “Color Coated 2” – the sound of an artist evolving directly on record

Brian H Newman is an abstract artist from NYC who has been living and creating in Detroit since 2009. Graduated from CCS with BFA, he is the owner of Art Gallery Granny’s Chandelier in Hamtramck M.I. Primarily a mixed Media artist with a focus on figurative abstraction, and surrealist philosophy, when he switches his artistic gaze towards blending lyrics and instrumentals he takes on the moniker of Lokye. His album, “Color Coated 2”, pushes the genre forward musically, by looking back stylistically. The beats are extremely alternative and jazzy. It is not a hook-heavy record, instead this is hip hop

The 4PACK Ent. Music Group Presents MACKronyms – “Take Me Away” Video

The 4PACK Ent. Music Group Presents MACKronyms “Take Me Away” ft. Johnny Blk Reese as Heckle and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles as Jeckle. By and large, “Take Me Away” has the classic MACKronyms sound: a warm and crisp confluence of cinematic hip-hop, old school lyrical flows, and a modern soulful hook, all mixed and mastered impeccably. Here MACKronyms have once again captured the energy and depth that has made them such an important and inimitable act in the first place. Johnny Blk Reese and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles come with a sense of urgency, deep introspective thought, and camaraderie. It

PlantBassed – “Lambo” (Original Mix) – a banging combination of percussion, synths, and voices!

In most cases, EDM producers are reacting to what’s going on around them. On a basic level, some produce in line with trends, while others produce in contrast to them. Sometimes though it is possible that an artist as singular as PlantBassed is able to blend everything that’s going on in the electronic environment. And he can do it in one single project. Put another way, if you listen to the track “Lambo” (Original Mix), you’ll notice that there aren’t many producers out there making PlantBassed music – a rhythmic and frenzied banging combination of percussion, synths, and voices. The

Tapedeck 45 – “Songs For the Socially Distanced” can transport you from the confines of your listening space to a remote locale

Tapedeck 45 are an Indie Rock band from Dundee and Perth. After years of changes the band has recently settled as a 5 piece. This year they had a UK summer tour in the planning stages and the release of their long awaited debut EP. However with the world in lockdown and the summer tour postponed the band decided to delay the release of the EP until this could be toured and promoted at shows and events. In the meantime Tapedeck 45 challenged themselves to write, record and release and EP about the lockdown with the minimum resources at their disposal. The result is the 3 track recording, aptly titled “Songs For the Socially Distanced”.

Tapedeck 45 is an easy band and to fall in love with. Thick haunting atmospheres, lots of guitars – acoustic and electric, intense melodies, beautiful vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Though it may be difficult to adequately describe the sound that the band creates, as expansive would be an understatement, and an overstatement simultaneously.

There’s so much going on, but not in an overwhelming sense. They can go from the bare yet textured acoustics of the “Reclaim Me” intro, to the dense alt-rock built on thickets of crunchy guitar riffs on “All You Gotta Do”. Or they can straddle somewhere in-between with the jangly up-tempo hybrid “Home”.

Tapedeck 45 deliver the sort of organic-styled warmth you didn’t think existed in music anymore, but somehow, through the magic of production and the work of a band that knows exactly what sound they want, there it is.

Tapedeck 45 is one of those rare collectives that can simply transport you from the confines of your listening space, to a remote locale, with grandiose arrangements and rich echoey harmonies. The percussion thumps and smacks, but never bangs, the guitars can be as gentle as they are ferocious. One moment you’ll be caught up in a sweet croon, and the next an explosion of sound that will jostle you.

From the moment “Home” begins to narrate the gravity of the lockdown, forging contrasting choruses to illustrate how the situation was affecting people differently, sonic textures become aplenty on this record. All of this together, presents listeners with a triad of songs that are bursting with sound, yet economical in their instrumental distribution.

“Reclaim Me”, a song about staying strong and trying to maintain normality, in a period which is anything but normal, is regarded by the band as the essential core of this project. It also showcases the band’s ability to craft catchy Indie-Pop gems dominated by organic-styled instrumentation.

I’m seriously attracted to “All You Gotta Do”, with its urgent forward progression and hard-edged guitar riffs. “The track addresses the issue that most musicians will face when locked up,” says Tapedeck 45, “becoming an alcoholic.” The beauty here, in this track, and the others, is to be found in the moment. Every meticulously planned-out second plays its part in establishing a cohesive, emotional whole.

The crux of the power in these songs comes from the interplay between the bands Alt-pop instincts and their Indie-rock intentions. “Songs For the Socially Distanced” is mellifluous and immediate, with bright grizzled edges and engagingly captivating hooks, but it’s also a sonic collage of diametrical puzzle pieces, which craftily complete the whole harmoniously.


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