Aubalet Jani is an Assyrian artist born in Erbil, Iraq and raised in Ankawa, where he lived for 14 years before migrating to Canada from Lebanon. He now resides in London Ontario, from where he is sending out his beats worldwide. Currently working on his catalog, the Canadian based producer has released his first single, entitled “Dark Stormy Nights”. This track is absolute fire, thanks to the thrilling burst of powerful electricity that ignites the thunderous beat. Aubelet knows how to inject cinematic magnificence into his music as he combines growling basslines bass and bold chord progressions, with scintillating synths motifs.

“Dark Stormy Nights” is welded together by the thumping kick-drum which has one of the best low end thuds I have ever heard in the underground, to create a piece of art that’s bursting with ideas that impressively complement one another. It’s clear that the mastering and mixing on “Dark Stormy Nights”, is cutting edge quality – an area in which many independent artists fail to impress.

This often happens, simply because unsigned don’t give mixing, and especially mastering, the attention it deserves, or because they themselves don’t possess the correct high-end technology to execute the process correctly.

I’m not sure how Aubalet Jani solved this enigma, but “Dark Stormy Nights” bangs with an unheard of fury that will blow your woofers to smithereens if you crank up the volume too high. The blistering energy that this track unfolds across its runtime, is impressive.

What we have on “Dark Stormy Nights”, is two minutes and forty nine seconds minutes of highly atmospheric, expertly arranged, texturally thumping music that sounds distinctly of an extremely thoughtful and creative producer.

Moreover, a producer who is both musically and technically on point. “Dark Stormy Nights” could so easily be the soundtrack to an epic movie, as its construction contemplates varying moods that explode into a euphoric apex of crushing sound.

I can’t think of many other independent artists that drop an official debut single with this kind of quality, regardless of genre. Coming out of nowhere, “Dark Stormy Nights” effectively bends the conversation towards Aubalet Jani, proving that his detailed, hard-hitting, cinematic style of production is enough to stand and shine on its own, or even fold around a selection of high-level collaborators.

Electronic based music, more than every other modern genre, is evolving at breakneck speed. With technology always improving and a variety of sounds and creative possibilities becoming more accessible, there are no limits to its growth.

From what I can hear, Aubalet Jani has found his niche within this trailblazing aesthetic, and mastered it. Right from the start “Dark Stormy Nights” encapsulates him as a force to be reckoned with, as he moves forward with his career. Word is also out that Aubalet Jani is a singer too, which means, for him, the possibilities are endless.