Many people resort to toxic methods in order to cope with failed relationships and other chaotic situations, hence life has become unpleasant or even unbearable for many. “Reflections” the new song by 3Mind Blight featuring Sophie Dorsten talks about failed relationships and anxiety from chaotic situations and hopes to helpContinue Reading

In October Spaceman released Fascist Utopia, a project whose cover depicted an apocalyptically saccharine hell-scape of state-enforced “harmony” and “good will”. That the cover depicted a decidedly Trump-esque figure was of minor consequence to me, the central point, of the hypocrisy of a society more interested in surface level appearancesContinue Reading

Singer and rapper VAN, mixes rap, indie-pop, and other wonderful electronic styles into characteristically luscious, reserved, and heartfelt gems. Full of arrangements both nuanced and bombastic, as well as deeply distinctive vocals and melodies, his records showcase an exceptional formula. His latest outing, “Fake Love”, charts a substantially similar route.Continue Reading

Ayhan Sahin’s fourth solo single marks the finale release from the long-awaited full-length collaborative project “Pop”. The upcoming and long awaited album “Pop” features iconic artists of pop music’s timeline such as The Village People’s iconic cowboy Randy Jones, platinum selling artist Anita Ward, veteran recording artists Jerri BoKeno alongContinue Reading