The experimental-electro two-piece Kemikal Storm, originally started out as a project called Tempesta Kimika. After a decade spent refining their skills, the duo’s growth towards exploring uncharted sonic terrain and tapping into an all-new vein of creativity in music, induced them to rebrand. The combination of instruments, the epic build-upContinue Reading

illrecur is the moniker used by Jeremy Allen Pursell. The American music project was founded by Pursell, the only official member. Since 1997, thirty-nine instrumental albums have been released. The music explores a wide range of styles, while often using experimental ideas. Interests between music, psychology, mood, behavior, memory, story-telling,Continue Reading

Sienná, a native from Kyoto, Japan, living in Oslo, Norway, who pursues her vast musical talents for songwriting, musical production, DJing, and more, announced the release of her latest electronica album, “Q.o.S”. Recognized for her distinguishably unique sound, consisting of electronic bases, avant-garde, house, jazz, traditional Japanese, contemporary Japanese, and experimental,Continue Reading

Minneapolis collective Emerald Suspension is the experimental art collective that combined stock market and economic data to make experimental music on their album, “Playing the Market”.  Their creative spirit now takes on new life with their second full length album, “DIVINATION”. If you took all the sweet-greasy-tasty bits of techno, big beat,Continue Reading