Unlike so many modern hip-hop releases, the single “Krossy”, by born-in-San-Francisco, raised-in-San-Diego artist, Cesar Belifonte, is a concise and straight-to-the-point, self-empowering, skill-flexing banger, with no signs of over-indulgence or unnecessary features.  Belifonte cuts to the core, explaining what it means to be a Krossy – or rather, a person fromContinue Reading

An interesting artist weaves an interesting story. Truly an impressive artist, I.K.M.B.T’s style blends R&B with soul, and hip-hop and the odd influence here and there. He has managed to unite his influences with a conscious, relevant melodic flow, which is poised, confident, and evident in his single “As ofContinue Reading

Some people have hesitation about going into the music industry, but this was never the case for D.Tech. The twenty-eight-year-old Miami native would begin with music production at the age of ten before learning music theory and the basics of composition while playing the clarinet and violin. By his freshmanContinue Reading

In today’s fickle rap industry, it is difficult to find artists who are profound, honest, and interesting. President/CEO and Founder of Wyoming/Utah hip-hop recording label and artistic collective SUB|ROK RECORDS , Gentry Fox, who is also an artist, record producer, actor, director, designer, visionary entrepreneur is known for his passion, real, raw,Continue Reading