F’RAEL is a Minneapolis based Christian emcee, youth pastor, husband and father. F’RAEL aims to create quality sound that will minister to the hearts & minds of young people to draw them closer to their creator. He also aims to promote a musical atmosphere of love, healing, deliverance and relationshipContinue Reading

Sleep Signals have released a new single entitled “Fireproof”  Minneapolis hard rock quintet, Sleep Signals, have garnered a dedicated following through relentless tour, their explosive live performances, and their ability to blend catchy hooks with their high-energy songwriting style and delivery. 2020 continues to be a huge year forContinue Reading

Minneapolis collective Emerald Suspension is the experimental art collective that combined stock market and economic data to make experimental music on their album, “Playing the Market”.  Their creative spirit now takes on new life with their second full length album, “DIVINATION”. If you took all the sweet-greasy-tasty bits of techno, big beat,Continue Reading