The new, official HD video, for the song “Rush Hour” by guitarist extraordinaire Robbie Tee from his latest EP release, Acoustic Interludes & One is doing the rounds, as the chosen promo song for the album.

Even though for us, “Rush Hour” doesn’t truly portray the album sound textures as a whole. It being the “One” in the album title, while the other interludes are all acoustic guitar based melodies. However this song probably will have  more commercial and radio impact than the other tracks, that remain beautiful and impressive interpretations nonetheless.

“Rush Hour” is the kind of song you spin inside your automobile while driving down the highway.  Just crank up the volume and let this uplift your soul and spirit. The beat sits tight on a driving kick and snare drum, and a cool road-running bassline. Robbie Tee shifts in,out and around the rhythm with some splendidly dynamic riffs and shreds, building  waves of exciting musical crescendos with his left-handed axe work.

We didn’t quite understand the intent of the video, though the skeleton is rather cute and all…but when the music and the artist, is of this caliber, just close your eyes and listen to the magic weaved on that guitar. Few indie guitarists are able to switch genres so easily and convincingly.