Our sister website Jamsphere The Indie Rock Magazine has come under attack from a mysterious hacker or group of hackers and has suffered a domain high-jacking attempt. In fact Jamsphere which changed hosting companies and transferred all domains about six months ago, now has it’s website domain cited as “expired” on all searches.

For obvious reasons clients, musicians and music fans have been in an uproar thinking that Jamsphere has closed it’s doors unexpectedly.  This is far from the truth, probably the massive growth the website has been seeing in recent months has caused some envy. This is the second attack launched on Jamsphere in the past twelve months. About eight months ago the Radio Station suffered an attack by a group of Russian hackers.

The hosting company for Jamsphere are currently working on the problem, stating that that everything should be sorted out within 72 hours.

The JAMSPHERE magazine is currently rated by readers as one of the most influential and popular indie music magazines and reviewing websites on the net.

“It is our goal to continue supporting the growth of indie music”, said JAMSPHERE CEO Rick Jamm,”everytime they try to put us down, we get up much stronger than before. We know we’re going in the right direction, because our detractors are pointing us there.”

“We thank all our clients, advertisers and readership who have shown an abundance of patience and trust,” he added.