The anger within the Jamsphere Magazine and Radio Network mounts as this prestigious indie music website remains down and “expired” after a week of negotiating. Jamsphere CEO Rick Jamm explained that: “The one thing I have learned with this experience is never to register your domain name with your webhosting company. In the event of any dispute, your hosts can lock and hijack your domain, damaging your business indefinitely.”

He continued: ” We changed our hosting company about 5 or 6 months ago and also put in a request for domain a transfer at about the same time. During this 6 month period we have had various offers to buy our website and domain. However we have always refused to sell, as our goal is to make Jamsphere the prime promotion magazine for indie music on the web. Something which had started happening in a big way. A week back, If you did a Google search on indie music, we’d almost always be top of the list.”

“We obviously took the purchase offers too lightly, I’m not sure. But in the meantime we have discovered our old hosts to be scammers and hackers who are actually being investigated by the FBI for fraud. Many of their ex-clients have confirmed that they had been hacked and their domains locked on moving away from these hosts. We seriously fear that this has also happened to us. Our new hosts had promised to get us back on-line within 72 hours, but thus-far without any success .”

“Obviously we cannot stay down indefinitely so we have taken the decision that if the situation does not change within 24 hours, we will be forced to change our domain. We have over 100,000 loyal followers on twitter and over 10,000 unique visitors to Jamsphere daily, not to mention the thousands of indie artists and advertisers who trust our work. So our final word to all detractors out there is ,we will not sellout or stay down!

So expect some drastic changes during the next few days.

We will obviously be keeping our readers informed if any changes take place, so keep watching this space.