Sound Therapy: The Awakened Alpha Chakra

Never heard of the Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite? Well up until now, neither had we.
So now you’re wondering if it’s a new album by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or if you’ll find it on the Billboard Top100 charts?
The answer is no on both counts and to be perfectly honest and downright audacious, this CD compilation cannot even be considered music, in the strict sense of the word.
So what is this album doing in a music magazine?
Well music is made up of sounds, and this CD manipulates and produces sounds in such a way, that it could quite possibly improve and have a very positive effect on your lifestyle.
And that’s music to our ears!
So what is Awakened Alpha Chakra then?
Well it is sound therapy that has to do with “Alpha” Meditation.
And what is “Alpha” meditation?

Alpha brain waves operate between 8 and 13 cycles per second. This brainwave frequency occurs during day dreaming, fantasizing and creative visualization. This brainwave frequency is often associated with a deeply relaxed state, and with light trance or meditation. It can make for a very refreshing and relaxing “break” during the day, especially when times are stressful.

Dr. Jane Maati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D.

Dr. Jane Maati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D., describes The Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite CD, which includes a 9 page eBook with complete information about the Chakras which can help you relieve stress and it’s symptoms, to be a very special CD indeed.

It is programmed with binaural beat brainwave entrainment, a sound therapy technique that is very powerful. It has been shown that brainwave entrainment is highly effective at inducing meditative and states. This is a great break through for anyone who wants to meditate, but did not have the time or teacher to learn how.

This type of meditation is also more effective than usual meditation because of the brainwave entrainment; this program can help induce a deep, Alpha level of meditation, leaving you with a feeling of deep peace and balance.

One important note: headphones or earbuds must be used for the binaural beat frequencies to be effective, and it works best to get them on the correct ears (right on right, left on left) Also, this is a deep meditative brainwave entrainment program, so play it safe; no driving, drinking, using heavy machinery, cooking, or supervising small children. Just lay back, relax, close your eyes, and get ready for one of the most unique and powerful Chakra meditations you will ever experience!

The tones will progress up, from the Root Chakra to the Crown, spending about 4-5 minutes at each. You may actually feel something at each point, experience the release of trapped emotions, physical feelings, vibrations, euphoria… each individual experience will be different, and your personal experience may not be the same each time, as you progress on your path of spiritual growth.

The frequencies used in this program are not only attuned to the Chakras, but also to the Earth… the brainwave entrainment tones progress along what are called the Shumann Resonances. The Shumann Resonance is the magnetic frequency of our planet Earth. The goal is, to not only realign your energy to the correct Chakra balances, but also to realign you to a feeling of balance with the planet. This is not music as you may be used to; it is pure healing tones using Tibetan singing bowls and ancient Solfeggio frequencies.

Remember, you must wear headphones to reap the benefits of this program, and it works best to get them on the correct ears (right on right, left on left) Also, this is a deep meditative brainwave entrainment program, so play it safe; no driving, drinking, using heavy machinery, cooking, or supervising small children. Just lay back, relax, and close your eyes for a well deserved break!

The Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite has had rave reviews from meditation enthusiasts and sound therapy fans alike, confirming the claim that this CD could almost certainly improve and enrich the quality of your lifestyle.

Which, quite frankly speaking, offers a lot more than what’s currently available on the Billboard Top100 charts.




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