Bobby Runk, a musician, like his father, since he was 9, spent most of career in reinsurance business, but is gripped always by his creative impulses.

He wrote and published a successful golf humor book in 1990 titled “How to Line Up Your Fourth Putt.” After having sold 55,000 copies on his own, an expanded and revised edition was published in 2007 by Random House.

In 2006, spurred on by the discovery of Pro Tools, software that allowed him to capture and arrange his song ideas, Bobby decided to get serious about his interest in music and, in particular, songwriting.

Then ~ at the tender age of “50 sumthin” ~ Bobby was discovered by Gary Katz, the record producer particularly well-known for his Steely Dan work. Together, they produced Runk’s debut album, “Bobby Runk: Good Company.”

“Good Company” sums up Bobby’s creative talent pretty well.

The best piece of advice I can give is to put this album on and forget the phone, emails, and real life for an hour or so and just let the inner you come out and ride on the musical journey Bobby Runk has prepared here. It’s a cool journey, so jump onboard and set your spirit free!

With all the trouble in the world nowadays, it’s nice to have the comfort of something uplifting and entertaining to help take your over-stressed mind on a much needed escape for a little while and Bobby Runk delivers the goods, with this album.

The GOOD COMPANY album cover.

“Good Company” is a studio album full of the kind of smart, sassy, well-written and performed tunes about life and coping that make Bobby such a complete performer.

The lyrics are always well crafted as Bobby brings his talented craftsmanship with words to this album and does not disappoint on any of the subject matter dealt with. A large part of the success is due to the sense of honesty that comes shining through every word.

The album is a perfect mix of moody, mellow compositions like “I Will Remember You” and “100 Years Or So” or funky, hip-swaying tunes like “You Won’t Suffer” and “You Better Run,Henry,” with moving rhythms that will have you tapping your toes and wiggling your body to the beats.

The musical production proves to be top notch as the album is a joy to listen to. The sounds and mixes used, are typical of this genre, giving it a proven authenticity. A treat for the ears that brings back a particular era long ago, when producers created albums that were ‘busy’ but ‘easy’ on listening ears. And Gary Katz was always a master at it.

The band also proves itself more than capable of just about any type of music and they do it all well. They’re always ready to blow you away as they crank out great performances of the many different styles of music found on the album.

“Good Company” gives the band and Bobby Runk a chance to showcase impressive skills playing rowdy ripping rock, blues, country and more!

If you like your country-rock sounds unpretentious, honest and uplifting. You’ll truly enjoy this album a lot.