Chicago’s Tree or @MCTREEG to fans, is pushing his video project featuring @Rogizz. It’s entitled “Church” and can be found doing the views on Youtube.

@MCTREEG and @ROGIZZ are amongst a rare breed of talented emcees moving up in Chicago.
This new single release “Church” comes off their critically acclaimed mixtape, #SUNDAYSCHOOL. The video was shot and inspirered by director Davey Greenberg of Elephilms who has worked with a whole bunch of important hiphop artists.

The video features @MCTREEG in a car while driving across to church, fixing his tie and rapid-fire shooting inspirations, questions, doubts and dilemmas about God and the sinners, the players and hustlers. @ROGIZZ joins in to stir up the challenge and drive home the point.

Tree delivers rhymes in a unique style that at first may almost sound irritating, but once you’re up listening you can’t stop, because the dawg’s flow is hypnotic on the ear.

Tree‘s hollering soul-tune samples, are unconstrained and distinctive, while the overall sound on the “Sunday School” mixtape seems purposefully jagged and elaborate at the same time. The beats and rhythms grind ahead solemnely, under a strident set of deviant samples that oscillate in all aural directions.

Tree’s lyrics are also better than your average mainstream rapper. He’s lyrics are smarter, sometimes has more humor and eventually dig a whole lot deeper. And of course you know he’s got that unique flow.

Tree’s evocative rap style, brain-twisted storytelling and creative sound production, does the rest to completely capture listener attention.

So the single “Church,” is a good place to start and get to know @MCTREEG. But I would advise rap fans to go one step further and grab the “Sunday School” mixtape, for a full immersion into the unique world of @MCTREEG.