KING D ROYALTY is known for his creation of RAPSOUL MUSIC & POPSOUL MUSIC which he says is bringing on a new era and genre of music.

KING D ROYALTY is known as a rapper, vocalist, writer, producer and actor. He is a professional based in Tallahassee Florida and has over ten years of experience with project design and music completion. His projects have also been featured in many trade publications.

KING D ROYALTY says he is proud of what he has achieved thus far, and added:“My passion for what I do continues to grow each and every day. I love to break new ground with each new project I embark upon.”

He is currently leading a workshop relating to his field of expertise and is available for private sessions, speaking engagements or consultations with music production.

KING D ROYALTY Mixing It Up With The Ladies

Royalty Records & Productions Inc. are certain that they will bring your vision to life. They are skilled at creating a wide range of artistic pieces, including:

Audio production
Web sites
Cartoon and Comic Book Art
Educational Materials
Greeting Cards
Line Art
Grills & more

KING D ROYALTY feels he is a one-of-a-kind talent, and maybe better known as a one man army. Speaking on his past experiences of trials and tribulations, he says,“If I can’t do it myself it can’t be done. With God all things are possible.”

On Youtube KING D ROYALTY is clocking up the views and his video “Swagger” is pushing towards the 200,000 mark, as he builds his fanbase day by day. His brand of rhythm and rhyme can also be found populating top music websites like Jango and Coast2Coast.

KING D ROYALTY is also known for his charity contributions in the community and inspiring the youth to aim high and dream. Not to mention his particular penchant for being the life and soul of parties and his refined taste for trendy fashions.

In fact KING D ROYALTY also plans on releasing his KING D ROYALTY Clothing and Diamond line in the near future, but first the self-proclaimed King of Rapsoul, is currently working hard on the release of his debut album, while his growing fanbase await the event, almost impatiently and with great expectations.

KING D ROYALTY knows for sure, that once you’re proclaimed KING, you need to work hard and deliver high quality results each and every time to stay at the top and hold on to your crown. No matter what obstacles you have in front of you.

So in closing KING D ROYALTY has left this message for all friends and fans: “I’m here to stay. Got mad love for everybody. Enjoying life, my fans, friends and family. Support the movement and remember that God has the last say in whatever you do in life. Stay prayed up because the devil is busy and so are the haters.”