Jaebone is an up and coming solo-artist specializing in an edgy blend of hip-hop and rock music. Born in a small town and adopted at birth, Jaebone has moved around and lived in many different places and states but hip hop was always in his life from an early age.

Before writing music, he had a short story and 2 poems published before graduating high school in Virginia. Immediately after graduation, Jaebone moved to Phoenix, AZ by himself to get away from the bad influences and self-destructing people around him. He received a scholarship to Arizona State University but after a year there he realized that college wasn’t his thing, so he dropped out to find his own direction in life. With no job or responsibilities though, he just started partying all day every day. He started racking up small-time charges and a serious debt. Hustling was the only solution he saw, so that’s what he did. Depressed, broke, and alone Jaebone started to write raps again as a necessary outlet for his angst and aggression, which progressed into songs. There was a moment of clarity at some point where he realized music was his true calling.
Today Jaebone owns and runs a successful marketing company and has just released recording his debut album, “Who I Am.”

Rap artist JAEBONE, transcends genres with his album “Who I Am”

Drop the press kits. Forget about some of the wack crap you get in the mail. Of all the indie hiphop and rap albums to sleep on, this might possibly be this year’s big one. If ears have opinions, Jaebone is on a one-way road to success.

The album concept is brilliant, yet elementary enough to seem childlike. There are, of course, many musicians, who have also gone with the storybook approach, each track representing a chapter of the writer’s life experiences. Only in this case actual “chapters” are never mentioned or even alluded to. By way of each song’s grandiosity and profoundness, it is assumed. Each song is a gorgeous take on life and it’s composing elements. Life, death, sex and money, are treated with equal, no limits explicitness.

Jaebone doesn’t hold back on his fans in any way. His gut-busting beats and rhymes, on bittersweet melodies like “Breathe” and heavyweight flows like “Alien Entity,” testify to the man’s competence and dedication to his art.

The album is jam-packed, with real quality highlights you’ll be hard pressed to find on mainstream labels, let alone indie recordings.

Tracks like “Life Or Death,” “I Keep Flyin,” “Headed For The Light” or the title track, “Who I Am” ft. Ashleigh Munn, are absolute standouts. The compositions, arrangements and production is top drawer. Explicit language aside, these tracks could sit comfortably, along with any big name rap hits, on any FM radio chart, as from now!

Jaebone’s streetwise phrasing, is a delicate mix of classic poetry and clever rhyming. His high degree of lyrical pedigree flows throughout the album, as he pumps out sex jams and club congenial material with an unforced, natural zeal. His songs are hypnotic, melodic and downright catchy. Jaebone delivers crossover songs that disregard genres, and even if you don’t like rap, you’ll find yourself humming or tapping along to the grooves and hooks this artist creates.

At times, on the album, Jaebone lets us see his past weaknesses, as he opens his recently healed wounds to the world. But, he remains strong throughout, even though he still seems to be bleeding deep down underneath. His frustration and pain is potently extracted through the music, like on the tracks “My Victory,” “Collie Weed,” “Laid Myself To Rest” or “Let It Burn.”

So many rappers nowadays flap, fold and waver like a flag in the wind of changing trends. Their interchangeable ideals switching from day to day. They go up the flagpole to bask in the sun for a few fleeting moments, then come down again when the day is done.

On “Who I Am,” throughout the sixteen excellent, no-compromise tracks, Jaebone confirms that he is currently a flagpole rather than a flag. His sound and message is strong, honest and never wavering, while he stands tall in pushing forward to unfold his new day to all fans and music lovers!

Never since the release of  The Marshall Mathers album, way back in 2000, have I been so impressed by a debut rap album. The fact that it is independently produced, infinitely enhances the experience.

Jaebone definitely deserves all the attention he can get and so must his collaborators; Ashleigh Munn, Seth Rock, Cryptic Wisdom, Marka, Blasfame and Anna, whose contributions enrich this album to the highest possible levels.

I am not an outright rap music lover, and often I have been skeptical of this music genre, but I highly recommend “Who I Am” as a collection piece, to all true music lovers.

This album proves to be a production milestone, and testifies beyond any doubt, that with particular attention to detail, independent artists can deliver quality arrangements and productions, to match their creative artistic abilities, regardless of genre!

The album is available for purchase on Itunes, Amazon, and also on Spotify.