WARNING: EXPLICIT MATERIALBobscare is the lead singer of S.L.a.P.-TV (short for Squeal Like a Pig-TV), based in London, UK. Bobscare loves anything to do with John Waters, cats, weed, drag queens, female rappers, clowns, robots, reality tv, and making stuff.

Recently S.L.a.P.-TV (ft. Bobscare) released a video for their new song “Walk on the Left”, which is being released as the ALTERNATIVE London 2012 Summer Games Theme Song.

According to Bobscare and S.L.a.P.-TV: “The song’s repeated use of the word “cunt” is not intended to be shocking or offensive, but there is not really any other way to describe someone texting or talking on the phone while walking on a the wrong side of a busy pavement/sidewalk and NOT looking where the fuck they are going. And its dangerous…….because I might kill you 😉
What I find offensive is the billions of pounds being wasted on the Summer Games when more and more homeless people on streets of London, due to so many essential services be taken away from the regular citizens of London.
It will be like living in a Police State with a few sporting events thrown in.”

“Walk on the Left” starts off silly and gets sillier, but the mono-phrase lyrics lull the senses just right, allowing the song’s summery groove and message to grab hold with authority.

Everywhere on the song, gigantic groovy beats are dropped with pinpoint precision, giving it a momentum that transforms a repetitive melody into a sudden revelation. There are dashes of disco, oodles of electro new wave and dance cheese, all set off with efficient house beats. This genre is hard to describe, even if you love electronic music and techno and all that sort of thing. This however, is something different.

The voice and music in this song, are all really just toyed with by S.L.a.P.-TV (ft. Bobscare). Everything is just a way to get you into a feeling, a rhythm, a beat, and to communicate a simple message, which comes across loud and clear rather explicitly. Unless of course you have a cellphone stuck to your ear and can’t hear a fucking thing!

The more you hear this song, the more it will grow on you. The more you get into it, the more you will like it, and consequently, the more you will listen to it! This may be an acquired taste, but it’s definitely a taste you’ll be glad you acquired, if you dig electronic music in general. Just keep an open mind.

This is more, than just more of the same repetitive techno/electronica you’ve heard. This is original and unique, socially alert, tongue-in-cheek rhythms, like only the Brits can make ’em.

So get off the phone, cunt!
Walk on the left…and give it a try!

S.L.a.P.-TV (ft. Bobscare) tumblr page