Fatal Jones is a hip hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. He’s what most people in baseball would consider a 5 tool player. Meaning he can do it all. Fatal Jones writes his own lyrics and comes up with all of the hooks and concepts for his music. Whether it be dance, club, street, thought provoking or metaphoric, Fatal Jones can do it. His performed at many venues throughout NYC and has been featured in a few Hip-Hop publications. Fatal Jones has also had his songs played on various web and college radio stations as well.

The description of rap music has greatly transformed in recent years. This transformation isn’t to say that gangsta or `southern’ rap idioms are dead, but in recent times, rap has become characterized by a more alternative, crossover nature. Opponents may state this has compromised the style, while proponents will claim this intellectualizes the genre. Positions aside, promising rapper Fatal Jones’ latest project, “iRod Nano the EP” falls in line with modern rap.

It’s apparent from track one, that Fatal Jones is a good rapper (punchlines, flow, etc.) and shines as a hook writer. He is also a talented slick liner MC with a little pop edge, who has the ability to use weird combos of beats and change his flow during songs.

“iRod Nano the EP” incorporates a top notch production with some snappy handpicked sound samples to spice up the banging tracks.

The “Shelli Cole” intro opens the album, leading into the notable groove of “Camp Crystal Lake (Diesel Mix),” where Fatal Jones quickly establishes himself through his agile rhyme, masterfully playing with words and establishing a rousing swagger.

“Stand Up!” featuring Niesha Symone, rides on a skeletal, minimalist acid-jazz, bass and drum production and is totally driven by Fatal Jones’ clever rhyming and Niesha’s vocal interludes. This ultra-hypnotic track, is an absolute album standout and will have have you grooving along.

“Ef’ed Up Now” and “Project Grammer” featuring Geda K. continue to provide invariable results. The production is on point, the lyrics are on point, with Fatal Jones’ trademark delivery and energy truly keeping the balance.

“All Over Me” provides the slinky, club-cut of the album, finding Fatal Jones lacing an assortment of overtly sexual references over a slick beat which compliments his raw, vivid, picture-painting lyrics.

“F Corp is back!” is another show stealer on a smart chorus and hook line, where Fatal is on fire…and stays there.

“Otis Freestyle (NYUR Version)” and “Ride It” offer more solid highlights, with numerous clever one-liners and crackerjack rhymes. Keeping the mixtape consistent in lack of filler and overflowing with energy.

The 10 track mixtape closes with the dark, warm and fuzzy “Practice Being Gansta.” As always, Fatal Jones sounds very credible and worthy as an MC as he carries the track home in his personal style.

Overall, “iRod Nano the EP” is a well rounded EP from a truly on the ball MC. There is little to quibble about as Fatal Jones and his F Corporation have released an album that lacks filler and focuses on making consistent, notable cuts. Almost every song is catchy and full of lyricism.

It is an example of how mainstream to crossover hip hop should sound: the right balance of swagger, lyrics, delivery, and beats.

Brooklyn rapper – Fatal Jones