Singer–Songwriter Bobby Bofman was born and raised just outside of Chicago. As a young boy, Bobby would sit and listen to the stories of an old homeless man that lived in the alley behind his grandfather’s dry cleaning business. Bobby believes this experience is what ignited his own story telling. Later allowing him to pick a guitar, learn a few chords and put all his stories and poems to life, in the shape of songs.

Bobby, who has played everywhere from small coffee houses to football stadiums, has blended several styles of music together. Such as rock, country, blues, and folk to create a sound enjoyed by music lovers of all genres.

Bobby Bofman recently released his latest album, “American Poet.” It contains eight tracks of adult orientated roots Americana, meant to move you. The songwriting and the arrangements combine to form a mood and a feeling that is so distinct and relaxing, you’ll feel like you are in another time and place. Listen to each song carefully and you will understand that it was written by an emotionally traveled man, who writes about his time, his life and his relationships and just about anything that you can truly relate to.

Never on this spell-binding album is there a superficial lyric, a lazily-sung word, a superfluous instrument in the arrangement, or an instance of concocted artistic posturing, and nowhere on “American Poet” is there a song that is not completely convincing. On this album Mr. Bobby Bofman seems to have reached a zenith of artistic maturity and focus.

“American Poet,” is healing for your soul. It’s authentic, thoughtful, insightful, and it’s a relief to listen to. Plain and simple. Listen to it while taking a relaxing, mineral bath, or while sprawled on the couch with an ice cold beer at hand.

The album starts out with the uplifting “Don’t Give Up” and the rock n’ roll jive of “Bad Memory.” The imagery on “Can’t Give You Mine,” and “You Drive Me Crazy,” proves that Bofman is a great storyteller and lyricist. The album then swings into the warm love-ballad “Looking Back,” which in my opinion, along with “Let Someone In,” are two of the greatest songs on this album and certainly among the best that Bofman has recorded so far. These two songs takes us on a journey into what music is all about, above all. Emotion.

If you sometimes get tired of the same old loud rock & roll, and crave something a little more relaxing and mellowing, but still intense. “American Poet” would be perfect for you. The music transcends labeling as to it’s musical style. What is it? Rock, Blues, Country or Folk? The answer is that it contains the best of all these styles and a little something besides.

Bobby Bofman is also a published author. His book titled “Coffee House Poet” available at, is about life, written in the form of poetry, song lyrics, and personal expression.

Bobby Bofman – “American Poet”