EMERAZ, the musician friendly community, has launched its new website on the 12thof September where artists can sell, share and promote their work, as well as collaborate with other musicians worldwide. Emeraz.com claims it will simplify the way musicians work and play online.

A first look at EMERAZ, the new musician’s community.

“New technologies have created exciting opportunities for musicians, allowing them to engage wider audiences with very little cost. We have brought these technologies together to create an online ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for musicians, opening up new opportunities for creative people,” says Stephen Brett, founder of Emeraz.

The new site provides a host of features never seen together before on the one platform. Users of Emeraz.com will be able to collaborate with other musicians and pitch songs to major artists and producers, as well as getting feedback from leading names in the industry. They will be able to sell their music on the site, track sales online and protect their copyright.

Emeraz is also social network where members can build friendships with people who share their interests. Users can create profiles and share information about themselves in much the same way as the traditional social networking sites we are used to. The difference with Emeraz is everyone already has a shared interest and passion for being creative, so it’s much easier to find people you actually want to be friends with,” explains Brett.

The Artist Profile Page on EMERAZ.

Emeraz also gets the nod from Ross Gautreau – A&R scout, Polydor Records, who says that: “Emeraz looks set to be the next big platform for musicians and songwriters as well as a great resource for record Labels and publishers.”