With digital music once again setting new sales records and physical CD’s showing a staggering involution every year for the past 5 years, you’d think there’d be a direct-to-fan music platform out there that took independent artists seriously by giving them a fair deal. Most services however, that allow labels and bands to sell music, take a percentage of their sales, with iTunes being the most expensive at 30%. Now along comes Indiemunity.com who doesn’t take any percentage of sales.

Indiemunity.com is a music store and platform for artist promotion, giving artists 100% revenue on any music sales (less PayPal fees). Indiemunity.com does not take any commission on sales and according to its founders, they don’t plan to do so in the future either.

Indiemunity.com, Newsroom Page

Rather than take a percentage of sales, they may charge for optional, additional services wanted by artists looking for extra promotion. Another important factor to consider, is that unlike what some music sales platforms have recently been doing, Indiemunity does not charge for downloaded megabytes either.

It’s also free to register and upload to the website too. Plus, when a fan buys any music from the website, the money goes directly from the buyer (through PayPal) to the selling artist’s PayPal account. Indiemunity.com does not hold any artists money and transactions are usually instantaneous.

Over and above being a music sales platform, Indiemunity.com is a website all about the music and the people behind it. Soon they will be offering news and music review pages to enhance their visitors and artists, onsite web experience.

Optional, additional music promotion, for artists who want more exposure, is also made possible, as the website offers a Feature Ad service. On using this service, artists can purchase a Feature Ad spot, spending from as little as 0.99 cents upwards, and have their music featured on the Main page and News page of the website.

Indiemunity.com are able to offer the basic services of their music store and promotional platform absolutely free-of-charge as they make money from website advertising and other optional, additional services provided for artists.

On the Indiemunity.com website, both music lovers and fans can discover new artists of all genres, listen to tracks, share artist’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter, as well as obviously buy and download any music they like and want to support.


Indiemunity.com, Artist Music Sales Page

Some featured artists currently online, over at Indiemunity.com are Stinga T, Big Sexy, TDB (Stinga and Big Sexy) and Scizzorman.