Bobby Bofman is an American poet and singer songwriter, who springs into existence distinctive viewpoints and melodies, using his own original compositions.  He sings with a subtle brilliance that is unique and endearing.  His new album “American Poet” has recently been released on his own Coffee Cup Records and is available worldwide via CDbaby, Amazon.Com and iTunes.

“American Poet” by Bobby Bofman, is a collection of what some might call love songs.  These are jaded love songs and Bobby is not inhibited when revealing real life trouble within relationships.  Bobby’s song writing is extremely interesting. The accomplished singer songwriter is both real and entertaining. His subjects reveal a dysfunctional yet prosperous truth where he pens with an approach that actually produces a feeling of well being and happiness.

“American Poet” is a blend of Pop, Rock, and Country music, with a little touch of Blues. The new collection and material is Bobby Bofman’s second offering and was recorded and produced at New Approach Recording Studios in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bobby began writing short stories and poetry when he was twelve years old. He picked up a guitar, taught himself a few chords and his stories and poems quickly turned into songs. Some of his most impacting influences are Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Gordon Lightfoot.

 “American Poet”, is eight songs that opens with an encouraging and energetic presentation titled, “Don’t Give Up”. Bobby composes as if to say he has been there, and has personally experienced the frustration of being at his wits end.  He follows with “Bad Memory” which imparts an Elvis Presley style and energy that is sexy, fun, and highly entertaining.

“American Poet” is a collection both men and women will enjoy.  The entire album is an exciting effort that is for Bobby, one of many more to come.

The “American Poet” – Bobby Bofman

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