The Kids From Nowhere is an international experiment in American music, based in Israel. Active since 2007, members include singer/songwriter Zach Wheat (Texas), drummer “Element” Yves Elisee Akowendo (Côte d’Ivoire), bassist Elad Avni (South Africa) and guitarist Babush (Israel).

The band is heavily influenced by Texas “outlaw” country music, the British Invasion, and the proto-punk songwriting of Lou Reed and Mark E. Smith.

Kids From Nowhere have played to Israeli and American audiences and are in the process of releasing their first LP, produced by Or Bahir (Eatliz, Amit Erez), “Kick It In” in October, 2012.

I was delighted to hear a preview of the album, “Kick It In” by Kids From Nowhere. While the music, driven and urgent, is solid, straightforward rock n’ roll, the lyrics and melody are what make this a truly enjoyable album. Together with Zach Wheat’s razor-wire Mick Jagger-ish voice which slices through the songs with a Machiavellian desire to be empowered.

This album is a rare achievement – usually rock revivalists are annoying, specifically those of the “Are you ready to rock?” variety. So it is refreshing to find competent songwriters like Zach Wheat who can remind us of what was so great about straightforward, powerful rock n’ roll music to begin with. What is most refreshing, however, is how literate the whole thing is. Wheat is a smart guy who knows his subject, and the rest of his band-mates follow suit, to deliver what is needed to make this album work effectively.

Kids From Nowhere destroy all the stereotypes with this one record alone. A smart, intense, and easy listen, “Kick It In” both challenges and pays homage to rock n’ roll on every level possible.

This album stands up to repeated listening and delivers a continued gamut of emotions and moods throughout its eleven tracks. Standout songs include; “Biscuits,” “Don’t Forget You’re Lonely,” “Vegas Boogie,” “Millie’s Song” and “All The Things We Do.” While my personal favorite is the brilliant bittersweet ballad, “Bone Coast.”

This album is a must for those looking for modern-sounding, guitar-based, gut-level-yet-intelligent rock n’ roll with a modern twist. Kids From Nowhere have one foot firmly planted in the past and the other one wedged into the post-millennium music mire, where styles such as this is considered an endangered species.

They certainly show no fear in devoting eleven tracks to what is regarded, by the “hip crowd,” to be an outdated style of rock.

Our advice is, do yourself a favor and let, “Kick It In” grind out of your speakers, while you pull out the air guitar and crank up that stereo.

Kids From Nowhere