St Just, Cornwall, UK, – October, 18 2012 – Tragedy is a single written by Irish Rock Band Nine Lies to raise money for the RNLI. The single will be officially launched on 1st December 2012, and will go on general release on 3rd December 2012. It will be available in all major online retailers, and will comprise of the track tragedy and the video of the track.

Why do this? Nine Lies are donating the entire sales money to the lifesaving charity, the RNLI, and not keeping a penny for themselves. This means that the band will not see any profit, but this is for a great cause, and Nine Lies really think that the RNLI deserves it.

Just for a moment… Imagine sitting round your dinner table at Christmas, pulling crackers, shoveling down loads of hot tasty turkey and all the trimmings, snow falling gently outside.. (Well ok, freezing rain pouring outside, this is the UK and Ireland we are talking about!) Whilst you are doing that, somewhere in the UK and Ireland, a lifeboat crew is being called out on a “shout”, their lifeboat bouncing and rolling on the rough seas to rescue someone in trouble. They are not sitting round a table eating Christmas dinner; they are battling the elements to get to someone who desperately needs their help…

Meanwhile, back at home, you are tucking into a decent helping of Christmas pudding / trifle / name your own dessert, and joking about with friends and family. The house is warm, there may even be a cheerful fire crackling in the hearth – you lucky people…

Out on the storm tossed seas, the skipper of the yacht/ trawler/ cargo ship spots the lifeboat, he/ she has already spoken to the coastguard, and knows they are coming, and relief washes over him or her. Because that bright orange and blue lifeboat steaming towards them is safety – and that is worth far more than any Christmas present under the tree…

The crews of the lifeboats are volunteers, they don’t get paid to do this – if you were asked to work on Christmas day – you’d be asking for a lot of money to compensate you – or you’d flatly say “No way – not on Christmas day” – wouldn’t you? But these people just don’t think like that – they will go out regardless of the day, time, or weather to save people – quite often seeing things no one should ever see, but they do, and they deserve the best Christmas present that we can collectively give to say thank you as a Nation (British or Irish), and buy this single, giving them a Christmas No.1!

We are hoping to get the single to the top of the UK charts at Christmas 2012, but we need help. We need to get as many people talking about, sharing, liking and commenting on our page as possible, and build up as big a buzz (hopefully bigger) as the buzz surrounding the Rage Against the Machine 2009 Christmas facebook campaign.

Nine Lies are a Rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Winners of Best Rock Band 2012 (US Pirate Radio) and Best International Artist 2012 (Radio Gets Wild Network), the band have toured across Europe and the UK, and are now working on their new album. Having recently signed with Respectable Publishing, the band is now moving forward with their US exposure. They are managed by Eerie Management.



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